1SuperShop.com Review – Aggressively Advertised Facebook Online Retail Scam!

1SuperShop (1SuperShop) is an untrustworthy online retailer that preys upon conscience-budget online shoppers.

Reflecting a select range of consumer goods and products, 1SuperShop is structured to appear as a legitimate discount retailer offering products through their online site.

1SuperShop.com is not that young of an entity, reflecting a registration date of 2017.

To find out more regarding 1SuperShop, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About 1SuperShop

1SuperShop is an online site that has engineered their domain to appear as a legitimate online retailer.

1SuperShop is not shy regarding the “products” that they offer.

On the home page, for example, you can see just a little ways down how there are various consumer goods, each reflecting drastically reduce price points.

The majority of the consumer goods and products allegedly offered through 1SuperShop would be household goods, outdoor and woodshed accessories, select gadgets and kitchen accessories along with various miscellaneous goods.

The majority of the consumer goods featured at 1SuperShop reflect price reductions between 35% to 85% off of what they assert is the retail value of that kind of product ordinarily.

Enticing unsuspecting consumers into their trap is where shady online retailers such as 1SuperShop usually excel at – they are quite slippery and know how to be evasive.

Who is Behind 1SuperShop?

1SuperShop.com does not disclose any verifiable forms of identity or communication on their site.

Sure, they provide the email address of service.supershop@gmail.com and the telephone number 077-3756-5043, but we are still unable to verify either while their number when searched appears to be a tracking option for Japan Post.

Then of course we have their physical address of 21 Holburn Lane, London, England, NW1 6XE.

When searched, we could find no physical entities reflecting an address match to 1SuperShop’s address while most of the surrounding units appeared to be residential apartments or the vast structure of De Vere Holborn Bars.

When we searched their physical address across UK corporate business registries, we failed to find any matches with an existing corporate entity matching their alleged physical address.

Since 1SuperShop fails to disclose any reference to a corporate entity while both the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy fail to provide reference to an overseeing entity, it is evident that 1SuperShop wishes to remain anonymous.

Which, why would any legitimate online retailer want to remain anonymous, unless they have something to hide?gbj

Domain Insight

A WHOIS report will reveal that 1SuperShop.com was registered by a privacy tech company based out of Tokyo on October 12th, 2017 through the GoDaddy registrar.

We find it highly unlikely that 1SuperShop has an existing entity in London, which only strengthens after the finding that their site was registered by a Japanese company.

According to SimilarWeb, 1SuperShop.com reflected a global rank of 468,993 with a US rank of 104,733 as of January 23rd, 2019.

As with most oversea online retailers, the main consumer demographic targeted would be consumers who reside within the United States.

Approximately 80.62% of all of 1SuperShop.com consumers originate from site visitors residing within the United States.

Here is the big kicker with 1SuperShop though..

Approximately 96.06% of all the site’s traffic derives from Facebook!

Meaning that the scammers behind this operation are aggressively marketing their site via Facebook advertisements.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not appear to have structured a thorough enough vetting process and need more hands on deck to better filter legitimate opportunities from those that are fictitious and fraudulent like 1SuperShop.

Red Flags & Question Marks

Lack of Transparency

The utter lack of transparency regarding 1SuperShop is what made us suspicious regarding this online retailer from the get-go.

There is no reference to an overseeing entity, their physical address doesn’t fit the bill while there are no verifiable means or ways to truly establish dialogue between operators and clients of the site.

Let’s not forget that during the time of writing this review, 1SuperShop.com was not a secure site, meaning that information submitted anywhere upon the site was not encrypted and therefore not protected.

Market Intelligence

The information gathered in the SimilarWeb report also provided us with the insight that 1SuperShop appears to be operating periodically.

Every few months the domain of 1SuperShop.com will remain dormant, then it will aggressively and heavily advertise via social media networks such as Facebook where it will funnel and aggressive deceive hundreds of online consumers.

Too Good To Be True

Remember the saying that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is?

Well, that is certainly the case with 1SuperShop.

They attract consumers into their platform via Facebook advertisements then mislead consumers into believing that they are buying legitimate consumer goods and products at great retail values.

1SuperShop Reviews

1SuperShop reflects a history rich in consumer complaints and shared negative experiences.

Take for example TrustPilot, which reflects a 0.5 out of 5 star rating for 1SuperShop out of 85 reviews to date.

“Complete scam. Never got a confirmation email, still haven’t received anything almost a month later.”

“This is a total scam, they took my money i never received a confirmation or anything from them i created an account and when i went to lig in to check the status of my order the website was unavailable. I contacted my credit card company to get a refund and file a dispute against the company.”

“This website is a scam. Their phone number doesn’t work and they never sent me a tracking number or the product. They took money out of my account and never sent anything or any items that I ordered.”

The consumer reviews regarding 1SuperShop speak enough truth for us.

To find more consumer experiences regarding 1SuperShop, you can visit SiteJabber.

Is 1SuperShop.com Safe to Shop?

Given the findings that we uncovered when investigating into 1SuperShop, we do not believe that their platform is safe to shop.

1SuperShop.com Scam Review

1SuperShop is NOT a safe online retailer to consider.

Incorporating unrelated and falsified information regarding their identity while as a whole operating blatantly anonymously leads us to believe that the creators behind 1SuperShop have prior experience.

There are no loose ends regarding the 1SuperShop scam except for the fact that it is now known that they are a periodic scam popping up into existing then disappearing before causing too much mayhem.

Given the negative reviews starting to pile up against 1SuperShop, we believe it won’t be long before this site goes into hibernation again, but until then we advise you avoid this fictitious online retailer though any means necessary.

If you have a Facebook, we encourage you to share this post, since most of the victims emerging from this scam are targeting through Facebook advertisement avenues.

Outcome: 1SuperShop is NOT Trustworthy!

Blacklisted Site: 1SuperShop.com

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. Robert Nagy

    Oh how I hate scum bag thifes. I don’t like thief’s or liers. I wish I could get my hands on ya you peace of garbage.

    Yes they are thief’s they took my money and did not send what I ordered . I had a couple of things I ordered from them one day I got a figjet gyro hand spinner all plastic the cheapest one I have ever seen. It probably cost 10 cent’s to make if that they ripped me off about $100 bucks on that order what thief’s. On a another order they sent me a wooden pitcher of a rabbit Mobile phone holder I don’t Evan have a cell phone so they did not send what I ordered they sent me something worth about 10 cent’s again scammed oh how I hate thives now I have to get ahold of the credit card company and get my money back. I hope and they can chace them for the money they stole from me and many others. Dam I’m so pissed off.

  2. Jeffrey irvin

    I ordered car phone Holder1 Car Charger 1 Cableforiphone and it was not stronger to hold my iPhone max. It was fell off easy. And recharge was error order one It was mistake

  3. Keith Wilkins

    Having ordered the 36″ griddle that everyone seems to have been drawn in by, I hadn’t received anything other than an order confirmation and, after reading this thread, spoke with my bank to report the situation.

    They were excellent in refunding my money very quickly and opening a fraud case against Supershop. Saying that I offered to send them the email confirmation I had received for my initial order (which all looked very legit) and the emails that I had sent chasing my order but they didn’t appear to be interested in receiving those. Still, never mind, I have received my money back and will be very wary of ordering from a Facebook advert again.

    On that note, shouldn’t Facebook be more vigilant about the companies that they work with and run adverts for??

    Good luck to everyone else who has paid out and I hope you get your money back soon.

    As for Supershop, more like Supersh*te……. I hope they track you down, freeze or confiscate all of your assets, take you to trial, lock you up and throw away the key for swindling hard earned money out of decent people who have worked honestly to get some extra cash in their pockets.

  4. Keith Wilkins

    Looks like the griddle was REALLY popular!!!
    I ordered one in Feb 2019 and received an order summary almost instantly, the money was taken from my account and still, nothing has been received. The contact number doesn’t exist, my multiple emails have not been answered and so it is time to ask the credit card company to step in and do their thing.

  5. millegide

    Hi; I referred my situation to my bank, since I paid via my credit card; I sent them the most info I could find on Supershop (Thanks to your articles, Tim) and my bank reimbursed me for the entire amount of my purchase, within 2 weeks.
    I read all your articles for further reference.
    Buyers, beware of those outstanding offers, mostly through Facebook.
    Thanks Again.

  6. Heather Peters

    I too have been obviously scammed by this outfit. They send the same generic message every time I email them. Now they have just stopped responding all together

  7. Temple Williams

    I ordered (3) Blackstone 36″ Griddles January 8th 2019 and started emailing them 4 weeks later when I had not received them and could not access a tracking number.

    I started off just requesting the tracking number, and yes received several automated replies. Then I started demanding a refund due to not receiving my items. Was told they had shipped and would I kindly wait two weeks more and also to check with my neighbors to see if they had been given them.

    Now these weigh 130 lbs + each, are not small boxes as some of you are aware, they would not have been delivered via USPS because of the weight alone. They would have had to be shipped either Fedex or UPS international, or some other freight carrier, but no way would a postal service have managed them.

    Today I actually received an email with a tracking number, which did reflect I received something on February 22, 2019. The tracking number they provided was UE711182405YP and you have to go to this link to view it: trackingmore.com. Unfortunately the tracking information does not show any shipper information, package dimensions nor weight, doesn’t even show my address, just the city and state. When I also checked on USPS tracking it came back as “Tracking Number: UE711182405YP Status Label Created, not yet in system” SO no information from the US side of things.

    I did receive a package on February 22nd, it was an epacket and I had no clue who it was from since there was not a company name on it. The tracking number for it clearly shows I received it, my Name, Address, Package dimensions and Weight included etc. It was a USB Night Light. It weighed .03 grams lol.

    Now looking back, I remember seeing an address posted somewhere referring to 1Supershop for a shanghai address. That is where this epacket came from. Long Zhu No. 18 South District Jiangchuan Second Village Songjiang District Shanghai 201601 China, Phone: 18202191839.

    If you want to start getting a response send them an email with the subject titled “Cancel Order #xxxxx” and a copy of your purchase receipt and why you are requesting the refund. They will come back with a message about how they want to honor their very good customer and will offer a partial refund of half what you paid… Just keep on them. I am 🙂 I also told them I was going to start posting on my social media what a low down company they were and why and ask my 2000 + contacts and family to post as well. Won’t take long to get that message across. They replied back immediately….

    • Very Angry Customer

      So did they refund you? I have no faith in this company! Doubt they have any of the product. I too ordered the BlackStone 36″ Griddle. They were quick to take my money. Every time I emailed and asked about it, I get the same form letter no matter what the question was. I never even got a tracking #. We need to spread the word about this company. They are nothing but a cheat and scam!

      • Temple Williams

        I have now turned it all into the card department and they are going to investigate. Supershop sent me an email after I called BS on the tracking number they gave me and told them about the one that actually came in and said “my Return was approved” and gave me a list of things that “could” happen along with there may be a 25% restocking fee and there was a $20.00 shipping fee that was not refundable. and if the product I sent back was not one of their items sold they would return it to me at my cost. Pretty much no guarantee of anything. They also did not include a return address, so I have since sent two mails asking for said address and they have stopped replying at all.
        If you used Paypal to purchase through, contact them and file a dispute. If you used a major credit card, contact them and file a dispute. If you used a bank debit/Visa I would contact your card department and again file a dispute. I would also strongly recommend getting a new card number.

    • AudreyDalton

      Ordered grill in Jan, 2019. Got invoice with payment verification immediately. Have not heard from them since despite numerous emails and attempted phone calls. Knew better but deal was so tempting and my husband had wanted one so badly. Living on a fixed income you try to get deals wherever you can.

    • Anonymous

      Another victim… but The Furnituremegastore . I ordered not one but two☹️ Furniture pieces that become beds . Two weeks later a epacket arrived and inside was a pastry brush took me a few minutes to notice it had the same tracking number as the email that was sent confirming my order and the same address in China No. 18, south district Jiangchuan second village Songjiang district Shanghai 201601

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