Author: Admin Review – Payne Richards & Associates Refund Scam

Payne Richards & Associates (┬áis but one of a plethora of operations engaging in the recovery of unclaimed funds. What these people (shamelessly calling themselves “a firm of licensed private investigators”) do, is they scour various publicly available databases to “discover” funds people have failed to claim. They then alert the said people about the

Rose Gal Review – Honest Online Retailer or Deceit?

Rose Gal ( is a discount online retailer that was first launched in late 2013 by an undisclosed entity. While Rose Gal appears to be a popular destination according to market intelligence reports, their marketplace has become plagued with an extensive series of troubling consumers reviews that we highlight throughout our factual review. To learn Review – Free Goods or Deceit?

Get It Free ( claims to give away free company goods and samples that was founded on June 21st, 2010 by GetItFree.Us. Operating as their sole entity, no known operators or founders are enclosed anywhere on the web while over the past few months their site has received nothing but negative and troubling consumer feedback. Review – All-in-one Online Gambling

At first glance, is a fairly average-looking online gambling destination, offering access to a wide range of such activities. While the operation is best-known for its sportsbook, it has almost every conceivable angle of the online gambling industry covered. It features an online poker room, live betting, casino, a live casino, esports, horse racing

Seek Verify Review – SCAM or Legit Site?

Seek Verify ( is an online platform that provides background checks and operates as a trademark for Platinum Data Verifi LLC. Privately registered on February 2nd, 2016, Seek Verify is known to provide research services and throughout their existence their domain has been plagued with troubling and negative consumer feedback. To learn whether or not – UK’s Best Online Casino?

Proclaimed “the UK’s best online casino” on its own site, is certainly one of the best-known online gaming destinations on the planet, which is slowly but surely becoming unavailable to most countries. The golden days of online gambling far behind us, operators such as 888Casino are still chugging along, apparently increasingly resorting to underhanded