Behringer Rings Review

Behringer Rings ( is a trending online marketplace that functions as a small consumer outlet that supports various consumer goods and products.

Offering mostly electronic and fashion jewelry, Behringer Rings also offers customized gaming tech, superhero movie related clothing lines along with their more commonly pursued various styles of rings that are accompanied with a free price tag.

According to a WHOIS report, Behringer Rings was created only a couple weeks ago on March 26th, 2018 and has grown immensely in popularity due to their consumer catalog and free offerings.

Due to their recent emergence within the online shopping community, Behringer Rings has failed to accrue any feedback of the sort and likely appears to most consumers as a promising and straightforward online consumer outlet.

While Behringer Rings may appear as a trustworthy marketplace for online shoppers, discoveries and affiliations we unraveled throughout the investigative process of our unbiased and factual review will reveal a more wicked nature regarding the trustability of Behringer Rings.

To learn the truth behind Behringer Rings, we advise you continue reading our honest review and ask that you please share any feedback you may possess in a comment below.

What is Behringer Rings?

Behringer Rings is an online consumer marketplace that supports trend related products and goods through an underdeveloped catalog.

Failing to disclose a physical location let alone an About Us or Contact Us page, not much is known in regards to where Behringer Rings is headquartered from.

According to their FAQ page, average shipping confirmations take anywhere between 4 to 6 business days while delivery of purchased orders can take as long as 15 to 60 business days to arrive.

In addition, those looking to establish communication are encouraged through the footer of their site to reach out to them directly through Facebook.

The only other form of communication disclosed at would be through email at

Upon discovery of their alternate form of contact, we effortlessly connected that Behringer Rings was a spawn of Right Off The Top, which we classified as an untrustworthy operation that has through the support of the community been verified as a scam.

In fact, is no longer an active domain, instead it serves as a redirect URL and sends consumers to the Behringer Rings site.

Behringer Rings Catalog

Nearly identical to Right Off The Top, Behringer Rings allegedly supports many of the same trendy consumer goods such as gaming mice, select clothing lines, hats along with cheap jewelry like necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets and earrings.

Incorporating a filtering toggle for their catalog, consumers can elect to browse their supported goods by color, size, price and brand.

Consumer goods tend to range between a value of $0.00 to $200.00 while shipping costs are nearly double traditional retailers.

The only accepted forms of payment would be credit and debit cards that are Visa, MasterCard or American Express while consumers are urged to wait between 15 to 25 business days before making an inquiry about a potentially missing order.

While ordering an item free of charge may sound like an opportunity that is too good to pass up, Behringer Rings shipping and handling costs are taxing and more than easily cover the costs of the cheap free products allegedly offered through their site.

Who’s Behind Behringer Rings?

According to Behringer Rings’ Terms of Service, their site is operated by Right Off The Top.

As we made clear in our Right Off The Top review, Right Off The Top was operating as their sole entity and failed to be backed by a corporate or registered entity.

Which indicates to us that Behringer Rings is operating under the same capacity and does not render any true identifying information.

Community Feedback

Behringer Rings was recently registered and as expected their site has failed to accumulate any feedback.

Right Off The Top on the other hand reflects a different output and has quickly amassed a reputation as a malicious and deceptive scam that should be avoided at all costs.

In fact, there is an entire Facebook community combating against Right Off The Top and Behringer Rings in the hopes of eradicating their operations and saving as many people from being scammed as possible.

Which leads us to urge you that if you possess any experience or feedback regarding either Right Off The Top or Behringer Rings, please share it below.

Popularity & Domain Insight

BehringerRing.coms was a privately registered domain that was created on March 26th, 2018 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

Due to their recent creation, Behringer Rings has failed to acquire a SimilarWeb market intelligence rank but research will reveal that Behringer Rings was created by the same con-artists behind the Right Off The Top marketplace scam.

Is Behringer Rings Safe to Use?

Absolutely not! Behringer Rings operates without any credible supervision and was created by the same untrustworthy founders behind the misleading Right Off The Top marketplace.

Failing to disclose any identifiable communication models besides Facebook and email, Behringer Rings is nothing more than another variation of Right Off The Top which is why we are urging consumers to avoid this fraudulent marketplace.

Behringer Rings Review Conclusion

Throughout our factual review we have provided evidence against Behringer Rings supporting that their operation is one that cannot be trusted which is why we are urging potential consumers to avoid their enticing consumer goods and products.

Even if you are strapped for cash and looking to purchase more affordable goods, taking a risk with Behringer Rings will likely not pay off for you.

If you need further convincing, we urge you to read the feedback shared through the sources indicated in our review above. While those reviews may be tailed towards Right Off The Top, they indirectly apply to Behringer Rings due to being organized and operated by the same entities.

With this in mind, when it comes to purchasing goods online we only recommend placing orders with marketplaces overseen by transparent and verifiable corporate entities that can be held accountable, not unknown and unverified operations such as Behringer Rings.

For now, we’d recommend that you keep shopping on


  1. Jess

    I ordered 2 rings and a watch, one for me and one for my gf, she got her ring but i didnt get mine or the watch i ordered

  2. Dan

    I have actually ordered from these guys twice now.

    the first time, i was impressed with the speed of the delivery. i ordered 2 rings, they were the lord of the rings ring. they showed up at my apartment about a month and a half after ordering them. not bad for having to go through customs.

    This last time though is a different story. i ordered 2 sets of earbuds from them, i got a confirmation that the order had shipped at the end of july, over a month after ordering them. i have still as of yet, to see them come in the mail.

  3. Sayuli

    it has been just over five months sense I ordered two rings from them.
    it has been just under 5 months sense I got the email saying that my order had been shipped and should arrive in 15-30 days.
    it has been just under three months sense I sent my original message to them through facebook about this matter. they replied to me then by saying that my order had shipped, and that it would take between 10-60 days to reach me, even though the email I received said it would only take between 15-30 days. they assured me that my order would “arrive within that allotted amount of time”. they also said for me to “use our website to track your order”, even though I informed them that I never received any tracking information and their website does not even have an area to imput any sort of tracking number.
    they said, and I quote, “i assure you it HAS BEEN SHIPPED, just wait some time and it WILL arrive.” it obviously still has not arrived, or I would not have attempted to contact them yet again. I am tired of waiting all these months to receive the order that I have already paid for. it is unheard of for something ordered and conformed to have been shipped in March to not have arrived by August.
    the order was shipped on March 31, it is now August 27. that is close to 150 days, which is well past the 60 day mark. even if you subtract the weekends that would still put this order around the 110 day mark.
    I want a refund. now.
    does anyone know how to go about reporting this fraud?

  4. Jasmine Falcon

    So I placed my order March 30, 2018. I received confirmation text with an order # “from Right Off The Top” claiming they’d notify me when the item shipped. March 31, 2018, I received a text from the same number with the same order # however it read “from Behringer Rings” claiming they had shipped my order. I ordered 3 rings. It was an engagement set. Nothing flashy. I got 2 rings for my man in case I didn’t get his size right… and a matching 3rd piece for myself. I have yet to receive the order, spent $29.97 on S&H, and it is now August 20, 2018.

  5. Melissa

    I ordered a ring on April 20th, received an email saying that it had shipped. However it’s August 18th and nothing.

  6. No Name

    Bought a free ring (only pay shipping my ass) on March 7th, it is currently the end of June. Still have not recieved it nor the tracking number.

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