Face App Scam Review – Scam or Legit?

There is quite a bit of speculation regarding whether Face App is a scam or legit, let us set the record straight from here, Face App is not a scam.

We repeat, NOT a scam!

Due to FaceApp being once again a trending application, scammers have made it their speciality once again to target FaceApp consumers.

By launching unrelated clone websites along with viral YouTube channels, these fraudsters have done an effective job of misleading consumers into their scam (which bear in mind has nothing to do with FaceApp).

To learn more about how scammers are luring consumers into their FaceApp scam rip-offs, we invite you to read our honest review.

About FaceApp

Launched a couple of years ago, the Face App mobile application became a trending application to have and it appears to have once again come around full-circle.

When the Face App first debuted, FaceApp enabled users to edit a person’s face.

Giving them options to change hair styles, eye colors, facial hair grooming along with even their ethnicity – which amounted to what is coined as digital blackface where FaceApp endured some scrutiny for.

The main update with FaceApp would be how you can now alter a person’s face to make he/she appear younger or older.

Other editions include: adding tattoos, swapping genders, adding make up, replacing background images along with various filters.

While FaceApp reflects over 100 million downloads and great reviews as a whole, there has been a new subject of discussion regarding the security of FaceApp users.

Perhaps the chief questions in mind would be how FaceApp uploads images (taken from your cameras gallery?) along with how it enables users to select photos without giving permission to the FaceApp application to access your photos.

We are uncertain if this pertains to Android phone carriers but we know this has been a question rising amongst Apple phone carriers.

To answer both questions, however, it appears that FaceApp does allow users to select a single photo without providing access to your photo library

Apple API (introduced in iOS 11) enables a developer to allow a user to pick one single photo from a system dialog to let the app work on – we found additional documentation regarding Apple API at Developer.Apple.com.

This is allowed because of a valuable component known as user intent since the user has to select on one photo, explicitly.

Is Face App a Scam?

No, FaceApp is not a scam.

FaceApp Scam Rip-Offs

YouTube and fake scam sites are the 2 primary methods that we have seen where fraudsters are trying to mislead consumers.

Creating rip-off sites that reflect nearly identical site templates, many of these fake FaceApp scam sites are pretending to offer a “pro” version of FaceApp for free.

The same scam tactics are being employed via YouTube.

Fraudsters are pretending to offer pro versions of FaceApp (which there aren’t any) where users must redeem these offers through various affiliate or shortened links.

More often than that these illicit offers forward the users to survey sites, subscription based sites, gambling sites along with other shady sites.

In addition, there are various FaceApp rip-offs that have been downloaded from file-sharing service providers but you should be warned that those downloads may contain malware.

Since there is ONLY one FaceApp application, which is a free version, there are no premium, pro or other tiers currently offered so if you encounter a different version make sure to swiftly evade and report it.

FaceApp Reviews

FaceApp possesses over 100 million downloads and reflects a 4.5 out of 5 star rating out of over 2 million reviews avoiding to the Google PlayStore.

Shared below are a few of the most relevant reviews we have found:

“I am super impressed with how intuitive the app is. I have known it for years but never used it until recently that it got trending. My issue is with the cost. This app could have become a most have for most people by now if not for the pricing. Remove it, rely on ads and in 2 years time, Faceapp wo…”

“At first, I loved this app! It allowed me to take selfies and edit them! It was really great! But a few days later, things went downhill… I started getting a lot of pop-up ads on my phone no matter WHAT app I was using! An ad would pop up every 5 minutes or so. I had installed a few different apps between the time I installed and Uninstalled FaceApp, so I didn’t know which one was causing it. So I uninstalled FaceApp and the ads stopped.”

“It’s hilarious to me that people are freaking over the data use and privacy. This app is no different than any other app you use for social media. They all have access to your data and pics. At least this app only has our pics and not video, audio, contact lists, and usage preferences. As for the app itself, it’s worked amazingly perfect for me. I have used old scanned photos, new photos taken with digital cameras and used my phone cameras. They all turned out amazing. Really fun app.”

These reviews can be found at the Google PlayStore.

Face App Scam Review

FaceApp is once again a trending mobile application.

Again, FaceApp is not a scam but a reputable mobile application.

Having over 100 million downloads while reflecting a 4.5 out of 5 star rating out of over 2.1 million reviews should also serve as a solidifying factor to confirm that FaceApp is legit.

If you have been scammed or mislead by a variation of FaceApp we invite you to share your feedback with us below!

Verdict: FaceApp is Legit!

Available: iOS & Android devices

Feel free to share your insight and experiences below!


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