IbeStores.com Review: Beats Headphone Scam Exposed

Looking to purchase some discount Beats headphones for that special someone this Christmas season?

Well, whatever you do, do NOT shop with IbeStores.com!

IbeStores can most aptly be defined as a discount Beats headphone retail scam.

To learn the facts regarding this latest Beats rip-off we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review.

About IbeStores Scam

IbeStores.com reflects a sleek site structured coupled with attractive deals featuring discounted Beats headphones, earphones and speakers.

To the everyday consumer, IbeStores may come off as legitimate but further investigation will begin to reveal just how shaky the foundation of IbeStores truly is.

Nearly every ‘Beat’ item for sale reflects a 50% discount.

Additionally, IbeStore also pretends to sell Xbox gaming consoles, Xbox controllers, Playstation consoles and Nintendo Switches but their main emphasis is placed upon ripping off the Beats brand.

For those of you who have taken to time to visit their site, you may have noticed how their site fails to disclose any About Us or identifying information.

No reference to their Mission Statement, overseeing entity or a physical address of any kind can be found.

This is obviously intentional on the behalf of the creators of this scam site as they wish to remain anonymous through their fraudulent practices.

The site itself is not meant to be browsed for long but more or less to serve as a platform to quickly fleece consumers out of their money to further line their pockets.

Contacting IbeStores

Within the Privacy Notice would be reference of Beats Store being their overseeing entity but that would be a lie.

Additionally, the site only renders one contact method.

Email: Online2020@live.com

No disclosure of a telephone number, headquarter address or a verifiable overseeing entity are shared.

All-in-all, IbeStores operates with blatant anonymity.

Payments, Shipping & Returns

There are no payment, shipping or return policies featured at IbeStores.com.

As we result we are unsure regarding their accepted payment methods, their estimated shipping durations, processing times or refund policies.

Given the nature of IbeStores, however, we doubt that any products are actually being delivered but if they were then you can bet that they definitely are not the name brands as promised on their site.


IbeStores.com was created less than 2 weeks ago on November 29th, 2019.

The site was privately registered but according to WHOIS, the registrar behind the site is based out of Fujian, China.

IbeStores appears to be yet another overseas discount retail scam.

IbeStores.com is not reputable as a whole but it is starting to pick up traction within the retail niche.

We believe that the operators behind IbeStores.com to be primarily targeted German consumers but a couple of other commonly targeted demographics include the US and UK.

Additionally it is likely that you will come across IbeStores through various misleading advertisements conducted through Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Red Flags & Question Marks

  1. Operates anonymously
  2. No REAL contact methods
  3. Asserts significant discounts with no explanation
  4. Pretends to be affiliated with the Beats name brand
  5. Fails to disclose shipping, return or payment policies

Is IbeStores.com a Scam?

Yes, IbeStores.com is an actively functioning Beats rip-off retail scam.

IbeStores Scam Review

IbeStores.com is a well-organized discount retail scam.

By emblazoning the Beats logo into the header of their site, IbeStores comes off as an affiliated partner with the Beats brand but that is simply not true.

If you have placed what you had believed to be a purchase through IbeStores make sure you contact your financial institution immediately, initiate a chargeback and request a replacement payment card (to prevent future unwarranted transactions).

To escalate matters further you can visit above our outcome to learn about one of the best chargeback service providers in the industry.

Last but not least if you have an experience or insight to share we ask that you please share your feedback with us below!

Outcome: IbeStores.com is a SCAM!


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