Review: Fake Ariat Retail Rip-Off!!

TopSaleWkx is a fraudulent discount retail scam.

Hosted at, Top Sale Wkx pretends to offer highly discounted name brand Ariat footwear up to 75% off.

Affiliated with over 50 discount retail scams, is operated by an overseas entity based out of China referred to as Song Quixiang.

To learn more regarding the TopSaleWkx Scam we invite you to read our honest review.

About TopSaleWkx

TopSaleWkx is structured as a bare-bones retail site.

Consumers who are funneled into their platform aren’t meant to spend much time on their site – they are simply meant to visit the site, purchase quickly because of the good deals and then be on their way.

All the products featured for retail can be found on the home page of TopSaleWkx.Icu.

Every single product featured reflects up to a 75% discount.

Additionally, TopSaleWkx operators employ various incentives to encourage consumers to purchase through their site such as:

“We Promise That We Will Donate $1 For Poor Areas For Every Successful Transaction”

“Up To 75% OFF”

“SALE! Full $80 MINUS $20”

The whole incentive behind TopSaleWkx would be to conduct as many transactions as possible from unsuspecting online shoppers to further line their pockets.

These “Ariat” footwear featured at TopSaleWkx.Icu aren’t really for sale.

We’ve encountered dozens of affiliated name-brand targeting scams such as TopSaleWkx.Icu by simply analyzing their site pages:

“We Are A Uk Company With Regional Warehouses In London, United Kingdom, Berlin, Germany And Barcelona, Spain. With 24 Localized Websites Delivering To Over 220 Countries, Our 2,50 Employees Work Together Every Day To Meet Your Needs.”

This is the SAME template used in well over 4 dozen scams that we know of, obviously TopSaleWkx is affiliated in one manner or another to the viral JDOnline scam network we’ve been exposing since before summer rolled around because they use identical site pages and reflect the same mold as the other fraudulent discount retail sites previously created.

Contacting TopSaleWkx

As with every other scam launched by this notorious network, TopSaleWkx operates with blatant anonymity.

There are no references to this alleged UK corporate entity, a physical address, a telephone number or something as simple as an email address.

There is a contact submission form featured on their Contact Us page, however, as many consumers who have fallen victim to previous affiliated scams will point out the operators never take the time to reply anyway.

Associated Scam Entities

Below are a dozen of the most viral retail scam operations we’ve previously exposed that have been launched by the same network behind the TopSaleWkx Scam:

  12. ZZPlus.Shop

The 5 most commonly targeted name brands include: Nike, Vans, RayBan, Adidas and Ralph Polo Lauren.

Site Analysis was registered on October 8th, 2019 and is set to expire exactly 1 year from their registration date.

The registrar information shared in a WHOIS report is as followed:

Organization: Song Quixiang
State: China
Country: CN

During the time of writing this review, failed to appear reputable as a whole.

Nearly every scam launched by this unknown network in the past have relied nearly entirely upon misleading advertisement campaigns through social networks.

The most common platforms being Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

We imagine that TopSaleWkx will employ similar tactics, given their history.

Is a Scam?

Yes, TopSaleWkx.Icu is a discount retail scam targeting the Ariat name brand.

TopSaleWkx.Icu Scam Review

TopSaleWkx is a discount retail scam that pretends to offer highly discounted Ariat name brand footwear.

Affiliated with well over 50 discount retail scams, the notorious network behind these scams must be stopped and exposed to the general public.

Hundreds upon hundreds of illicit and fraudulent retail sites are being created (not only by that scam network but by many others) so before the marketplace begins to get better we must clear out the swamp.

If you have an experience to share or believe you know of a scam site to be affiliated with the operators behind TopSaleWkx.Icu we ask that you share your feedback with us below!

Verdict: TopSaleWkx.Icu is a SCAM!


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