Gosq.com Scam? – Unauthorized Square Charges on Credit Cards Reported

Has your credit card been charged by SQ *GOSQ?

If so, you aren’t alone.

Many US consumers have been experiencing what they deem to be unauthorized charges conducted on their credit card accounts.

The honest review aims is to provide some insight into this once again trending pandemic of credit card charges.

What is SQ Gosq.com?

GOSQ is a mobile application and website used to charge credit and debit cards.

GOSQ.com is used in place for companies and entities who don’t have a means of conducting automated billing on their own.

Transactions originating from GOSQ.COM can be legitimate or fraudulent.

Now how can this be, you may ask?

Well, you know that Square payment phone addition?

The little square you stick into your phone where you can conduct credit card transactions by swiping the card through the Square?

Since many legitimate entities employ this payment method, not all transactions conducted are unwarranted or fraudulent.

Many legitimate entities use the Square payment method.

However, that isn’t to say that some shady entities do not.

So how do you differentiate between the legitimate and fraudulent?

Transactions conducted through Square will reveal some identifying factors such as payment method, entity and any titles.

Ex: GOSQ.COM Bob Hummington GOSQ.COM MD

Here we can see that the Medical Doctor, Bob Hummington has billed you for a transaction or exchange of services through Square.

You can find this information out in your banking statements and if you are still unable to clarify who exactly charged you then make sure to reach out to your financial institution and find out as much as possible, since as we stated earlier, Square can be easily used to fraudulent ends.

GOSQ.com Company Intel

Website: gosq.com

Company: 59 Parker Rd. VT.

Phone: 47439104

SQ Gosq Scam History

Charges from SQ Gosq.com date back to February 22nd, 2014.

These charges were billed from: SQ *GOSQ.COM JESSICA S GOSQ.COM MD.

In 2014, these reported SQ *GOSQ charges were labeled trusted by 134 users.

However, out of 610 users, 476 users declared they were uncertain regarding this transaction, which accounts for more than 75% of reported cases.

Additionally, in 2016, credit and debit card charges were being billed from: GOSQ.COM.

117 users reported the transaction as trusted while 385 users had marked the credit card charge as suspicious.

Now, in 2020, the same questions surrounding GOSQ.COM are being asked.

Is GOSQ a Scam?

Who is GOSQ?

Why am I being billed from GOSQ.COM?

There isn’t a hub yet to share the concerns of users who are being billed by GOSQ.COM in 2020 which is why we have opened this review hub for you to share your concerns, experiences, and insights.

Is Gosq.com a Scam?

No, GOSQ.com is not a scam but that does not mean that shady entities aren’t using their platform for notorious practices either.

SQ Gosq.com Scam Review

If you’ve been billed by GOSQ.COM or SQ *GOSQ.COM and aren’t entirely sure who is behind the transaction we invite you to share your experiences with us here.

Hopefully the insight of others can help provide answers for you if you are unable to discover who the culprit behind the transaction is on your own.

Bear in mind, Square and GOSQ.com are used by professionals and entities across the globe, not all transactions are fraudulent and many companies rely heavily upon Square payment method to conduct business.

If you have an experience to share, please share it below for other to benefit from.

Outcome: GOSQ is not a scam but be wary of transactions.

Please share any valuable insight or feedback you may have below.


  1. Scott Pevey

    I actual bought a pair of work boots from Danner . So I thought. It was a add on Facebook . Everything looked ok. That was 2 months ago. I even got confirmation email. Order was being prepared for shipping. I ask for tracking number. No response. The add was for Danner boots. I look at card statement it said second chance garments and accessories Gosq.com Tx. You can if I had seen this I would have never made the order. Who and how ever they are doing this need to hung. Facebook should not allow this crap. They are to worried a politics.. karma is a bitch they will get there’s.

  2. Daniel Piontek

    I found charges on my statement of $197.33 several times but the funny thing is, it says it was taken out then put right back in from GEARHEA CASH APP GOSQ.com. There are bigger charges in the $270 range resulting in the same fashion. I reported my card stolen so it is cancelled. I can’t call the bank being Saturday evening and can’t talk to them to get another card till Monday. I don’t get it unless I have been hacked or a friend with that name (best friend of several decades) was hacked? I can absolutely say it was not him doing the transactions that’s for certain 100%

  3. Janette

    I just got 4 charges on my cash app from gosq.com first was 1000, then 500, then 100 and then 50 each was declined because lack or funds thank god. This was all done in a 10min span of time. Problem is can not ever get ahold of anyone human to figure out whqt the hell. Now what I have to cancel my card wait for 2 week or longer to get a new one uhg.

  4. AmyL

    I have 2 separate charges on 2 different days. It only says SVM PACK7. Nothing else. I have tried to get ingo on the websites given but I get no where. I now have to pay my bank to dispute and hopefully get my money back on 2 unauthorized charges. Do disappointed In the fact that square does not make their customer/vendors have some way to be able to contact them for unauthorized charges. This is ridiculous.

  5. twanda smith

    My debit card revealed that I made perches from sq*cherry hill progra,com,NJ,Usa in which I know I didn’t because that money came from my disability check I had every intention of finding a place for myself before and after I have my surgery now that I have no money I will have to live in a shelter. For heaven’s sake, why would anybody in their right mind do this to a person who has another surgery coming up at the end of the month. This will consist of my heart so where was their heart while breaking the bank I’m so confused about all of this mess I had an ongoing investigation through direct express, but they seem to think I authorized the fraud myself in which I had no knowledge of after 2 months in not receiving my benefits. the next thing to do is contact the better business bureau to ensure them of what’s really going on I want a full investigation even if it means shutting the business down, I have tried contacting them, but I can never get through I never made any purchases from this business neither have I any knowledge they exit. Somehow, I do believe this wasn’t a mistake these people are smart and greedy I’m hoping soon that I can get my money back so that I can move on with my life. I’m having a hard time dealing with this because they shut my account down and I don’t have access to any money at all although I kind of think whoever did this has an apple phone, I don’t own an apple phone I can’t afford the payments nor accessories that goes with this product even though some people enjoy such expensive that they themselves can’ afford.

  6. Sandra Moe

    I was charged 71.99 for CBD I ordered on 12/11. It says gosq.com AZ SQ F1 Real Estate Part

  7. Tiffany

    I woke up this morning to alerts on my phone that someone was trying to use my debit card on cash app. They successfully used $75, it showed up on my statement as “Cash App*Ryan Soto GOSQ.” They tried to use it two more times, but luckily I have fraud alerts set up on my account & received a text asking if I was the one making these purchases, so I said no & it immediately shut my card down. This is so very frustrating. Why do crappy people exist in this world?

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