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  1. John S

    CheckFreeScore.com is a scam organization. Yesterday I was charged a $1.00 reimbursable fee, which turned out to be not reimbursable. This morning I was alerted by my bank’s fraud dept indicating that they saw an unauthorized charge for $39.90 from CheckFreeScore.com. I had to have my current card canceled and awaiting a new card. Since I use this card a lot, there were many calls I had to make informing other companies of the issue. This took an entire day of calls and dealing with the bank fraud unit. I tried to contact CheckFreeScore, but you’re dealing with an automated voice service. When I presented my message to them, I got an automated response telling me that I was confused and was then disconnected. I called back again and told their automated system to cancel my account again. They seemed to acknowledge, but I still haven’t received any email confirmation. I’m distressed that this fraud company is associated with Experian and the other credit bureaus as well. I will be canceling my account with Experian tomorrow. I will also be initiating an FTC complaint and contacting the local BBB associated with their name.

  2. michael l shaw

    had creditone for several months and never used it —finally used it for 105.00 tried to pay next day but would not let me till it went through then it jumped to 125..00 and it forced me to used quick payment for another 5.00—-tried to call but just bots that hung up on me 3 times! so i guess i will just use the card for cleaning my tobacco tray——

  3. Limaoabone

    What is the best method for me?

    I am looking for the best method to be rich.

    This place is correct for This? Limao

  4. Tommy Briscoe

    Beware!! check free score.com…. what a bunch of crooks and losers. They give you the teaser $1 charge and then feloniously charge your card $39.90 per month to get your credit scores and report!! And when you call, they run you around the circles for 30 minutes trying to avoid cancelling this charge!!! what a scam!! They are liars and thieves… when I tried to log into my account on Experian, they blocked my attempts to get into the site and cancel…. what a ripoff!!

  5. jon

    Where is my post and why was it removed?.

  6. jon

    Is thinkproperty.com.au a scam?.


    I purchased hand sanitizer on OKHOMEONLINE, on 04/14/2020. Everyone is desperate to get their hands on this item, and i found it very strange but happy i found some. So I purchased and today I looked at my bank statement and it shows a purchase made from FAB-FASHION LTD i have not purchased from there and I look at my print out from the OKHOMEONLINE and its for the exact amount and same date. So did the research and sure enough found this website. Called my bank to cancel my debit. Too bad I didn’t notice until now. I pray that nothing else gets charged. Someone needs to stop this ASAP. I pray they get caught and highly disciplined!

  8. Anonymous

    Have not bought anything, why am I being charged? turned it over to my bank. How did you get my info.?

  9. Margaret Jollow

    Buyer Beware ! Better Business Bureau has a RED ALERT warning against Berrylook. Rated at F for customer service . Impossible to make returns or get refund.
    In December 2019 I ordered 4 blouses. Received 6 because they sent 3 of the same style. All were too small. Since then I have received numerous emails ” apologizing for inconvenience ” and repeatedly asking for order numbers invoice numbers transaction numbers photos of items and m email. All of these have been sent twice.
    I complained to Better Business Bureau which contacted Berrylook. They have not responded. I sent all information about them to gconsumer.gov the government agency for investigating international fraud. Berrylook is still giving me the runaround . No address for returns. Most recent contact they offered me $ 8.00 refund – not sent of course. This for the $128.00 I spent with them.
    Heed that red alert and avoid this fraudulent site.

    • DoubleM

      Speaking of the BBB…I was considering the business “iwin123”, and they have a 20/20 story link about pay for ratings by the BBB.
      Have any reviews been done for iwin123? Thanks!

  10. Debbie Bloom

    Kayleeandtepic.com are a scam. This company isn’t even worth one star. They suck. They scammed my kids out of $70.00. My kids ordered what was supposed to be a comforter set. Not only was the comforter not stuffed at all, but the design is totally not was they ordered. The design looks pixelated. I cannot stress enough how upset I am that my kids got scammed.

  11. JohnRak

    Dear Sirs,
    I want to post on your site, if possible, write your conditions.
    Thank you
    Best regards

  12. WarriorPrincess

    Thank you, scam finance for your review of NoraCora.com. This is a small point, but one that I just am amused by. You pointed out a misspelling of “quality” on the website which is located in China. Yet later in the article you used the word “reoccurring”. This is not a word. The actual usage should be “recurring“. It’s a small point, but I found it a bit ironic. Again thank you for your review.

    • Admin

      Thanks for your comment. It could indeed had been funny if reoccurring was not a word. But it is. Something that is recurring happens over and over again, while something that is reoccurring is simply happening again but not always repeatedly. Now, did the writer of the article mean recurring or reoccurring that is an interesting question 😀 Tim, care to comment?

  13. Ghost

    Lucky day app is a scam and the scammer isn’t afraid to run his mouth. He claimed to do unlawful inappropriate gay sexual acts towards me and my partner . This is right after he claimed to be from Lucktastic match(which is a legit app) and I showed him how they aren’t claiming him nor the winnings

  14. Rodrique

    Report this Crypto Ponzi Scheme


    SCAM! On 6-16-2019
    They are now on EBAY . My husband was buying a torch kit for $69.97. He caught it right after the cart and it went thru already from PAYPAL. He contacted EBAY 4 days ago. Same date as the so called purchased and never herd from them. He is now contacting EBAY again to try to dispute it. I think he is out of luck ,but worth a try.What else an he do? Yeaun is a Scam !!

  16. Jo Lagera

    Hello, please give me a feedback on Markus Heitkoetter PowerX analyzer software. And what do you mean to make a request of a charge back , if you are denied of a refund.

  17. Pat Krej

    Thank you for exposing the Yeaun.com retail scam.
    Please be aware that tozore.com is an identical clone of the Yeaun online retail store. It seems new ones will pop up faster than they can be exposed.

  18. Terry

    Just reported them ,Berry look.com The clothes did not fit. NOTHING FIT .TRYING TO GET THEM TO RESPOND TO EMAIL SO I can get my card credited and return the items. No response. Never Again. Hope fully the credit card company will dig into this further to keep from losing monies. Hope they will be able to catch at least one of them for criminal charges

  19. And even though I typed in exactly what I was supposed to it kept saying invalid code no matter how many times I tried. So I’ve been able to even submit a question about my tracking. What can I do and what is my recourse on this matter?

    Unfortunately I have ordered a blouse from Berrylook. Not hearing anything good about this company. I did not receive a tracking number on my order but the money has been deducted from my account. I tried to contact their customer service and any submission requires a captcha And even though I typed in exactly what I was supposed to it kept saying invalid code no matter how many times I tried. So I’ve been able to even submit a question about my tracking. What can I do and what is my recourse on this matter hello?

    • Y. Williams

      I made 2 large purchases from Berrylook before I found out it was a Scam. The items I received were not as pictured and they were very small, like for a child. The material was so flimsy you could ball a sweater in your hand and it would fit. You have to see this to believe it. Even a nice white coat with a single button that looked so great in the catalog was actually made out of light flannel material, suitable for children’s nightwear and not fit to be worn outdoors or anywhere. the clothes are knockoffs from what’s pictured in the catalog. I opened a dispute and filed a complaint with PayPal as I had used this form of payment. It’s still being processed. I had to mail back the $300 plus worth of items from one order to China and it cost $88.00 just to mail. I’m still awaiting an answer. Their listed email according to the PayPal inquiry is service@susulike.com. but I was unable to reach anyone. My sole communication is through PayPal.

      • chiara

        I bought some boots but never arrived and they wont give me any explanation!!! i reported the website on facebook but want to involv3e more people

  20. Charles Jones

    The lucky day app is a scam I matched 3 for $10,000, and nothing happened, I even screenshot the winning card on my phone as proof, emailed them and nothing, I’m no fool to send them my screenshot so it could be altered, I just need to know what action I can take to redeem my winnings.

  21. Patricia Contreras

    I placed my order (#841A7FF7DD) for DRAIN STIX ON 4/28/19 and STILL have not received it!!! I do not understand “why”, since I received an email from your company, that it was shipped on 4/29/19. I want to know why it is taking so long-If I had ordered your product from Amazon, I would have received the very next day.
    Please, someone, look into this for me and respond to my email CHEFMUZZ@GMAIL.COM. I would be ever so grateful. Thank you.

  22. robert bock

    they stole money out of my checking count today..


    Lucky day app is a scam I have proof

  24. Carole

    Why can’t the government stopped overseas selling online to Australia??? Come on …Ban overseas selling to our country!!

  25. Mel Lefebvre

    Opal and Peach are a misleading ‘free item’ scam company. What they really mean is, we’ll take your money to ship things you’re never going to receive. This company admitted my items were still in the shipping warehouse a full six months after I was supposed to get them. They won’t refund you, either. And they’ll ignore you if you take even more time asking why you’re being ignored. Buyer beware.

  26. gg

    I ordered 4 bloused from Berrylook. Knowing most likely they wouldn’t fit, I ordered 2 sizes of the same blouse. I bought them for my niece. 1 blouse stated it was a large. It was the same size of the medium. The other one STANK beyond belief. A chemical smell that was sickening. Did not know on refunds you do not get a full refund. Thankfully not too much of a $ loss as I won’t bother to get a refund. THIS REVIEW IS BETTER THAN A REFUND. BERRYLOOK, you will pay way more than what $$ I lost. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. THEIR CLOTHES ARE TRASH AND WILL SCREW YOU EVERY TIME!

    • Y. Williams

      I wish I had seen some of these reviews about Berrylook before I purchased closed to $500 in clothes. I should have known it was too good to be true. now I have returned one package through a dispute filed with PayPal and have another to mail. it cost me $88. just to mail back one package and I haven’t gotten my refund as yet. I don’t understand why PayPal is doing business with this company. this is shameful.!!

  27. Sharon Rebar

    My third Try! Amelia Quilts NOW ON FACEBOOK AS GENIUS GIFTS.

  28. Sharon Rebat

    Think AMELIA QUILTS is back on Facebook as Genius Gifts.

  29. Michael

    Been scammed by okeydeposit.com!

  30. Wendy Wilson

    Greg Gorski, Gorski Law, PLLC 1635 Market Street · Suite 1600 · Philadelphia PA 19103, is a con. He battered me thru complaints filed against the big three, plus Nexis Lexis with an agreement of costs and fees of $1,000.00. Upon receipt of settlement, totaling $27,000, Gorski bullied me, saying I was too sick to understand… He kept $26k. He should be disbarred. Please spare yourselves. Find another lawyer. Gorski’s not worth the contact call.

  31. Wendy Wilson

    Ordered 10-items from Berrylook costing over $200 on January 22, 2019 with standard (6-8 business days) shipping guidelines. Today is March 4th. The Order did not arrive and in multiple written correspondences Berrylook Services is incoherent in reply, refused to credit my account. Processing payment for the Order required a fraction of a second, yet the struggle to get credit for products never received is too intense. Do yourself a favor, buy local from those you trust. The following excerpt is the receipt of purchase sent from Berrylook:

    “Dear customer,
    Thank you for your order. Your order E671811 is now being processed and will be dispatched normally within 3 – 7 days. An email with tracking number and tracking website will be sent to you once the order has been shipped. Below are shipping time for your reference.
    Super Savings: 7 – 15 Business Days
    Standard Shipping: 6 – 8 Business Days
    Express Shipping: 3 – 6 Business Days
    If you paid with a paypal account or credit card,
    the merchant name “Orderplus Intl.” will apper on your card statement.”

    • Ann Higman

      Hi Wendy! I too have been scammed by Berrylook. Ordered and paid for a black winter coat in January. No acknowledgment, order no. received but cc debited. The captcha on the website won’t accept my efforts to email them and denies me contact. Obviously a world wide scam. Hope the fraud teams can get them closed down. Why are they allowed tout their products on the various web browsers?!

  32. Anonymus

    I was made a mistake i know.
    I ordered a ring from ottega when i was drunk :/
    It was free but payed 10 euro shipping
    I learned itt and i will not buy nothing when i am drunk 😀
    The order is about happend 1 month and i did not get nothing :/

  33. Vihar Krastev

    Berrylook are dishonest cheaters, scammers, thieves
    If are willing to pay for a junky product, and if you are ready to go through hell and through a lot of humiliation and waiting, it’s your choice — buy things from Berrylook!
    Berrylook are dishonest cheaters, scammers, and thieves.
    We ordered two dresses on December 27, 2018. Paid a total of US$59.03. The items we received nearly a month later were TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the photos on their site. They were made from very poor-quality material and the workmanship was indescribably poor. Awful. 5-year old kids would have sewn them better.
    We complained and were instructed to return the dresses, which we did almost immediately in late January. (They do indeed have a lot of nasty conditions as regards the return.) After numerous inquiries via email, they confirmed receipt of returned items and assured us that a refund of just US$49.90 would be issued in about “15 to 20 days”.
    It has been over a month now (end of February 2019) and no refund has been received yet. We have sent numerous angry emails demanding that they refund our payment but to no avail.
    Repeat: Berrylook are dishonest cheaters, scammers, and thieves.
    They have to be shut down and sent to jail.
    We have already referred the case to the Los Angeles Police Department.

    “Dear customer,
    Thanks for your order in our website.
    For your order E611173.
    This is to inform you that your returned package has been delivered successfully.
    For the refund USD 49.9, it will take about 15 to 20 days for our financial department to deal with. You will be informed once the refund is issued.
    Please wait and patiently!
    Wish you have a good day!”
    “Dear Customer,
    Really sorry for hearing that but surely we will help you solve the problem.
    We fully understand the situation, and we admit it’s our mistake, please accept our sincere apology to you.
    We promise that you will receive your refund, and I will be here all the time to follow up your refund till you receive it.
    Would you please just wait for a few days?
    And we will mark your refund as urgent, our financial department will process your refund in first priority.
    Thanks for your patience in advance.
    Best regards,
    Customer Service Team”

    • Y. Williams

      HI, have you received your refund as yet? I too had the misfortune of ordering from this company only to get ridiculously small and inferior clothing. I returned some items today through a dispute with PayPal who collected the funds for them. It cost me $88, so either way I lose. It’s time that business was closed down. they are stealing from Westerners. I did not realize the items were coming from overseas ( China) until I saw an international fee on my credit card. At least you were able to reach them, most buyers are unable to and their email is fake, it doesn’t work.

  34. dr. sandra mann

    i placed 3 separate orders with Berrybrook Co. and one with Rosista Co. both clothing companies i think in China. ?Couldn’t return or get customer service from Rosista, and have yet to receive anything from Berrybrook. complete scam.

    • Judith Forman

      The same thing happened to me with Berry look and I have heard from other people that they have many scam sites!



    • Admin

      Hi Dale. Which site are you referring to?

  36. Rob Lamb

    Hi, There,
    Could you advise if “the Bitcoin Revolution” scheme is legit or a scam

  37. Maurice B Lampl II

    Close Option just BANNED me yesterday (2/15/2019) for absolutely no reason. I seem to have lost $63.67. Stay away!!!

  38. jepang466

    my bro widraw isn’t already in my paypalk account for 350 $ confirmation from kidsearnmony thanks

  39. Abdel-Aziz Fatouh Abdel-Aziz

    I have one order until now have not given me any tracking numbers and I have not received anything.
    My order in November,16 2018, (50$) until now I’m not informed anything about my order.
    My order:
    PC labtop win 10 2.56 6Hz intel Atom X7-Z8750 processor128 GB SSD 8GB RAM,
    Carrying cases,
    Cover stand,
    Mini PC,Foldable keyboard,
    USB port,
    USB-c port,
    Ethernet port,
    Dual-brand wifi,
    Bluetooth 4.2,5 inch,
    Built-in screen

  40. Logan

    Just posted my car for sale and a scammer contacted me from HeatherWelch@yahoo.com asked for me to go to a website called mobilacts.com for a vehicle report. Found the email address on this site so wanted to report it somewhere. Thank you

  41. LouAnne Parkison

    The clothing quality, pricing, delivery time and customer service at Berrylook are all AWFUL. I tried to get a refund for over 5 months with no avail. USPS return charges are over $50 to ship 5 items back to China. Save your money and your time, I wish I had!!
    Now I will proceed with PayPal and the BBB.

  42. Abdel-Aziz Fatouh Abdel-Aziz

    I have one order until now have not given me any tracking numbers and I have not received anything.
    My order in November,16 2018, (50$) until now I’m not informed anything about my order.
    My order:
    PC labtop win 10 2.56 6Hz intel Atom X7-Z8750 processor128 GB SSD 8GB RAM, Carrying cases,Cover stand,Mini PC,Foldable keyboard,USB port,USB-c port,Ethernet port,Dual-brand wifi,Bluetooth 4.2,5 inch,Built-in screen

  43. D. Lindley

    I was scammed by GoodTop, ordering a 3D CNC engraver through Facebook, evidently along with many others. I purchased the engraver for $69.99, plus a $0.69 Foreign Transaction Fee. It was to be a Christmas gift for my son. I received an email back stating “Congratulations on your successful payment!” but no other confirmation email or number. To date, I have not received any correspondence from either of them (GoodTop or Facebook), nor have I received the engraver (which at this point, I don’t expect to, based on the previous comments I’ve since seen regarding GoodTop, and having the same experience).
    I tried contacting them several times with no success of response; the phone number on their “site” is bogus and goes to some Chinese-speaking company. I also tried contacting Facebook, but again, no return response. I would simply like a refund of the $70.68 so that I can get an engraver for my son through a reputable company.

  44. Song

    Bid at your own risk!
    My first and last experience with Tophatter. Bid for the iMac and won but I realized afterwards, I could get a cheaper and better iMac from Amazon. Delivery was extremely slow/late, and it was delivered damaged. They offered a special deal during checking out so I got a 2nd iMac but when I needed to return it due to damaged iMac, I had to pay for my own postage. No exchange, no replacement, no service whatsoever except return policy so bid at your own risk.

  45. Isaac Felix

    Dhchanger is a big scam, I was recently scammed by this thief, she was posting scam ad in all PTC sites right now saying you can make $300 in a day by exchanging you BTC to ETH through dhchanger.com, then change you ETH to BTC back again. But when you send BTC to dhchanger, that is the end of your crypto, you will only being seeing processing forever.
    I fell for this Scam and lost my $71 BTC (0.01117067) . Please when you see any ad with dhchanger written on them, stay away quickly from this scam. Dhchanger is not an exchanger but only out to steal cryptocurrency. Be aware!!!

  46. Simon

    Any information about daysky trading lab

  47. Jean Porter

    I ordered an inflatable spa from InAHatBuy.com in December, cant contact the company, no phone, no office anymore. I’m a pensioner and cant afford to lose money, so sad people doing this.

  48. Rahman Ismaheel

    to trusted exchanger.com is a scam or legit, they ask me to pay for the past 4 months now that they will send my trade login to in next 24 to 48 hours, since 5/9/2018 I haven’t seen anything, and I have mailing them most of the time but they do not reply me, please scamfinance.com help me find out

    • Admin

      What is the URL of the site in question?

  49. Rose Edwards

    Vote the Will is a scan. They ask for your credit card or checking account info.

  50. Dennis Clark

    The Facebook adds by “SETCOMING” are scams related to the INAHATBUY fashion.

  51. D. Weaver

    I have “unsubscribed” from your mailing list many, many times. I am beginning to get thoroughly frustrated with you. From here on out, I will consider your e-mails harassment, and will not hesitate to report your company to whomever it may concern, in order to deal with this issue. Again, I have attempted to unsubscribe from your mailing list, because I did not sign up for it in the first place, and I do not wish to be contacted by you any more. I will consider any further contact from you harassment and you will be reported. Thank you.

    • Admin

      I don’t see that you’re subscribed to our mailing list. Are you referring to ScamFinance.com’s mailing list?

  52. Amy johnson

    Wondering of you could look into Greatdealaz…..I ordered merchandise from them back in Sept 2018. Got a confirmation and order number, that my order was ready for shipment and then NOTHING. Emailed 20 times asking about my order and never get a response.

  53. Sara

    Berry Look is a scam website and shld be banned before more and more people fall prey. Pls take action on them fast. This is worse than a robbery. Was cheated by Berry Look. Products were frm china and very cheap quality. Made a complain at their site but kept on getting std reply. Requested for a refund and asked them for the address to send the goods back. No reply from them at all.

      • Teresa A Plumb

        I ordered a pair of shoes and a dress from Berrylook as well back in march. Have not received any word or the merchandise. How can I get my money back from crooks? I never saw the first reply when i placed my order.

    • Y. Williams

      Report the matter to your credit card. Be aware that mailing the items back may cost more than the items themselves. You’re mailing to China and it’s very expensive. The mailing address for BERRYLOOK is: OrderPlus International, NO. 6 Jinyuan Road, Caoyl Industrial Park, Zhongtang Town, Guangdong Province, Dongguan City 523000, China. Get shipping confirmation and tracking number.

      • Y. Williams

        That comment is for those who actually receive the items and want to return them.

  54. Debra Love

    Yes,I too thought to get a quilt.The theme for my husband and my wedding was dragons.I was going to use a twin size quilt as a wall hanging. He is an ill Gulf War Veteran,hard to buy for. Got confirmation December 10th,no quilt 20+ days later. Facebook needs to do better.Just taking money from anyone to run an add is insufficient. Many other sites are legit.

  55. shithead

    Run away – BTCmidas is a SCAM — Steemit
    Jun 21, 2017 – Im not going to write too much about it… but will copy/paste some emails.. … Best regards, BtcMidas Team ___ On 2017/6/20 13:30, [John doe (not my real name ofcourse)] D. wrote: 160 deposited. … btc hyip altcoin invesments scam.

  56. Carolyn (puddles) lawrence

    I just won 50,000 dollars on lucky day and I can’t get no one to acknowledge I won it what do I do? I contacted PayPal and the lady said they can’t help me I have to get ahold of lucky day and I can’t get ahold of them now!! Some one steer me in the right direction plzzzz

  57. Dominique

    I ordered a “free” ring from Ottega on October 5, 2018 and they said 35-50 business days….the 50 days have passed and now I’m suppose to wait another 35-50 business days for the reshipped package….which is not gonna come ..

  58. Donna Interlicchia

    I have several orders you have not given me any tracking numbers and I have not received anything, they were 0rdered November 30th, I have ordered other things after the 30th and have already received them. These gifts are for my Great Granddaughter and would like to have them before Christmas. One # is LN361547249KR When I put that in to track says not in system

    • Admin

      From which site did you make these orders?

  59. Norman

    Norman. I also bought into Money calendar pro, high velosity trader, and Hot money trader and in 4 months I lost over $10,314 , including the $5175 that I paid (non refundable) for their advise. No more options for me, and no more of Money Map Press or Angora. This cost me 17% of my portfolio.

  60. tolikkk

    Hello. It’s my first publication on this forum!

  61. Henry Curry

    I recently downloaded the lucky day app won 1501.50 got an email that said I’ll receive my winnings within 7 business days this was on Nov 13 2018 no winnings this isn’t right when someone makes up an app and tell the world that you can win free money and you don’t isn’t right people shouldn’t lie only to get people to download an app for them to make money just don’t say that you can win money when you dont

  62. Mark

    I downloaded the LuckyDay app from the Apple App store and played it for about two days and won $3,000! Received an email stating that I would receive my winnings within 7 business days. Received the email on 11/13, with the 7th business day being 11/23. I never received my winnings in my PayPal account, and I am very angry. I’m going to get the word out about this everywhere I can.

    • Henry Curry

      I also downloaded the lucky Day App won $1501.50 off a scratch ticket got an email that said my winnings will come in 7 business days still haven’t received nothing I tried several times to contact their support no response I don’t think this is fair you shouldn’t put an app out tell the world that you can win free money and you really don’t win at all that’s BS

    • Hunter O Wickham

      I had the same thing happen they said I won $1,700 7 Days Later no money I emailed them they said there was an error in their app and they’re very sorry they gave me $10 instead of 1700 and around Christmas time I went ahead and cashed out the $10 guess what I didn’t even get that. This company will rue this day

  63. Blindeyes

    Hi everyone, on behalf of several frauded users I’m writing to your attention the case of Westland Storage Ltd.

    At the time of writing we setup a telegram group for WLS victims: t.me/west_landstorage

    We got exit scammed, what are we trying to do at this point now?
    1: Call your local police department and press charges.
    2: Gather al possible evidence from this group and the website while it is online
    3::Report to interpol: interpol.int/Forms/Contact_INTERPOL
    4:: Report to the FBI their fraud form: complaint.ic3.gov
    5: Provide proof to the host we are directed to: sucuri.net they host the westlandstorage website
    6: Report to Actionfraud England: reporting.actionfraud.police.uk
    7: We know about worldlandfunding, most likely a scam from the same group
    The platform stopped paying profits to their investors, around 15 days ago
    They raised 37 Million USD for the Westland storage Island
    We are able to make a withdraw from the platform but the hash provided is fake and cannot be found in the blockchain!
    Al the addresses that we could check are totally empty!
    The development team is not responding any more to their investors, most people lost a lot of money
    Instagram and twitter accounts have been deleted.
    There is a WLS victim Telegramgroup: web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@west_landstorage
    Reports are filed with Interpol also report to your local police and provide evidence! if you are a victim please report!! Interpol: interpol.int/Forms/Contact_INTERPOL
    Please also report to the hosting company of the domain( abuse@internet.bs) ( internetbs.net//#) to let them know that you are a victim of the Westlandstorage scam.
    The platform is still accepting Cryptocurrency investments from unknowing investors, this website must be taken down!
    Please be so kind to share this message to prevent these scammers to earn any more money and inform people not invest in this SCAM!!!

    @website admim: it would be great if you can publish a press release to make public this situation and give echoes to this fraudolent company. Thanks

  64. Rachel Harmon

    I listened to a infomercial about Tom Gentile ‘s Money Calendar and bought into the supposed Fast Fortune Millionaire Club. ALL I get are emails I am unable to log on because I was given no password. The password reset and the customer service call center are just there for shits and giggles as Tom laughs his way to the bank. IT IS No mystery TO ME THAT HE has made a Fast Fortune .

  65. Edgar Tovar


    Please give us a feedback on this firm:
    Profits Run Bill Poulos
    To access the website, just visit:

  66. jim shovak

    Hello, somebody posted my email address on your site claiming that I had something to do with some loan company and I am receiving tons and tons of spam now. How can you let someone post somebody else’s email address on your site without permission or filtering it out? It is listed under a company your site reviewed called Guaranteed Loans 4 all. Please remove my email address from your site immediately or I will be filing a complaint with the BBB, Attorney General and FTC. Outrageous!!! I’m so happy a friend of mine brought this to my attention otherwise I never would have known.

    • Admin

      Comment removed. Apologies! Let me know if you need the email/IP of the person who posted that comment.

  67. Gary

    Tom Gentile’s Money Calendar is nonsense. He claims that he has 10 years of historical records. With this data, he can predict what the stock will do, 9 times out of 10. That means he can predict a stocks behavior with 90% accuracy. I wish! Over a 90 day period, I placed 27 trades. Of the 27, 4 turned-out to be winners (15% win ratio). After the initial $999 program purchase, I extended to the end of the year for another $1,000. Result from the 27 trades, I lost another $1500. Total 3 month loss was $3,500. Time to cut & run.

  68. George

    Beware this is a shady business. My story: I posted my car for sale on Craiglist and someone texted me and asked me to go to doctorbeebeep for a VIN report. So I did (stupid) because then I found out it’s a scam after I paid for the service.

  69. Mark Collins

    I was scammed by Campbell Investments limited located in the UK to the sum of 128 000 euros and have asked on numerous occasions to refund money to no avail Please do not give or respond to their cold calling attempts to trick you out of your hard earned money, if anyone has any suggestions on how to get my money back please do not hesitate to contact me .

  70. Judy Dixon


  71. David Bravard

    Avoid being scammed by “app.mswsystem.com”…I had watched a video about how I could pay an independent server they recommended, to design my own website about whatever “Niche” I chose and then create an account with Amazon, Ebay, and others. After that I could then offer products from these sites on my website, and collect a small commission on anything I sold. Wasn’t a “Get Rich” thing, but I figured with some hard work and time spent it could be a 2nd income source…I was very very wrong. After taking my 49 dollars to join the program, they took away the site completely before I had a chance to create a website or contact them to try and get my money back. Even in the video they said you could get your money back if the program wasn’t working for me. Please be careful not to get scammed people, many many bad scammers in this world.

  72. Dustan D

    salvageanddents.com same calling in scam hanging up and trying to get you to go pay for a report at their site. Phone number used 814-802-5916 email elizabethpaigeehS@yahoo.com

  73. Nelly

    Someone needs to change the protocol for emails so that the senders emil address or IP address cannot be chnged. I now get tons of SPAM, much of it from “myself” as the spammers spoof my address into the “from ” email address section.
    The worst one is JESSICA IPO. They need locking up.

    They say that the internet i in danger of becoming overloaded with traffic. Well if thats the case an “expert” needs to find a way of stopping the spammers from using it for rubbish when serious commercial use is being hampered by these idiots.
    If we ALL ignored spam adverts there would be far less interent fraud and the sale of email addresses would gradually become a waste of time with no financial return.

    EVERYONE pass it on. Never respond to spam and only make purchases from your own internet searches and never “cold call” spam email

  74. john chirico

    this company will cost a person their credit score and will ruin their life.. they never answer the phone and hold times pass 3 hours normally… they are sending the calls outside of america so you then have to be re routed back so another few hours… then they switch you back oversees as if you are not worth anything… this will happen until you give up… the pull money without permission and then do not apply the money to the right account …. your credit score getting ruined is no concern of theirs… they will charge fees for anything they do even when its their fault… someone needs to close down this company…. where is the bbb

    • Admin

      Which company are you referring to?

  75. Larry Howard

    I should have known that a generator for $98 is too good to be true and total charged was $116 going to bank and filing fraud on this. I had emailed several times and they keep saying check log in site to see tracking and there is non.

    • Admin

      Which site are you referring to?

  76. Lynne

    Take me off your emailing account. I am not interested in a load. Don’t need a loan. I have requested several times to be removed from your company and I am still getting emails. I don’t not purchase or respond to anything that is emailed to me. Please remove me from your company!!!

    • Admin

      We’re not a loan company, we’re a review site. Are you referring to emails from ScamFinance.com or from somewhere else?

  77. Upset Customer

    I had a terrible experience with Checkfreescore!!!! They are terrible. They lock you in for $1 to check your scores and then they charge your debit card for a ridiculous $39.90!!!!! They have terrible customer service and I would NOT recommend then to anyone EVER!!!!!! In my opinion, they need to be removed from the website. I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau as well!!!!!!

  78. Want to be anonymous

    I would like to plac a complaint. I have been receiving these phone calls from 18009001382 comes to be Penn Credit. As I looked up the phone number. As I googled the company with BBB I have found basically they are. A fraud collections office. They do collect some legitament collections but leaning more towards harassing people with fake collections and very rude. I do not answer the number when it shows on my caller ID. But it continues to call. This was the last straw calling at 8:30 at night. So here is my right to let you know that this company needs to be stopped. The call comes in with the phone number but no name of the company. I place the number on my block list but some how they are able to get around that privacy on my phone. 99% of the time that privacy block has worked.

  79. Fridae

    I went on Kingtol.com and bought a speedwasher pressure washer for 138.00. I never recieved anything in return. Qs soon as I put in my creditcard info(mastercard) the money was gone. I tried to contact Kingtol customer service and my emails were sent to my spam messages. I work very hard for my money and I was devistated that facebook allowed conartists to advertise on their site. I emailed facebook and they never responded back. I placed my order on 7/3/18. Is it to late to try and use mychargeback?

    • Admin

      Thank you for your comment. It’s NOT too late to contact MyChargeback unless 2 years have passed.

  80. cynthia

    I am not the DO NOT Call registry with the government. These people have been calling me at 6 AM and 8 AM on a SUNDAY! They will be fined by the government as I filed a complaint with them. There is NO way to block the number, there is no way to leave them a phone message to tell them to stop. This is highly illegal. I don’t know who YOU are, but I will filing a complaint about this company too if you don’t do something about it.

  81. Martin

    vinpulled.com or official.vin

    Both scam sites. Got a text about my truck. Such a stupid scam. They can’t even text like normal people.

    Here’s the phone number: 717-2823512
    Here’s the email: MelanieBrownlw@yahoo.com

  82. Janice

    I will be notifying the correct groups concerning the calls I continually get from this site. Automated or not! You are NOT to be calling anyone after 8-9 pm depending on where you live. 11:00 PM UNACCEPTABLE.

  83. Emily

    There was a free watch deal from right off the top and I paid 30$ shipping. Their website does not seem to be working and it has been more than 60 days which is the max amount of days it should take to ship. I emailed and they told me to message them on Facebook, Which I did but when I said I wanted a refund they said to track my order and that its coming. They have not answered and have not agreed to give me a refund. I am very annoyed at their customer service and their store.

  84. Damaris Molina

    I receive a call from this number 239-312-8472 saying to go online an apply for a job with AMAZON on my spare time and work from home and the pay is $17 up to $32 an hour! I decided to look up more information and find all this complaints from other people with the same call from different numbers!! Thanks for sharing! I need a job the offer sounded too good to be true!!

  85. PK

    I think app.nswsystens.com are a scam,they show a video on how to get a domain name and forward it to this site you pay $47 for but it won’t validate the Domain name and you are just stuck with something you can’t do anything with. Of course they is no way to contact them even when they promise you a moneyback quarantee.

  86. MB

    Received call from 484-814-4286. When I tried to call back the 1st time, a heard the recording of a man. The next time I called, I heard the recording of a woman. I then received a text that said, “Sorry, my phone has awful reception today and keeps dropping calls, the reason I was calling is that I’m interested in your vehicle.” They insisted that we text because “now isn’t the best time for me.” They asked that I go to carhistorychecked.com to get a background check done on the car, which then led me to official.vin, a website that the potential buyer’s “brother who is a car dealer” recommended. The person wanted me to e-mail the results to LeahReidaxw@yahoo.com. They indicated that they were originally from Philadelphia but “recently moved about 30 minutes outside of Stone Mountain” and that they would be willing to come to my location after the background check was paid for. They also asked for the mileage and asking price, both of which was already listed in my online ad.

  87. Kim

    I just found a site called justset.top not sure if too good to be true or legitimate

  88. jacqui garth

    tried to unsubscribe 20 times, still keep getting crap

    • shelleyowens

      hk-PaidClub has an author rating of 2 stars on this site. Read the review all the way to the end at http://scamfinance.com/paidclub-org/. I do not know anything about paidclub except what I’ve read in the above-mentioned review. I do know this, however: Numerous ‘paid survey’ sites are actually marketing platforms that expect the surveyors to purchase the services they are surveying. If you read the terms and conditions, you often find that you are agreeing to give your name, address, phone number to the companies in exchange for the two to 10 pennies you are receiving for taking the survey. I assume these companies will continue to make sales calls to the surveyor once they have the contact information. So the more surveys you complete, the more sales calls you will receive. Just a reminder everyone: read the terms and conditions; they are dense with legalese to hide financial subterfuge on the part of companies that want to collect your contact information, location, internet history and shopping habits. Go into your phone settings and remove their access to your location and other data they do not need and only collect to sell.

  89. Ed Slaughter

    I’ve apparently been Scammed with this Amazon hype form “mswsystem.com” for $ 47.00 Didn’t get the E-mail conformation after 5 hr’s and started looking to where my websites are . webinar how to do what he said he was going to do. hes now telling you how to create your domain and web sites not giving you ant sites at ALL.

    • Admin

      mswsystem.com seems to be down. Do they have another site URL?

    • shelleyowens

      This is that AmazonDataJobs.com scam. Please see my comment below and read the review on Scam Finance at http://scamfinance.com/amazondatajobs-org-com-scam-bouquet/
      If you paid using PayPal, dispute the charge immediately as a scam and be sure to turn off any subscription payment they may have placed in your PayPal account. I’m sorry you’ll need to use the PayPal Help to see how to do this. I was going to look it up but my computer slowed to a crawl. If you paid by credit card, contact the company to see how to reverse the payment and stop recurring payments. Good luck! Now go get your money back!

  90. Anita

    I just received a call indicating I had an uncompleted application in which I would upload documents to social media websites. I would NEVER apply for a job like that. They don’t allow you time to answer the call, their intent is to only leave a message. I added their telephone number to my automatic reject list on my cell phone.

  91. Betty Richardson


    Be careful I just got a call a couple of days ago about Amazon job work from and that I could earn
    3,000 to 6,000 working from home. He told me to go to Amazondatajobs.org. Here is the number he
    used to call me: 978-401-4923.

  92. Robert Adams

    Please will you highlight the problems with Vip Crypto broker. I opened an account through the BitBubbleTech. I initially deposited £250 which was converted to $346. A week or so later I deposited another $4500 because Jason Storm convinced me that it will make sense as I will have more leverage. He started showing me how the leverage system worked. He started interfering with my account by changing my password so I complained to their support department and although they promised to look into it nothing came of it. A new person was allocated to my account by the name of John Bucchi because Jason was supposed to be attending a crypto conference in China. John Bucchi also changed my password and phoned me to say my password will be reset but not to change so that he could take trades on my behalf when I was not available. I refused. In the time being I tried to close my account and take my initial deposit of $4846. A new staff was assigned to my account by the name of Duncan Bates and he phoned me and asked me to make a further deposit of $4846 to allow him to help with my withdrawal. The last time I took trades was on the 9/4/2018. I stopped trading because I was trying to close my account and withdraw my funds. Four trades were taken on my account on 1/5/2018. Duncan Bates sent me an email 1/5/2018. They have still not honoured my withdrawal so I have the the assistance of MyChargeBack.com which is in progress.

    • Alan Kilduff

      Beware of a financial assistant who uses the name Michelle Williams from brokers community UK.She claims to help people who have been ripped off by brokers.She will claim she has no personal financial interest and is only helping people get their money back.She puts people under pressure by stating that time is almost up.She claims you must login and put down a deposit before you can get your money back.She supplied a link to GEMT.co.uk . With a login password.Her scam broker wasn’t paying attention because login was unsuccessful.Website shows basically nothing,exchange rates,login/sign up button no support telephone nr. no email adresse.Nothing!!!Be careful people, Michelle Williams and GEMT.co. UK are scamming people.So,if you have lost money with brokers,don’t throw good money after bad. Be careful people, don’t get greedy.These are nasty people.If contacted ,just tell them to FUCK OFF !!! PS her spelling mistakes,for a so called educated woman are beyond belief. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM

  93. Susan

    I’m trying to find out more info on MswSystem.com. Any help is appreciated

  94. Crystina K Laster

    HI Everyone, just to let you know I received a phone call and left a voicemail about finishing my application from Amazon and then they tell me to go to amazondatajobs.om Just to let everyone one know, I am not sure but I think it is a scammed and due to doing more research Amazon do not have a website for this.



  95. marco serafini

    is merit paycheck by wendy kirkland a scam ??

  96. Gustavo Jimenez

    Hi guys, trying to figure if the app stash is a good option, and if not, is there any service for investment for beginners? Which one would you recommend?, Thank you guys!

  97. shelleyowens

    AmazonDataJobs.com (also AmazonDataJobs.org) appears to operate in a similar fashion to HomeType. They must have scraped my friend’s phone number from a jobs board. They left a voicemail telling her to complete her application at AmazonDataJobs.com. She did not remember applying. When I looked it up online, the website was only 1 week 2 days old. The redirect was to orbitnam.today/trendmswv2/?a=767&s1=10516&s2=94291548&reqid#=57192873 with the site title AMAZON Profit. When I attempted to close the page, a popup asked me to stay on the page, so I clicked it. I was redirected to mswsystem.com/mswbv2/?a=767&s1=10516&s2=94291548&reqid. Under the video and signup form, the fine print says you will receive several emails a day with work from home offers. The terms and conditions reference a subscription; collection of your data; Markenark (company name?) and support.easykits.org. The legal jurisdiction is the country of Cyprus. mswsystem.com/mswbv2/terms.html If you find this information useful, you have my permission to reuse or repurpose this in a blog post about the scam; no attribution required. If you attribute it to me, please do not rewrite it in a fashion that changes my meaning. Thanks for the useful information you provide here!u

    • Ed

      Thank you very much for your input. I had a VM left on my cellphone regarding amazonadatajobs.org. Never have applied with them.

    • chrisp

      I received the message and I have not signed up or applied for anything.
      Thank you for posting your findings.

  98. David white

    Watch out for JoshuaBelanger Hot Money Trader. Purports to be “following hot money trades” but every single trade was a loser. I lost all my money and they do not offer a refund for their bogus “advice”. Disgraceful that people can sell utter garbage online and the credit card companies allow it!

  99. muhd razif

    Was told to get a tracking number 5-10 days but today is the 10th day and no tracking number is given. From the looks of it after reading all of the above, looks like i got scammed. 🙁

    URL: behringerrings.com

  100. Reggie

    I join you in recommending MyChargeBack.com. I could never have gotten my money back without them. Very professional service. It was a pleasure to work with them.

  101. Al Campone

    God, I made exactly $.03 on my investment of $1.13. Could life be any greater….Oh, by the way, my granddad is Warren Buffett. He made me the investment loan of $1.13 at 65%, (what a guy). To quote a great American, “Wake up America”.

  102. Sam

    Coperstone/Apexsignals keeps on calling me about investing money into an unregulated deal the the number for coperstone is 437 886 4057 they do not have an office in Canada Ontario as they claim and they are not registered with the OSC (Ontario securities commisssions) the names that do call are Bryan, Victoria and Benjamin simons. I did report the fraud to the Local police file number is 1800279506 phone number is 514 280 2970 \”for Monteral Police force investigating my case. They appear to be operating out of the Virgin Islands one of the so called owners lives in Florida. The Banking instution that will that appear on ones mastercard or visa bill is as follows “PFA POINT LIN TRADE SHENZHEN SHE” which is located in China.

  103. Scam

    Hello sir/madam, please advice, what is this for site and why is one of our brands named here?

    • Admin

      It’s a review site. And which one is your brand?

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