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Kars4Kids (Kars4Kids.org) provides people across the United States with the unique opportunity to donate their vehicles without having to deal with a pesky middleman.

Accepting a wide assortment of vehicle makes and models, Kars4Kids enables just about anyone with the ability to donate their vehicles while receiving a tax receipt to utilize in conjunction with your income taxes.

To find out more regarding Kars4Kids.org and what others are saying, we invite you to read our honest and up-to-date review.

Kars4Kids Oversight

Kars4Kids is a nonprofit car donation organization that is based out of Lakewood, New Jersey.

Functioning as a registered nonprofit Jewish organization who, together with Oorah (their sister charity), they aid thousands of children by helping to develop them productive members of the community.

Other type of donations accepted would be boats, RVs, motorcycles, real estate, life insurance, gift cards, cash and more.

Having grown into one of the largest nonprofit organizations nested within the United States, Kars4Kids has over 400,000 donors to date while their reputability appears to grow progressively over time.

Car donations can be picked up within 24 hours, and often even the same day.

Kars4Kids Reviews

As a whole, Kars4Kids reflects substantial reputability across the web.

According to FeeFo, Kars4Kids reflected a 4.9 out of 5 star rating out of over 750 reviews to date.

Shared below are a couple recent user experiences we found:

“Friendly excellent service.”

“fast and easy pick up”

The general compliment that Kars4Kids receives in most of their positive reviews would be how simplistic and hassle-free the Kars4Kids donation process is.

However, there are some negative consumer experiences that should be weighed appropriately too.

“This is for the VACATION BREAKAWAY package they offer after donating your car. Don’t bother giving your $50 deposit for the trip. It is a total hassle and they prolong the process like crazy…They repeat over and over in email to not contact them by phone and only by email. IT’S A TOTAL SCAM!!!!”

“I only received $500 tax credit on a car with KBB value of well over $2,500…The voucher was too much of pain to use. Too many restrictions. My suggestion, forget the voucher and the stupid jingle and donate to a group that you want to support.”

These reviews and more can be found at Yelp, which reflected a Kars4Kids rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars during the time of writing this review.

Kars4Kids.org Complaints

There is a pattern of complaints emerging from the wake of Kars4Kids donors.

These complaints revolve around donors who believe that they have received poor market evaluations for their donations, poor donor service assistance along with a general dislike for Kars4Kids vacation offers.

Here are a few relevant complaints we found regarding Kars4Kids:

“Please do not consider this organization for donating your car. Very poor service…Worst service. Please consider donating to some other deserving organization!”

“Doesn’t even get close to market value.”

“I am very disappointed! This was a poor decision on my part to go with Kars4Kids. I will not be ripped off by them in the future…”

These complaints could be found at HighYa, but have since writing this post, been removed.

Domain Insight

Kars4Kids.org was a privately registered on November 17th, 2000 through the GoDaddy, Inc registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, Kars4Kids.org reflected a global rank of 261,674 with a US rank of 57,379 as of February 11th, 2019.

On average the site supports around 200,000 monthly visitors although from December 2018 to January 2019 it appears that Kars4Kids.org experienced nearly a 25% decrease in their incoming visitor traffic.

What is Kars4Kids.org?

Kars4Kids functions as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose alleged purpose would be to provide funding to educate, develop and create recreational programs for Jewish youths along with their families.

Most of the programs featured by Kars4Kids are facilitated by Oorah, a sister charity of Kars4Kids.

Founded in 1994 by Rabbi Chaim Mintz, Kars4Kids reflects an annual revenue over $40 million while the areas serviced would be the United States and Canada.

Kars4Kids can be reached through the following channels:

Physical Address

1805 Swarthmore Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08701

Telephone: 1 (877) 527-7454

Kars4Kids can also be reached via their live chat and contact submission form featured on their Contact Us page.

Is Kar4Kids.org a Scam?

We do not believe Kars4Kids to be a scam.

While it appears true that the volume of complaints revolving around Kars4Kids appears to be growing, the overall reputability of Kars4Kids appears unburdened.

Kars4Kids.org Review Conclusion

Kars4Kids.org provides a unique opportunity for consumers across the United States and Canada to give back to those less fortunate.

Having grown into one of the largest non-profit car donation organizations, Kars4Kids and Oorah appear to be in it for the long haul.

Reflecting over 20 years of service to date, it is difficult for any entity to argue the track record and reputability of Kars4Kids.

One element to keep in mind regarding Kars4Kids prior to donating would be to check the web for relevant consumer feedback and weigh it appropriately.

If you feel like you can trust Kars4Kids and if you feel like you can make a worthwhile donation (despite what you may receive in terms of value of your tax receipt), then by all means contribute as you will to Kars4Kids.

Outcome: Kars4Kids should be used at OWN Risk!

Site: Kars4Kids.org

Feel free to leave a comment below sharing any insight, experiences and feedback you may have!

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