FLTreasureHunt.gov Scam Review

FL Treasure Hunt (FLTreasureHunt) is an online portal that allegedly allows claimants to search their interactive database to initiate claims for accounts they believe they may be entitled too.

By entering your maiden name, married names, nick-names and so forth you are supposedly able to browse FLTreasureHunt.gov to seek unclaimed property.

By definition, unclaimed property is a financial asset that is unknown or lost, or has been left inactive, unclaimed or abandoned by its owners.

Common types of unclaimed property include dormant bank accounts, unclaimed insurance proceeds, stocks, dividends, uncashed checks, deposits, credit balances and refunds.

To find out more regarding the legitimacy of FLTreasureHunt.gov we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review.

What is FLTreasureHunt.gov?

FLTreasureHunt.gov is an online portal overseen by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

If you believe you may be entitled to unclaimed property then you can conduct the steps featured at FL Treasure Hunt to initiate a free claims process.

In order to prove an account belongs to you, each claim form will detail what documentation will be required to verify ownership of said property.

Simply having the same name as that on an account does not establish entitlement and required documentation such as providing your identification alone may not be sufficient.

When filling out the documentation you may be asked for your Social Security Number, a past address or proof of your past connection or relation to the entity that reported the account to the Department.

According to FLTreasureHunt.gov, unacceptable documentation forms include hand written letters, letterhead and business cards, printouts from the Internet and telephone directories.

Contacting FLTreasureHunt

There are several ways to reach out to the active operators behind FLTreasureHunt.gov.

Phone: (888) 258-2253 or (850) 413-5555

E-Mail: FloridaUnclaimedProperty@MyFloridaCFO.com

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 8599, Tallahassee, FL 32314-8599

Disclosed as the Administration Director would be Walter Graham while Phillip Carlton and Penny Mallow are detailed as Asst. Division Director and Administrative Assistant.


Why do the accounts come to the state?

Detailed in Chapter 717, Florida Statuses, requires that unclaimed property assets be held by business or government entities (holders) for a set period of time, usually 5 years.

What Types of Identification are Accepted?

According to Florida law, claimants must provide a copy of their driver’s license or another form of government-issued photographic identification, which much reflect the same mailing address for your currently utility bill.

If the owner on an account is deceased, a certified death certification for the deceased owner is required in addition to the Identification for the personal claiming the account.

How long does it take to get my money?

The Department is allowed up to 90 days form the date it receives your completed claim package to make a determination, although claims are often processed sooner.

The period may be extended if all the required documentation or incorrect information has been disclosed.

What does the State do with the money before it is claimed?

Unclaimed funds are said to be deposited into the State School Fund and used to support public schools. It should be noted, the original amount reported can always be claimed by the owner, or his/hers hers, at no cost.

Are efforts made to find owners of unclaimed property?

According to FLTreasureHunt.gov, the holders of unclaimed property are required to try and locate the owner but if their attempts end up unsuccessful they report the property along with the owner’s name, last known address and other information to the Department.

FLTreasureHunt.gov Reviews

FL Treasure Hunt doesn’t reflect much of a presence at all on the web.

According to SimiliarWeb, FLTreasureHunt.gov reflected a global rank 845,373 with a US rank of 164,725 as of April 18th, 2019.

Nearly 27% of the sites traffic is referral based while as a whole their rankings indicate that the site is not that reputable – which may be part of the reason why they don’t reflect much of online presence.

Is FLTreasureHunt.gov Safe?

Since FLTreasureHunt is operated by the Florida Department of Financial Services we believe their site is safe to navigate and use.

FLTreasureHunt Review Conclusion

FLTreasureHunt.gov claims that there is a 1 in 5 chance that you have unclaimed property.

Allegedly over $323 million was paid out to Floridians last year alone while the search process is estimated to take around 30 to 60 seconds to complete.

Backed by the Florida Department of Financial Services, we initially had doubts regarding the legitimacy of this uncommon entitlement opportunity until we saw it was government-backed.

If you have the required documentation then initiating a claim through FLTreasureHunt.gov may reveal unclaimed properties and assets that rightfully belong to you.

Outcome: FLTreasureHunt is Legit!

Site: FLTreasureHunt.gov

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    I received letter and completed online. Was worried about providing the SSN. they did not ask for license and I’m supposed to get $100 owed to me.

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    why is a social security number needed?

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