Zyora Clothing Scam Review

Zyora Clothing, hosted at Zyora.co, is marketed as a trending online destination for all things in regards to trending women apparel.

Supporting dresses, leggings, rompers, shirts, shorts, suits, sweatshirts and more, Zyora Clothing is presented as your one-stop-shop for online shopping.

Created just a little over 3 months ago, Zyora.co operates with blatant anonymity while structuring their site with pleasing aesthetics to gain consumers trust.

To find out more regarding why we are urging consumers to AVOID the Zyora Clothing scam we invite you to read our investigative review shared below.

What is Zyora Clothing?

Zyora Clothing is a fake online clothing store.

Despite appearances, Zyora.co is nothing more than another cleverly crafted fake online retailer that was likely originally intended to serve as a drop-shipping site.

Every product featured at Zyora.co reflects a 100% markdown, meaning that all apparel items are allegedly free of charge.

There is a catch though.

Supposedly online shoppers are ONLY able to order 1 item when shopping at Zyora.co.

Seems strange, right?

We thought so too, so we decided to dig a bit deeper, and wallah.

While each product may reflect a 100% markdown, when you head further into the checkout process – which only begins AFTER you submit your First and Last Name, Email Address, Physical Address, Email Address and Telephone Number, you will notice that your shopping experience will still require your credit card.

Moving forward you’ll be directed to the payment page where you’ll be prompted to enter your designated credit or debit card along with shipping/billing address.

Standard shipping appears to be the only applicable shipping selection at Zyora.co, which costs $13.97.

Not a big deal, right?

This is where most consumers would tend to be wrong – and we’ll tell you more on that shortly.

Who is Behind Zyora.co?

To better address the questions we just left you pondering above, it is important to come full-circle and reiterate the fact that Zyora.co does not disclose any verifiable ownership information.

For instance, the Contact Us page only reflects ZyoraShop@gmail.com as the only way to reach out to their operation.

There are no physical addresses, telephone numbers, contact submission forms or live chat boxes featured at Zyora.co.

Disclosed in the footer towards the left-hand side would be the following:

Copyright © 2019, Zyora Co.

It is implied that Zyora Co. is the corporate entity behind Zyora.co, however, no such records of ‘Zyora Co’ exist across a multitude of business registrars that we searched.

Domain Insight

Zyora.co was a privately acquired domain that was registered on January 30th, 2019 through the GoDaddy registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, Zyora.co reflected a global rank of 384,303 with a US rank of 81,367 as of April 17th, 2019.

Over 60% of the sites traffic is derived from site visitors residing within the United States while over 11% of all the sites traffic is derived from Facebook.

Zyora Clothing Reviews

Zyora Clothing does not reflect much of a presence amongst consumers within the online shopping arena – which is fortunate since that may mean consumers haven’t fallen victim to this scam yet.

This could be partially contributed to the youthfulness of the domain along with overall lack of reputability for Zyora.co.

Sure we came across a couple of review sites that just straight up called ‘Zyora Clothing a scam’ due to their lack of information and too-good-to-be-true consumer opportunity but as a whole those reviews lacked conclusive insight.

To expand, when investigating Zyora Clothing we didn’t come across really any consumer complaints although Zyora.co appears to be taking heavily to Facebook to gain traction.

With this in mind we wouldn’t be surprised if Zyora Clothing started conducting aggressive social media advertisement campaigns relatively soon, if they haven’t started already.

Is Zyora.co Safe to Shop?

Many consumers may be tempted to risk shopping at Zyora.co because they believe they may be able to get a good deal for only the small price of $13.97 but that is exactly what the creators behind this scam what you believe.

By submitting your personal information along with your payment information Zyora has essentially gotten what they were after, your sensitive information.

How your information may be used we are uncertain but if you have conducted a transaction through Zyora.co then it is imperative that you contact your financial institution, explain the situation while requesting a chargeback.

Zyora Clothing Conclusion

The facts speak for themselves, Zyora Clothing is NOT Trustworthy!

Failing to provide verifiable ownership information along with acceptable communication methods, everything about Zyora Clothing is off when you take a closer look.

Sadly 2019 seems to be the year of massive fake online retail store scams and Zyora Clothing is just another link in that ever-growing chain.

Do yourself a favor by avoiding Zyora Clothing AND all entities supporting Zyora.co.

Outcome: Zyora Clothing is NOT Safe to Shop!

Blacklisted Site: Zyora.co

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. MaryLou Torres

    I ordered from Zyora Clothing and also never received my items this was in April of 2019 a year later I have emailed the company several times and have not been responded back how can I get my money back since this company is a scam?

  2. S.

    It’s been over 6 months and still haven’t received the merchandise. I will be contacting my bank to get a chargeback.

  3. Julia

    I bought multiple items March 6th. Somebody please help me get my money back.

    • Katrin

      I contacted mu bank and wrote everything, that I have been scammed and this is some crappy firm and my bank was the best. They helped to get my money and gave me new bank card.
      But that’s all. Still this firm is getting away with this bulls*it and I don’t know how to get them…

  4. Shannon

    I bought items back in March!!! I have emailed this company so many times that my my fingers and falling off and my eyes are crossing. I have yet to receive a response from anyone.

  5. Eliza Jack

    I want my merchandise or my money back man it’s been 2 months now

  6. Xiomara Falu

    I placed order April 13 and haven’t received products yet.

    • Michele

      i’m having the same issue, i feel like I ordered like 2 motnhs ago and still have nothing coming in at all…still waiting….

      • Dannika Grover

        So will the things ordered ever arrive?

  7. KIMMY


  8. Judith

    Does anyone have any idea on how to get your money back?

  9. Sara

    I ordered quite a while back probably in March and haven’t ever received anything and they will not email me back! So glad I seen this now I will be contacting my card compa6

  10. Katherine

    I bought several items off this site on the 14th of April for the £13.97 shipping fee mentioned and have received nothing, seriously annoyed at learning this was a scam but thanks for the information.

  11. Nicole

    I’m pissed. They won’t message me back and I want either my money or my freaking merchandise. I’m dead serious on getting my stuff back. Screw this.

  12. Chantal

    I bought several items from Zyora. I spent well over $100 Canadian. I made my purchase on April 25th I have received no merchandise nor any tracking info. Something should be done about this

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