Freelance Secrets Download ( is nothing more than affiliate vehicle used by a current marketer working in affiliation with AWOL Academy.

AWOL Academy, short for Another Way of Life Academy, is a web-based platform that is presented as an opportunity geared towards helping consumers become witty and successfully entrepreneurs but upon investigation there were MANY unknowns and shady characteristics regarding AWOL Academy.

If you use our Search widget on the right-hand side and search “AWOL Academy,” you’ll find our unbiased AWOL Academy review.

However, the question still remains.

Is Freelance Secrets Download a Scam?

To find out more we invite you to read our unbiased review!

What is Freelance Secrets Download?

Freelance Secrets Download is a site vehicle used by an affiliate marketer of AWOL Academy as a URL re-direct.

Whether was created by a group of AWOL Academy affiliates we are uncertain but according to market intelligence sites the site is churning a considerable volume of traffic solely from marketing campaigns.

Given the information we are about to provide you with below, it is clear that Freelance Secrets Download is backed by an experienced affiliate network who know how to make convincing sales pitches and squeeze pages.

By baiting consumers by promoting lucrative income assertions through minimum online work, inexperienced consumers who are young adults are perhaps the demographics most at risk with this unverified and sleazy online earning opportunity.

As we shared in our honest AWOL Academy review, AWOL Academy possesses an excessive sum of up-sells that are used to tempt and persuade consumers that the purchase is indeed worth its value and much more.

However, these up-sells add up to figures between $15,000 to $20,000 – a ridiculous sum to ask any consumer to pay.

That is the way of the game though with Freelance Secrets Download, or should we just say AWOL Academy at this point.

AWOL Academy Oversight

Another Way of Life Academy is an educational internet marketing and mentorship platform that possesses a questionable track record since their inception.

Backed by a persistent affiliate network, AWOL Academy relies upon their network of affiliates to create various funnel and squeeze pages to re-direct traffic to their site

Today we are brought here by one of these affiliate squeeze pages, known as Freelance Secrets Download which is found at

Asserting that by working just a couple hours per day that people can make 10x more than bosses is a wild income implication to throw out there.

AWOL Academy Reviews

One of the grey areas regarding AWOL Academy would be their relative ‘good-standing’ amongst online review portals.

However, as we have made well-known, AWOL Academy is backed by a network of online marketers and associated affiliates so naturally their presence is going to appear beyond good-standing when researching them across the web.

However, if you search hard enough you may find some reviews that reveal the true nature of AWOL Academy.

“This is just like MOBE, these companies are doing nothing more than selling memberships, expensive ones at that…and if you don’t already have thousands of dollars a month or even tens of thousands of dollars a month to spend on advertising, you’ll never make it with these types of schemes…”

“The 14 day money back guarantee, is also a scam. If you want your money back. The sales person directs you to AWOL This is not a place to find your refund. I’m still searching all of AWOL web pages for the refund site.”

“Yes my name is Jeremy, and the things being said here are very true. The $99 you pay, is only a ploy to get you to listen to a sales pitch, I’m not even kidding. He shows you a little information about what the company offers, and then he goes into his upsell scam. $10,000!!!!! and then he wants to make you feel bad, just because you don’t have the money doesn’t mean that, that should stop you. He tries to guilt trip you into basically going out and getting a loan to pay for his system, because after all, if your serious, and not a looser like everyone else, you’ll do it. I was very aggravated when I wasted my money just to hear his insults and sells pitch. I DO NOT RECROMEND. unless you just have tons of money to throw at this.”

These real user reviews can be found in our AWOL Academy review when searched through the Search widget on our site.

Domain Insight was privately registered through GoDaddy on February 7th, 2017.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 1,305,533 with a US rank of 322,245 as of April 16th, 2019.

49.81% of the traffic is derived from social media outlets while e-mail, referral and display advertisement sources account for the remaining 50.19% of the sites traffic.

As a whole, it does not appear that Freelance Secrets Download receives any genuine traffic and relies entirely upon various marketing techniques to secure their traffic.

Is Freelance Secrets Download Trustworthy?

The information shared in our review above has shown beyond considerable doubt that Freelance Secrets Download is NOT Trustworthy! Review Conclusion

As we have shown, Freelance Secrets Download is just another affiliate-based redirect vehicle used to funnel traffic to AWOL Academy.

Despite what some review portals may be implying, Freelance Secrets Download AND AWOL Academy both are NOT to be trusted.

Outcome: Freelance Secrets Download is Unverified – AVOID!

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


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