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A complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding

Scammers are fraudulently using the address 2725 Bern Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70814, to deceive buyers into purchasing equipment online. Victims from the United States have reported losses totaling $100,000.

Contact Information:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (225) 308-8597
  • Website:

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Domain Analysis

The domain was registered on April 5, 2024, through NameCheap, Inc., and will expire on April 5, 2025. The domain status is listed as clientTransferProhibited, indicating that the domain is protected from unauthorized transfers. The registrant’s contact information is shielded by a privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf, located at Kalkofnsvegur 2, Reykjavik, Capital Region, Iceland. This privacy service also handles administrative and technical contacts for the domain.

Namecheap, Inc. hosts The server is in Los Angeles, United States, and its IP address is The autonomous system (AS) number associated with this IP is AS22612, registered to Namecheap, Inc. The reverse DNS for the IP is has experienced an estimated 1.5K visits, primarily from the United States. However, detailed metrics on bounce rates, pages per visit, and average visit duration are unavailable. The website’s organic search traffic includes a small number of keywords with no significant paid search traffic.

The site has a low authority score of 2 and ranks 9.6M on Semrush. It has three backlinks from referring domains such as,, and These backlinks are nofollow, meaning they do not pass SEO value to the scam site. The site’s indexed pages include various equipment listings, accessories, and transmission types, but these pages do not hold substantial content or engagement metrics.

The primary organic keywords for the site include terms like “tjr equipment,” “titan tech,” and “titan equipment.” The site faces competition from well-known domains such as,, and, indicating it targets a broad audience searching for equipment and technology-related services. Review presents itself as a reputable online platform for purchasing a wide range of equipment. The website emphasizes a secure and transparent shopping experience and claims to offer high-quality service, rigorous inspection processes, and secure transactions. It advertises various equipment, including well-known brands like John Deere and Kubota, with detailed listings that include hours of use, engine specifications, and transmission types.

The website boasts several customer-centric features, such as a 6-month item warranty, expert-assisted transactions, and personalized service. It claims to use state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to protect buyers during their online transactions. Additionally, it highlights its commitment to customer satisfaction through a dedicated support team available to assist buyers throughout their purchasing journey.

The website provides contact details, including an address at 2725 Bern Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70814, an email (, and a phone number (+1 225-308-8597). The website also encourages users to subscribe for pricing updates and special offers.

Despite the professional appearance and extensive information, significant concerns raise serious red flags regarding the legitimacy of

Red Flags

  1. Use of Old Office Address: The website uses an address (2725 Bern Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70814) that belongs to a different legitimate business, leading to confusion and potential fraud. This misuse of an address is a common tactic in scams to create a semblance of legitimacy.
  2. Privacy-Shielded Contact Information: The domain registration details are heavily protected by a privacy service (Withheld for Privacy ehf), often used by scammers to hide their true identities and avoid accountability.
  3. Domain Registration Details: The domain was only recently registered on April 5, 2024, and expires on April 5, 2025. The short registration period can signify a fly-by-night operation set up quickly to scam people before disappearing.
  4. Generic and Misleading Content: The website content is generic and repetitive, focusing heavily on buzzwords like “secure transactions,” “quality assurance,” and “customer satisfaction” without providing concrete evidence or verifiable customer reviews.
  5. Lack of Verifiable Customer Reviews: While the website claims to have over 100 reviews and testimonials, there is no way to verify these reviews independently. The absence of third-party reviews or ratings on trusted platforms is suspicious.
  6. No Social Media Presence: Despite encouraging customers to follow and join for updates, there are no visible links to social media accounts or evidence of any social media presence. Legitimate businesses typically have active social media profiles for marketing and customer engagement.
  7. Contrived Urgency and Offers: The website uses special offers, rapid shipping promises, and satisfaction guarantees to rush customers into making purchases without due diligence.
  8. Complaints and Reports: Victims have reported significant financial losses (totaling $100,000) and have faced difficulties resolving their issues through authorities like the Better Business Bureau and the Louisiana State Police. Despite multiple reports, these unresolved complaints and the website’s ongoing operations are highly concerning. Reviews

Multiple scam detection websites have flagged as suspicious. and have given the site low trust scores, indicating significant risk and advising potential buyers to exercise caution.

Several victims have reported losing substantial money after attempting to purchase equipment from the site. Complaints have been documented on platforms like the BBB Scam Tracker, where one report details a loss of $9,200. The victim mentioned, “My dad thought he was buying legitimate equipment from this TJR Titan company… I’m not sure if he will be able to get back the $9,200 through his bank!”

Discussion forums like Reddit have flagged as a scam. Users have shared their experiences and cautioned others about the site’s fraudulent nature. One Reddit user noted, “More fake sites…,” indicating the site’s association with other known fraudulent operations.


In evaluating, it’s evident that the site exhibits numerous indicators commonly associated with fraudulent operations. The consistent reports of significant financial losses, the deceptive use of a legitimate address, and privacy-shielded domain registration paint a troubling picture. Despite the website’s attempts to appear trustworthy through claims of secure transactions and customer-centric service, the overwhelming evidence of negative experiences and warnings from scam detection platforms cannot be ignored.

The site’s recent establishment, lack of verifiable customer reviews, non-existent social media presence, and lack of verifiable customer reviews further undermine its credibility. Victims’ accounts of delayed deliveries and unresponsive communication only add to the growing concern. Consistent generic content and repetitive assurances without substantiated proof suggest a deliberate effort to deceive potential buyers.

Given the extensive red flags and documented complaints, it is reasonable to conclude that is highly likely to be a scam.


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