Rushmore Loan Review – Honest or Scam Servicer?

Rushmore Loan ( is a mortgage servicer located in Irvine, California, Dallas, Texas and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Claiming to put their customers at the center of everything they do, their so-called customer service model will be put through the ringer throughout the duration of our unbiased review.

To learn more regarding the honesty behind Rushmore Loan, we invite you to continue reading.

What does Rushmore Loan Do?

Rushmore Loan, hosted at, is owned and operated by Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC. According to their mission statement, Rushmore Loan is a residential mortgage servicer that “believes in providing the highest level of customer care.”

Stated on their About Us page, Rushmore Loan goes on to state, “The Rushmore umbrella includes our parent company and the capital markets arm of our organization which is located in Mid-Town Manhattan and our REO Disposition Company.

What corporate entities they are referring to we are uncertain since no identifying announcements regarding their parent companies was disclosed.

What is known is that Rushmore Loan specializes in residential mortgage services, so managing and collecting loan payments from past and present borrowers.

Given the nature of their service, Rushmore Loan is not a popular corporation amongst those who have personal experience.

How does Rushmore Loan Work?

Rushmore Loan works in relatively the same fashion as any other mortgage loan servicer.

While their operation is mostly known in regards to loan collecting, Rushmore Loan does supervise and manage loans transferred from other third parties.

Associated from other undisclosed corporate entities, we are uncertain the scale and complexity regarding Rushmore Loan but what is known is that their operation is expanding, a not in a positive nor satisfactory manner.

Community Feedback

What really rubbed us wrong was how the corporate model pertaining to Rushmore Loan would be how they put their customer first. However, if you visit the Better Business Bureau, this once admiration you felt for Rushmore Loan seizes to exist onward.

Reflecting a 96% negative customer review rating, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC also has accrued over 150 customer complaints over the past 3 years alone.

Reports made on Ripoff Report and Indeed have gone on to elaborate about the corrosive practices being exercised by Rushmore Loan.

This was easily the worst job I’ve had in my 15+ years of working in the mortgage industry. Granted I was a temp but I was treated “less-than” and the manager was evil.

…On top of it, they have charged me for “late payments” when they told me that there was no late fee being applied. They are liars and dishonest in their dealings with customers. I am fortunate to be in a position to pay my mortgage off early so they will never see another dime from me! Stay far away from this company.

Contacting Rushmore Loan

Rushmore Loan appears to operate with a minimal communications department, meaning they rely upon telephone, email and old-fashioned postage mail in order to connect with their services.

If you reside within the United States you can call (888) 504-7200 or if you need the Puerto Rican office you can call (877) 509-8391.

In order to reach them via email, you will need to visit their domain,, in order to reach them through email via their contact form. Their mailing address for those inquiring would be the following:


Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC

P.O. Box 514707

Los Angeles, CA 90051

Domain Insight was privately registered on September 28th, 2009.

According to SimiliarWeb, Rushmore Loan reflects a global rank of 333,868 with a US rank of 68,710 as of June 29th, 2018.

Approximately 98.20% of their traffic derives from U.S. visitors since their services are only available to U.S. citizens while their platform supports over 100,000 monthly visitors as of May 2018.

Rushmore Loan Review Conclusion

Rushmore Loan is in quite a precarious position given the information disclosed in the review above.

We know that Rushmore Loan is owned and operated by Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC, but what we don’t understand is their evasive portrayal of their parent companies and the excessive quantity of negative customer feedback.

After carefully weighing the transparency versus the nature of Rushmore Loan services, we are not classifying Rushmore Loan as a scam but if you are affiliated with their services then, perhaps, don’t expect a pleasant user experience.

Given the countless negative reviews regarding their mortgage services, we do not advice to utilize their service unless you need too.

Please share any feedback you may regarding Rushmore Loan in a comment below!


  1. Anonymous

    rushmore sucks as a mortage company they should all bde put in jail

  2. wendy derrenbacher

    My loan was sold to Rushmore by cap 1. I asked to do a modification on my mortgage they said you need to be at least 2 months behind and fill out a ton of papers. So we did and did get two payments behind, we wanted to get our payment down well it came back as they needed $600.down to file , and our payment went up and our interest went up and not sure why they added 1500. to the total amount. so I am not signing and paid the two months I was late with and rejected this scam of a modification I did not sign. Keep a close eye on all your loans they can not be trusted they are crooks.

  3. Deb R

    Alfred this is troubling to hear, because my loan just got sent to Rushmore from WF. WF would not work with me at all. I refinanced my loan with the modification program on my income alone, (due to divorce 13 years ago). They added years to my loan, and have refused to take my ex off the loan even though he quit claimed home to me. So every month that I make the payment, he gets credit for it. I think it’s time WF gets investigated again!

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