Rushmore Loan Review – Honest or Scam Servicer?

Rushmore Loan ( is a mortgage servicer located in Irvine, California, Dallas, Texas and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Claiming to put their customers at the center of everything they do, their so-called customer service model will be put through the ringer throughout the duration of our unbiased review.

To learn more regarding the honesty behind Rushmore Loan, we invite you to continue reading.

What does Rushmore Loan Do?

Rushmore Loan, hosted at, is owned and operated by Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC. According to their mission statement, Rushmore Loan is a residential mortgage servicer that “believes in providing the highest level of customer care.”

Stated on their About Us page, Rushmore Loan goes on to state, “The Rushmore umbrella includes our parent company and the capital markets arm of our organization which is located in Mid-Town Manhattan and our REO Disposition Company.

What corporate entities they are referring to we are uncertain since no identifying announcements regarding their parent companies was disclosed.

What is known is that Rushmore Loan specializes in residential mortgage services, so managing and collecting loan payments from past and present borrowers.

Given the nature of their service, Rushmore Loan is not a popular corporation amongst those who have personal experience.

How does Rushmore Loan Work?

Rushmore Loan works in relatively the same fashion as any other mortgage loan servicer.

While their operation is mostly known in regards to loan collecting, Rushmore Loan does supervise and manage loans transferred from other third parties.

Associated from other undisclosed corporate entities, we are uncertain the scale and complexity regarding Rushmore Loan but what is known is that their operation is expanding, a not in a positive nor satisfactory manner.

Community Feedback

What really rubbed us wrong was how the corporate model pertaining to Rushmore Loan would be how they put their customer first. However, if you visit the Better Business Bureau, this once admiration you felt for Rushmore Loan seizes to exist onward.

Reflecting a 96% negative customer review rating, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC also has accrued over 150 customer complaints over the past 3 years alone.

Reports made on Ripoff Report and Indeed have gone on to elaborate about the corrosive practices being exercised by Rushmore Loan.

This was easily the worst job I’ve had in my 15+ years of working in the mortgage industry. Granted I was a temp but I was treated “less-than” and the manager was evil.

…On top of it, they have charged me for “late payments” when they told me that there was no late fee being applied. They are liars and dishonest in their dealings with customers. I am fortunate to be in a position to pay my mortgage off early so they will never see another dime from me! Stay far away from this company.

Contacting Rushmore Loan

Rushmore Loan appears to operate with a minimal communications department, meaning they rely upon telephone, email and old-fashioned postage mail in order to connect with their services.

If you reside within the United States you can call (888) 504-7200 or if you need the Puerto Rican office you can call (877) 509-8391.

In order to reach them via email, you will need to visit their domain,, in order to reach them through email via their contact form. Their mailing address for those inquiring would be the following:


Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC

P.O. Box 514707

Los Angeles, CA 90051

Domain Insight was privately registered on September 28th, 2009.

According to SimiliarWeb, Rushmore Loan reflects a global rank of 333,868 with a US rank of 68,710 as of June 29th, 2018.

Approximately 98.20% of their traffic derives from U.S. visitors since their services are only available to U.S. citizens while their platform supports over 100,000 monthly visitors as of May 2018.

Rushmore Loan Review Conclusion

Rushmore Loan is in quite a precarious position given the information disclosed in the review above.

We know that Rushmore Loan is owned and operated by Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC, but what we don’t understand is their evasive portrayal of their parent companies and the excessive quantity of negative customer feedback.

After carefully weighing the transparency versus the nature of Rushmore Loan services, we are not classifying Rushmore Loan as a scam but if you are affiliated with their services then, perhaps, don’t expect a pleasant user experience.

Given the countless negative reviews regarding their mortgage services, we do not advice to utilize their service unless you need too.

Please share any feedback you may regarding Rushmore Loan in a comment below!


  1. Anonymous

    rushmore sucks as a mortage company they should all bde put in jail

  2. wendy derrenbacher

    My loan was sold to Rushmore by cap 1. I asked to do a modification on my mortgage they said you need to be at least 2 months behind and fill out a ton of papers. So we did and did get two payments behind, we wanted to get our payment down well it came back as they needed $600.down to file , and our payment went up and our interest went up and not sure why they added 1500. to the total amount. so I am not signing and paid the two months I was late with and rejected this scam of a modification I did not sign. Keep a close eye on all your loans they can not be trusted they are crooks.

  3. Deb R

    Alfred this is troubling to hear, because my loan just got sent to Rushmore from WF. WF would not work with me at all. I refinanced my loan with the modification program on my income alone, (due to divorce 13 years ago). They added years to my loan, and have refused to take my ex off the loan even though he quit claimed home to me. So every month that I make the payment, he gets credit for it. I think it’s time WF gets investigated again!

  4. HUGO H

    Hugo H: I am concerned. Well s Fargo sold my mortgage to Rushmore. Years ago , when I was temporarily Unemployed , I took out a pay day loan from Rushmore. Now that they purchased the paper from Wells – RM- Is giving me notice that they are tying my past debt to my mortgage and all monies paid will be going to a holding account until all accounts are settled. I am living from paycheck to paycheck like many are and this will set me back where I may loose my home. 20 years of fighting to hold on may come to a halting end to punitive fees! The real question is why is the anger directed to Rushmore when the real culprit is Wells Fargo for figuring out how to unload loans that where modified thru the Obama relief and now costing more to service so….Off to brother Guido to settle the score! Banks got bailed out generously but we are getting the shaft of mega banks like Wells Fargo to make their bonuses next fall somehow. Well Fargo recently paid millions for Fraud. Does fraud really pay better and offset fines , that doing this crime does pay How many lives will be ruined before this behavior creates another crises! Next time, the government will not bail these greedy fat cats again. Guess who will be left holding the bag this time??……… Yes, You guessed it……….You!!!!! Expose them now, maybe avoid a financial catastrophe.

    • Deb R

      Wells Fargo did the same to me Hugo. I am disabled, got divorced, and did everything to keep my home because my ex would not pay what he was supposed to in divorce decree, leading me to the modification. So, after 17 years of paying WF, they transfer me to ‘Rushmore’? My homeowners insurance is in my payment, but yesterday I get a letter stating they are going to add insurance and I’m going to pay big for it! Really?? I think WF needs to be sued AGAIN!! And WF added years on to my mortgage when I did the modification. Worse yet, they ‘refuse’ to take my ex husband’s name off the mortgage even though he quit claimed the home to me. So for the past 13 years that ‘I’ve’ paid the mortgage my ex get credit for it. I think I’m going to be contacting an attorney

  5. Alfred

    Rushmore loan Management System aka Wells Fargo Mortgage
    sad to see how wells Fargo using sister company Rushmore loan to continue the dirty work. They have been sued class action now its time for Rushmore to taste it. Us hardworking people being taking advantage of charging us more fees than they should. I just don’t understand how bad and all negative reviews are overlooked and they are still in business, We need David Goldstein Investigates he is they guy on the consumers side. I am trying to get my home refinance and they don’t want to give payoff Balance to my new bank so I don’t need to deal with this Crooked company. Ive been stressing out and I am going to make this one of my projects that need to be uncovered . I have read so may stories on people losing homes because of Rushmore Loan.

    hope we can use this platform or if anybody knows of any other please let me know you can also complaint to :
    California department of business oversight
    contact this anency they look at business stealing form customers is the state that will check out business practice
    Rushmore Loan Management

    • Theresa

      The same practices are going on in the State of Florida with Wells Fargo Bank. The sold a mortage of a dead husband to Rushmore Loan Management and would not deal with the spouse and she is the person paying off the loan and put a Balloon payment at the end of the loan that was never there.

  6. Jerome Dudley

    Can’t get my own insurance . they are charging me for taxes and insurance. Had a claim but my part was 2000 deductible , what a scam. All the company need locking up in prison for fraud.

  7. Suzanne OBrien

    I invite anyone harmed by Rushmore Loan management and their unethical business practices to like and share my Rushmore Loan Management Sucks FB page. I am collecting discontent in an effort to have a place where we can all vent as well as create a living document to one day gather enough steam and find the right legal talent to slay this dragon.

    • Diana

      Hello I’m stressed out about all I’m reading in regards to Rushmore
      My mortgage was recently sold to them by wells Fargo. Please what can I do to prepare so I dont have any issues with them. What concernes me is i have to send them my mortgage payment going forward but in so many sites I have read how they accept payment but sometimes deny they got it even if you have proof . What about my mortgage insurance and taxes I had those impounded with wells. Please any advice helps thanks!

      • Robert Strouse

        Be fore i refi i sent all my payment certified mail so I could show Attny> General i sent payments on time.

    • Davie

      who can we talk to this company needs to be shown maybe
      David Goldstein Investigations
      This would be the best thing for me to see this company go out of business and get class action lawsuit
      they are a sister Company of Wells Fargo . I always send my payment certified and it always gets stamped Wells Fargo.

    • Deb R

      After reading all these comments I am extremely concerned. My loan was transferred from Wells Fargo this year. WF needs to be investigated again in my opinion. During my modification 13 years ago, ( due to disability and divorce), WF added years to my loan. I’ll be dead before its paid off now. And even though during the modification they used ‘my income only’ they have continually refused to remove my ex husband’s name, even though his name is no longer in home. He quit claimed it and yes, WF has a copy. So every month that I make the payment, he gets credit for it. There’s more, but I think you get the picture.

  8. Suzanne OBrien

    Please like my Rushmore Loan Management Sucks FB page and share your story.


    I have a mortgage loan managed by Rushmore Loan Management, My Loan Pay Off Amount is $230 Two Hundred Thirty Dollars, I pay my own taxes and I pay my own insurance but Rushmore is charging me over $2,800.00 Two Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars for Escrow/Impound Overdraft. This is unlawful. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP ME PLEASE?

    • conchetta

      Yes, contact the Department of Banking and make a formal complaint. Ask them to audit your loan.

      • Davie

        california department of business oversight
        contact this is the state that will check out business practice for
        Rushmore Loan Management

  10. Wendy Tyran

    I have been fighting with Rushmore since my loan was transferred in Aug. 2017. They gave me wrong point of contact. I called toget my payments on track they gave me on my recorded line a line of bs that my escrow shortage would be paid over a period of time and told me word for word where my payments would go. Next day i look after giving them 6501.58 and nothing they told me that i was smart enough to record was true. They kept my escrow in the negative to be able to raise my payments till i could not afford them. Denied modidication and when i asked for a buy out they put ridiculous lawyer fees of 27,000.00 on a 42,000 balance of loan. The debt collector RLM and their lawuers are corrupt. I had an investor want to buy my mortgage and they gave me an 83,000.00 buy out on a 42,000.00 loan with a note at the bottem stating for info only and can not be used in a court of law.NOW IF THATS NOT CORRUPT I DONT KNOW WHAT IS!!! Is there a class action suit out there? I have 6 recorded conversations that show their staff are coached to decieve.

    • Alfred

      let me know im in the same boat I am in process of loan refinance with a credit union and they refuse to give title company pay off amount so I can proceed with refi.

  11. Rushmore Sucks

    They want to foreclose on you so that is why they do what they do. NOW does it all make sense? These folks are criminal, that is it.

  12. Lisa Stand

    I have had the same experience as a former Cap One equity line borrower. When I called and finally reached someone I was told “we are following the terms set by Cap One,” implying that I agreed in the original loan to the interest rates and how they are applied by Rushmore. I don’t think that’s true now, because the monthly interest really does not go down as much when I make big principal payments. I have had the equity line for a long time and know how this is supposed to work and what it looks like as the principal is paid. Now I’m concerned I’ll get a big runaround when I pay it off, which will be as soon as possible.

  13. Stan Russo

    Loan transferred from Capitol One Had 8 payments left put it on auto payment with Rushmore, Two payments left They stop taking my payments Its a nightmare trying to pay them off , my credit report showed i”m delinquent.Does anyone know if their a class action against them?

    • Alli V.

      I don’t know if there is, but let me know if you find one. I was just thinking about looking into one. They are evil, and definitely do not want to work to help you keep your home. They bought a large portfolio of delinquent loans/mortgages from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and other companies involved with the mortgage scam.

    • Davie

      wAS IT TRANSFEREED FROM Wells Fargo this is a sister company contact needs to be made with state
      california department of business oversight
      contact this is the state that will check out business practice for
      Rushmore Loan Management
      or David Goldstein investigates he is the guy we need to get this company to quit ripping off hard working people

  14. Bill

    I’m just realizing what a scam outfit this Rushmore Loan Services Management LLC is. Like others, Capotal One Bank without notice, transferred our home equity line of credit loan over to Rushmore last August 2018. First clue that made me suspicious was how they sent me a notice that I need to send in proof of Home Insurance like I had none on record. Not true. I had to dig up my home policy info and run around proving it to them so that they wouldn’t have an excuse to charge me extra penalty fees! Recently it dawned on me that something does not seem right with my monthly interest dues. We have been payind down our principal on the loan and each month Rushmore is calculating and charging us about the same monthly interest or MORE!!! When recent interest rates have not been going up! WTF I said today. I tried to send an inquiry reply email to my most recent billing statement and the enail got bounced back rejected. So I will have to go to their website to contact them to find out why my interest payments are higher after paying down the principal. Finding all these similar negative reviews about Rushmore is confirming my suspicions that they are a corrupt shady operation. What’s more, since I am reading that so many people from different banks or mortgage companies just upped and transferred our loans over to Rushmore like this makes me think that this ugly operation is bigger than it already seems. In other words, all those banks are in on this deal too it seems. I hope someone with the authority and clout can get to the bottom of this unfairness.

    • Alli V.

      I don’t know if there is, but let me know if you find one. I was just thinking about looking into one. They are evil, and definitely do not want to work to help you keep your home. They bought a large portfolio of delinquent loans/mortgages from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and other companies involved with the mortgage scam.

  15. Mr. Ed

    So, they suck and they are a dinosaur technologically speaking. I have a great interest rate so my strategy is to pay the minimum payment and call them whenever I have time to waste (which isn’t that often) so that I can waste as much of their time and money as possible. If we all do this they will have to fix their broken systems or go out of business!

  16. Susan Johnson

    This is a total scam. This company only exists to take money from unsuspecting people. They are NOT a mortgage company. They are collection company. Do Not give them any money.

  17. ozkar hammerstein

    My loan was just transferred to Rushmore from Ditech which is the vulture that climbed out of the ashes of Greentree servicing. This entity was fined $63 million for its crimes before it shut down and became Ditech. Looks like they are back at it under an even different name.

  18. Lisa

    Why isn’t Rushmore closed down? What they do must be illegal. They change rates, demand outrageous payments, and have no regard to anything previously agreed upon. I need an attorney or district attorney in PA to look at them and actually do something.

    • Alli V.

      I contacted my state’s District Attorney’s office in Delaware, and filed a complaint, because they are not working with me or anyone else who is trying to keep their home. I applied for a modification, and Rushmore offered me a “modification”. They want me to pay them $2,500.00, and increased my mortgage payment to $1,150.00 a month. How’s that for a modification? They want to take your home, that’s the bottom line. If I could afford that, I wouldn’t have applied for a modification. Do research you will find Rushmore is the collection agency for multiple banks like WSFS DBA Christiana Trust….I can’t remember the entire trust name.

  19. Daryl S

    read some comments here…Rushmore is not a mortgage company but rather a collection agency, if you are using them it wasn’t because you wanted to, its because you are behind or allegedly behind on your mortgage and the bank that actually holds the note hired rushmore to collect the dept due. you had no choice here…that being said im not sure if you go back to the original mortgage company once you catch up, i think they work hard a taking your home ultimately? we are currently lawyered up, there wrong in what i’ve paid. I can completely relate to the issues people are having here, i really believe they hire people that couldn’t hold a job in the RMV if they wanted to, the incompetency level is excruciating. i have a question though, does Randy Horton exist? i keep getting letters with his name on them, Ive called 13 times left voicemails, never a callback, I believe he is a unicorn… bottom line hire an attorney now!

    • Suzanne OBrien

      Not exactly. We are an 800 credit score. Our loan was sold off by Cap 1 as many others harmed by their egregious tactics. yes, they do prey upon those with bad credit but they are awful and unlawful to everybody. Please like my Rushmore Loan Management Sucks FB page and share your story.

      • H. Fitzgerald

        Same here. Mortgage loan was sold to Rushmore by capital one. We also have a 830 credit score and I am very upset that we have to deal with this incompetent company that states “we are a debt collection service and this is an attempt to collect a debt” on our loan statements. WTH! I have never been late with any bill payments in my life! I wish I could afford to refinance just to get away from this trash heap of a company, but Capital one has already stolen years worth of mortgage payments due to refinancing my mortgage without proper disclosures of fees. So fed up and am out $16,000 and it will take 5 years longer to pay off the mortgage.

        • Robert Strouse

          Get away from Rushmore as fast as you can. Raised my interest rate for nothing. Had to get every government agency to get it straighten out. I refinanced to get away from them!

  20. Victor h carbajal

    My bank (capital one) transfer my mortgage loan to this company without telling me ,so I have no option so I think is a pack of respect to customers from capital one.Im try now to paid in full so I can avoid the satanic intentions of this company (rushloanmortgage) to steal my money in concepts of late fees of insurance non proof (I have my insurance for the mortgage but they allready “warning me” ) so Yes I will run away as fast I can from ” companies” like this!!!!

  21. Robert Strouse

    Refinanced my home wire transfer from new lender sent to Rushmore on 12-18-2018 even with wire transfer conformation Rushmore said did not receive funds .Holding over four thousand in escrow.


    horrible service I try to contact the via phone then the message machine send me to online then in on line cant reach them the the send me to via phone againnand repit the same shit Im sick and tire of this stupid corporation of trash!!! and Im only try to register as new customer to contact this idiots are a nighmare.butnIm think they are doing this intentionaly to collect (or steal) more money in concept of “late payment” we need do something with corporations like this wheres the ceo is not intelectualy able to deal with his idiots employes

  23. geri Verola

    I have 3 loans that were recently transferred to Rushmore and it has been nothing but a nightmare. They are impossible to deal with, can’t even get a hold of them by phone and once you do after an hour on hold, you get their call center in the Philippines and they are not cable of assisting you. Everyone gives you a different answer. They have a 96% negative review so not sure why they aren’t closed down. They post your payments incorrectly and then you can’t get them corrected. It is a horrible company and the CEO should take more responsibility for a company that can’t function and serve their clients with the care and support they deserve. If you read their website, they say customer service is top priority. NOT true. I am having an issue getting 2 of my loans on line due to a technical error on their part and they were supposed to call me 2 days ago to fix it. Never heard back. Left serveral messages with other employess and never heard from them either. This is becoming a full time job and isn’t acceptable. They also incorrectly posted a mortgage payment. Tried numerous times to get it corrected as well. Something needs to be done with this company.

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