Inbox Loan Review – Scam or Legit?

Inbox Loan, hosted at, is an online installment loan provider that helps everyday consumers receive installment loans for up to $5,000.

These installment loans can be used for a variety of financial issues such as medical emergencies, home repairs, car repairs, late fees, bounced checks and rent payments.

Functioning similar to an online payday loan service provider, Inbox Loan works with consumers who possess a less than satisfactory credit history while reflecting exceptionally high interests rates with approved and rendered loans.

To learn more regarding Inbox Loan and whether this loan servicer is optimal for you, we encourage you to continue reading our unbiased Inbox Loan review.

What does Inbox Loan Do?

Inbox Loan is an online loan servicing portal that enables U.S. consumers the ability to apply for an online installment loan.

Claiming to work with consumers with poor to excellent credit, Inbox Loan is marketed as a platform that is tailored towards everyone despite their financial history.

Those who are in need of a loan must be 21 years of age to apply, and if approved, can receive a loan amounting to as much as $5,000 as quickly as the next business day.

Who is Behind Inbox Loan?

Inbox Loan is a Native American owned business operated by Kashia Band of Pomo Indians of the Stewarts Point Rancheria, a sovereign nation located in the United States.

While the domain,, appears to be first created on June 16th, 2014, the Inbox Loan loan servicing company appears to have caught the attention of the Better Business Bureau in March of 2017.

No other information regarding founders or active managers are referenced anywhere upon the site or at

How does Inbox Loan Work?

Inbox Loan provides an online application for consumers who are looking to apply for an installment loan.

First time lenders are able to receive a loan for up to $1,500 while returning borrowers in good standing are able to receive up to $5,000.

The application process is relatively straightforward with Inbox Loan and doesn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

Each applicants’ credit information is verified with Clarity, DataX, Factor Trust, and Microbilt.

While consumers of all credit backgrounds are encouraged to apply, it should be noted that the better your credit score the more likely you’ll be approved.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Must be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Provide proof of active income atleast $1,000/month
  • Must be able to provide working telephone and email address
  • Share personal checking account information (for loan delivery method)

Those who are approved for a loan will advance to the next portion of the application process which will disclose the terms of the loan.

If accepted, applicants must complete the loan process by electronically signing the Inbox Loan loan agreement where they will then receive their approved loan funds as soon as the next business day.

Community Feedback

The community feedback circulating Inbox Loan is not positive nor encouraging.

According to their Better Business Bureau profile, their loan servicing platform has received a 100% negative customer review rating while amassing nearly 50 customer complaints over the past few years.

In addition, YScam and Yellowpages also report negative customer reviews.

“I have never had so much bad customer service in my life. I would not ever do business with this company. I would not refer anyone to do business with this company.”

“I took out a $500 dollar loan to pay it back in installments it cost me over $3,000 this can’t be legal”

“Took out a loan almost a year to the date. Received a phone call from True Accrod stating my loan had been refereed to them. They are a collection agency. I never received a formal notice from Inbox Loan stating they were transferring my loan to them. I never authorized for payments to stop. All of my payments were made on time. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!”

Connecting with Inbox Loan

Inbox Loan does not provide many contact methods compared to competing platforms who are use to utilizing social media as a daily part of their life.

If you need to reach out to Inbox Loan you can call 1 (800) 930-9066, email or send a letter to the following address:

Inbox Loan

P.O. Box 881

Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Inbox Loan Review Conclusion

Inbox Loan appears to be a fully operational and legitimate loan servicing company although we must impress upon you the importance of only utilizing their service as a last resort.

As community feedback will suggest, Inbox Loan charges an exponential interest rate on approved loans upwards towards an average of 780%.

Which means that if you are approved and accept a $500 loan, you could end up paying over $3,000 plus your principal if you choose to utilize their service.

While it is a question of ethics of whether this sort of business model should be legal, unfortunately most payday loan service providers like Inbox Loans resort to such measures.

As we suggested, only utilize Inbox Loan as a last resort and if possible, not at all.

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There are more legitimate online loan service providers, such as BadCreditLoans, you could consider.

Have you been scammed? File a complaint with us today!

We invite you to leave a comment sharing your insight, opinions or experience with Inbox Loan.


  1. Rob

    I never took a loan out from this company; however, once a month, I receive an Adverse Action notice. I finally called them today to explain and they made me verify my last info. I was initially reluctant to verify last four of SS#, but did. They then informed me that it wasn’t what they had on file with me, although the email and telephone were correct. I asked that their fraud department call me back. I am waiting for that call.

  2. Mimi


  3. This company has bothered me for the last 30 to 60 days nonstop phone call messages text messages and emails so that now after all the trouble they denied my loan even though I make over $3000 a month it’s all BS

    This company has bothered me for the last 30 to 60 days nonstop phone call messages text messages and emails so that now after all the trouble they denied my loan even though I make over $3000 a month it’s all BS

  4. Kevin

    Glad I was denied !!!! When applying for the koan he did ask my banker for 8 different direct deposit dates from my employer ??? I was like was does he need to go back that far ?? Even when you apply for a payday loan they only ask for 2 paystubs ….

  5. David Obi


  6. mysteri

    if you wanna avoid the 780% APR, go and take advantage of the other payment options they offer, the sooner you paid off your loan the lesser interest rate is. The 780% is applicable only if you want to pay the loan in 1 full year.

    • Tiffany F

      Mysteri, I paid my loan off if you bothered to read. Not sure why you picked my comment to respond to but paying nearly 400 in interest in the first two payment installments is abominable. Period.

      • crystal bell

        Did you read the terms and conditions though, Tiffany? The website clearly states the APR and how much truly goes to principal. These kind of companies that offer immediate loans like this are still in business because they DO disclose their APR and do give loans out to people who normally would not qualify for a loan at a bank.

  7. Tiffany F

    In the first two repayment installments, I have paid just over $371 toward a principal balance of $600. Only 45 CENTS was paid toward the principal. There is LITERALLY no better way to illustrate the criminal interest rate of 780%. Their Better Business Bureau rating is atrocious with more than 100 complaints. Complaints I wish I had seen on the front end instead after the fact. I will NEVER do business with this organization again. When the highway robbery representative tried to rationalize this disgusting arrangement that is actually illegal in the state of Maryland, I lost my temper. I have to count my blessings that I’m in a position to pay them off before they got hold of about 13% of my annual income. Run far and fast from this company. I’ve had way better terms and luck with Loan At Last, Cashnet USA, and Elastic Loans if you must use a service like this one.

  8. Dale

    This is a horrible business I think what they did was not legal because my banking account is a joint account but only I applied for the loan they put me on three way calling with my bank and told me to ask the questions they gave me to ask and not to disclose that they were on the line but I fooled them and told my bank I was on a 3 way and all of a sudden after being approved for a loan they all of a sudden kept giving me the run around and finally I told them to stick the loan. Was this very illegal of them to do and should I report this to someone?????

  9. Anderson

    I checked their website. yes the Interest rate is 780% if you are to choose of paying the loan in full in 1 full year. There is a disclaimer, you can pay in full ASAP or pay more each due date to avoid the full interest of the loan. I am now a returning customer. They have the same interest with other online lenders. Sometimes, you need to READ.

    • Maria Princess

      you’re right, I got confuse at first but after reading and talk to a support representative from Inboxloan I got a better understanding on how to avoid paying so much finance fee on my loan. thanks Inbox for helping me.

  10. Shemeika

    Borrowing 500$ for 3900$ back not in this life time. This can’t be legal. DO NOT USE INBOX LOANS!!!

    • Ken

      I agree took out a loan for$ 450.00 charging me 780% interest costing me over $3000.00.
      Everyone should call the Attorney General. Me I’m closing my acct and I’m. Not paying these fucks a penny more

  11. Melvin

    I got a loan from them. It’s the way how you understand their payment options, maybe you guys can catch up a little bit how the payment works, Naaa. Anyways, thank you Inbox Loan for helping me in time im out of nowhere

  12. Silvia

    Inbox Loan Stink. Sounds more like a SCAM

  13. Joseph

    Help i borrowed $825 and in the end after what is said and done it says i owe them $5000. They are taking $130 every payday. What do i do ?

  14. Marlene Wilson

    I contacted my Lawyer, there under investigation?

  15. Deborah Edwards

    I was approved for $375.00 and would have ended up paying almost $3,000.00! how dare they charge 779 % interest!? They called my bank to verify my account and the person who was allegedly with my bank wanted my debit card #. Why would they need they when all they had to do was look up my name? I told the CSR at Inbox I was not comfortable with that and he tried to argue with me. Needless to say, I’m not taking out a loan with them.

    • Natasha West

      You did right this company is a scam I did not take out a loan with them period. Cash net USA is good out of Chicago Illinois

  16. Jenn

    I was trying to borrow 900 but I have to pay them 6,00 to 7,000 $$$ the lady didn’t know how to explain for nothing and I told the there a big scam when I told the lady she started laughing. There a big rip off.. paying them back is so high. This a scam!!! Don’t use this company!!!

  17. Nestor sanchezllanes

    Inbox loans are a bunch of crooks I borrowed 500 dollars cause I didn’t have enough cash to replace my phone .I made my first two payments total of 210 dollars. I decided to call cause I got an email that I still owed 500 everyone here I got screwed over even after requesting to pay full amount I still got charged a huge fee I paid 676 dollars plus 210 on past payments almost a 1000 dollars on a 500 dollar loan. And I only borrowed it for a month. My first time getting a loan so part of it is my fault for not paying attention what I was getting myself into. Anyone outhere listening stay away from this people damm crooks with license to rob. If you are in a tough financial situation avoid this people if you are in a financial hole this people will completely finish the job and burry you in more debt. Definitely learned to pay more attention to detail hope they enjoy my hard earned money they got a special place for you in hell

  18. Eric Johnson

    The absolute worst! Was on the phone with “John” for nearly three hours just processing the application. Kept getting put on hold, told him my name repeatedly, and kept contacting my bank. After all that, calls me this morning for another “silent call”.


  19. Quanda garland

    Do not use this company. If in a hard place, consider only those that will accept your money back 2 weeks later and not rope you into a loan that if you don’t call 3 days prior to them taking the 1st payment, you’re then in a trap! They wanted to charge me 2k for a 350 loan….crazy.

    Don’t use them!!! They are a RIP off and take advantage of those in need. Trust me there are other much better ways. This company should go out of business.

  20. Natasha West

    Very poor service charging their customers 3000 on a 500 dollar loan totally ridiculous this is a scam all the way that’s why I did not accept the loan at all

  21. Sterling

    I just paid my loan off and will never deal with them again. VERY POOR! Service and will tell you one number of oayment and will change it on you. So for all you people that need a loan go somewhere else they’re no good at all. Run as far as you can. They need to go out of business!

  22. Connie Dattalo

    Absolutely not do not do not use this company I have been paying on a $500 loan for it seems like 2 years at $150 every two weeks so if that is $300 a month and I’m yet to pay that off and H time that I tried to call them they don’t ever respond they never call you back they don’t do anything about it they don’t worry about your concerns do not I advise anyone I’m going to a lawyer about this because this is not the way it’s supposed to be I will be contacting my lawyer about this cuz this is crazy anyone go to a advance loans in your town or something do not go online with these people the ripoffs do not go on and get any kind of loans with these people they are rip-offs there a scam

  23. Tee

    Please don’t use this company it is truly a rip off. I borrow 275 and they have been taking payments out every two of 82dollars, told me at first I would end up paying a 1, 000 back. Even though I thought it was to much I need the money right then for a family emergency. So since I was told by December 2018 I would be done with paying the loan off, I took it. Now since July I have been making payments regularly, thinking I’ll be done soon. I call to see how many more payments I had left they told me over 3,000 dollars until next year. If I could pay that type of money why would I take out a loan. Don’t Do It Please!!!

  24. Antonia

    Horrible horrible horrible! Don’t not use them! Please trust me. My husband was hung up on 4 times when asking about the status of his loan.

  25. Danielle

    Haha. A 500 loan would cost me 3496 after payoff. Not happening lady called immediately and I told her lose my info. This is a shame they take advantage of people with poor credit and I thought this was all banned from happening. I contacted the FTC and better business bureau. There has to be a way to stop these scams against hard working people who need a little help.

  26. Gabrielle Draper

    I asked for a Loan of 200. I ended up with over a 900 loan. Then they told me I told i would be paying back in total is over 7000. They also told me they would call me to tell me i was approved and to make sure i still wanted the loan before putting in my account. Never called me. And now. I have to pay over 7000 in a year. They are full of shit. I will never never use them again. Never use this company. PS. I never applied to them. They called me out of no where. That’s where it all started. I am sure what they are doing it not legal. I have never heard of some company doing that much for Loan. Something isn’t right about this company. I even tryed to return the money. They wouldn’t take it.

  27. Des

    I applied for a small loan and was told I’d get $325. I was asked a bunch of questions and put on 3 way with my bank.They had me e-sign because I was approved. After hanging up, I felt like something wasn’t right. After a few hours I decided to back out and not take the loan. The reviews from other customers gave me the impression that InboxLoan is shady asf, so when I called I made sure to record the call and ask for a confirmation email that said I no longer wanted the loan. (I imagined they would try to process and deposit the loan, and have me trapped paying or something) When I called the 1st time, that weird water drop sound let me know that I had been connected but then I was hung up on. The 2nd time, it went through and I let the repersentive know that I wanted to cancel. I applied today, so I didn’t think it would be a problem to just throw my application and info away. Nope. I was put on hold 3 times and never sent a confirmation email. The repersentive kept trying to swear me down that they sent one but I was refreshing my inbox and checking my spam/junk inbox, while on the phone with this mf. He just kept saying they aren’t it. Nah, I got every single e-sign email seconds after but for some odd reason I can’t get a cancelation confirmation email? That’s funny. He told me to call back in an hour if I still don’t get an email. I sent an email that said I also don’t want to do business with them. I feel bothered and unsafe because of all the shadiness from InboxLoan and all the bad reviews that others have left and the fact that they have all my info.

  28. Naya nice

    Don’t EVER use these company I got a 700$ loan and end up paying over 2,000 it would have been more but I paid my way out early they are graflers and pray on the poor

  29. Jason

    Absolutely a major run around for the pathetic amount of money they loaned.
    Never again will I do business with this Company.

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