Quantaiboost.net: QuantAI Boost’s Tax Scam Uncovered

If you were scammed by QuantAI Boost (quantaiboost.net), please share your story.

A scam operating under the guise of a remote work program for writing product reviews. Victims are asked to deposit funds into their accounts to complete tasks, with the promise of earning significant returns. However, upon attempting to withdraw earnings, victims are told they must pay a merchant personal income tax, which is falsely justified by regulatory requirements.


  • Website: quantaiboost.net
  • Amount Lost: $35,000
  • Reported Date: June 25, 2024
  • Scam ID: 859327
  • Location of Victim: NY, USA

If you have experienced a similar scam, please share your information to help warn others.

Domain Analysis

QuantAI Boost presents itself as a remote work program, offering tasks that involve writing product reviews.

Participants are required to deposit funds into their accounts to complete these tasks. When orders’ costs exceed their balance, they are prompted to add more funds.

This process occurred multiple times for a victim on June 21, 2024. The victim faced obstacles when withdrawing earnings despite completing the required deposits and tasks. The company demanded an additional payment under the guise of a merchant personal income tax, claiming it was necessary for tax documentation due to regulatory requirements for withdrawals exceeding $10,000.

The total amount due for withdrawal was approximately $48,000, but the victim refused to comply, recognizing the fraudulent nature of the scheme.

The victim lost a total of $35,000 in the process.

The scam operates through the website quantaiboost.net, registered with NameSilo, LLC, and hosted by Cloudflare, Inc. The domain was registered on May 16, 2024, and is set to expire on May 16, 2025. The registrant’s contact information is protected by PrivacyGuardian.org, with an address in Phoenix, AZ.

This scam exploits the promise of remote work and significant earnings to lure victims into depositing large sums, only to demand further payments under false pretenses. Victims are encouraged to share their experiences to help warn others about this fraudulent scheme.

Quantaiboost.net Review

The website quantaiboost.net presents itself as a legitimate platform for remote work, offering a service where users can write product reviews to earn money. Upon registration, users must fill in personal details, including a phone number and password. The terms and conditions state that users must provide accurate information, and any incorrect details may limit their service use. A key aspect of the platform is the requirement for users to deposit funds into their accounts to complete assigned tasks.

The site claims to ensure user security by encrypting all information storage and transmission paths and promises not to disclose customer information to third parties without consent. However, the terms indicate that users must complete a series of tasks and cannot withdraw funds during an optimization process. Users with account balances exceeding $10,000 must pay a 33% personal income tax before withdrawing their funds, which is said to be refundable within an hour of withdrawal.

The WHOIS information for the domain reveals that quantaiboost.net was registered on May 16, 2024, with NameSilo, LLC, and is set to expire on May 16, 2025. PrivacyGuardian.org, located in Phoenix, AZ, protects the registrant’s contact information. The website is hosted by Cloudflare, Inc., with servers in Toronto, Canada. Customer service is available through a chat widget hosted by iChatlink, offering assistance with deposits, withdrawals, and task resets.

Red flags

  1. The requirement for users to continually deposit funds to complete tasks raises suspicion. Legitimate remote work programs do not require upfront payments from participants.
  2. The stipulation of a 33% personal income tax on withdrawals exceeding $10,000, especially with a refund promise, is highly unusual and likely fraudulent.
  3. The use of PrivacyGuardian.org to protect registrant information adds a layer of anonymity typical of scam operations.
  4. The vague and non-specific terms of use and the lack of clear, transparent communication about the company’s operations are warning signs.
  5. The site’s design and content lack professionalism and transparency, suggesting it may not be a legitimate business.

In summary, quantaiboost.net exhibits several characteristics common in fraudulent schemes, including continuous requests for deposits, unusual tax requirements, and anonymity in registration details. Users are advised to avoid engaging with this platform and to share their experiences to help warn others.

QuantAI Boost Reviews

Multiple sources have flagged QuantAI Boost, operating through quantaiboost.net, as a likely scam. The platform presents itself as a remote work opportunity, enticing users to write product reviews in exchange for payments. However, it has received overwhelmingly negative reviews and low trust scores.

According to ScamAdviser, quantaiboost.net has a low trust score, indicating potential fraudulent activity. The site was criticized for several suspicious factors, including its recent registration and lack of transparency. Scam Detector also rates the site poorly, giving it one of the lowest trust scores: “The Scam Detector website Validator gives quantaiboost.net one of the lowest trust scores on the platform: 4.9.” This score reflects serious concerns about the site’s legitimacy.

InvestReviews categorizes Quantaiboost as an “UNREGULATED platform,” advising caution for users considering engagement with the site. The review highlights the lack of regulation as a significant red flag, often a hallmark of scam operations.

Further, Chainabuse categorizes the activity as part of a “pig butchering” scam, which typically involves luring victims into fraudulent investments with promises of high returns. One detailed report describes a victim’s experience, where after depositing funds and completing tasks, they were unable to withdraw their earnings without paying an additional tax: “The company insisted that, as I am purportedly located in the United States, I must pay merchant personal income tax for their tax documentation.” The victim lost a total of $35,000 in this scam.

The receiving address associated with the scam, as reported on Chainabuse, is Ethereum address: 0x28024f668df095e18e0ada525c27a643736121cb.

These reviews and user reports collectively indicate that quantaiboost.net is likely a scam, employing typical fraudulent tactics such as requiring continuous deposits and imposing false tax demands to extract more money from users. Potential victims are urged to avoid this platform and report any experiences to warn others.

Quantaiboost.net Review Conclusion

The overwhelming evidence and multiple sources scrutinizing quantaiboost.net paint a clear picture of its fraudulent nature. The consistent pattern of requiring deposits, imposing fictitious taxes, and withholding promised earnings strongly suggests that QuantAI Boost operates as a sophisticated scam. The low trust scores from reputable scam detection sites and detailed accounts of users who have lost significant amounts of money further solidify this assessment. The anonymity maintained by the site’s operators and the lack of regulatory oversight raises substantial red flags. Given these factors, it is prudent to regard quantaiboost.net with extreme caution and to consider it a scam. Potential users should avoid engaging with the platform and seek safer, verified opportunities for remote work. Sharing experiences and reporting such scams can help prevent others from falling victim to these deceitful schemes.


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