Trade Like Chuck by Chuck Hughes Review

Trade Like Chuck ( is an online investment opportunity that was created on January 8th, 2016 most likely by Chuck Hughes. - Trade Like Chuck

TradeLikeChuck Review

Trade Like Chuck operates as an online landing page used to promote a couple different investment offers from Chuck Hughes. Offering published books and investment based DVDs, Chuck Hughes renders these products free of charge minus a shipping and handling cost between $10 to $15.

Unfortunately, does not provide much information in regards to their investment offer besides from the information disclosed in their brief promotional video.

Among the information included in the pitch video would be about how Chuck was a pilot for 37 years and as a way to aid his retirement he turned to investing where he turned $4,600 into over $460,000 within a couple of years.

Those assertions pave the way for the investment offers available at Trade Like Chuck which supposedly include the same exact trading approaches that Chuck Hughes used to generate such a vast sum in profits.

According to, Chuck Hughes has won 8 International Trading Championships, a claim validated by our research.

Near the footer of their domain, the support email address of [email protected] is provided along with the following two telephone numbers 1-800-314-5098 and 1-800-538-7001.

In addition, the disclosed physical address of 230 W. Towne Ridge Pkwy, Suite 475, Sandy, Utah 84070 USA is provided on the site, yet when researched comes up as the address of the Lincoln Institute of Financial Educational, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Thus far, no affiliation of Chuck Hughes and the Lincoln Institute of Financial Educational appears to be disclosed at Trade Like Chuck or validated when researched.

Trade Like Chuck Scam

Trade Like Chuck fails to provide substantial insight in regards to their operation and relies on a vague promotional video to acquire conversions. Given this truth, simply browsing their site isn’t enough, consumer feedback must also be taken into account regarding this operation.

Additional research via consumer feedback regarding Trade Like Chuck portrays an operation that appears not to be in good standing and one that is possibly sleazy. According to RipOffReport, many consumers have discovered and reported some not only disturbing revelations regarding Trade Like Chuck but also some unethical business practices appearing in the form of advance fees scams as well.

According to SimilarWeb, is not a popular website nor receives much traffic and reflects a global rank of 3,248,803 with a US rank of 820,756 as of February 2018.

The main consumer consensus regarding Chuck Hughes would be that he is a scammer who specializes in ripoff investment offers.

Trade Like Chuck by Chuck Hughes comes off as a promising investment opportunity when in reality it appears disingenuous and should not be trusted.

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