UnicornTrades Review

Unicorn Trades (UnicornTrades.com) is a peculiar online marketplace that was registered on May 16th, 2017 by an unknown entity.

Unicorn Trades Review

Unicorn Trades functions as an online marketplace that specializes in providing purchasable trendy consumer products and retailer goods. Operating as a minimalistic operation, Unicorn Trades appears to be a relatively unknown marketplace that was incepted in Bartlett, Illinois.

According to their About Us page, Unicorn Trades has heavily invested its assets in the purchase and sale of general merchandise items such as Qi chargers, Bluetooth devices, cell phone accessories, fidget spinners along with other select items.

Among one of their asserted chief principles would be the need to provide quality assured items which means that before each product is sent to retailers or consumers they are individually tested to ensure there are no defective items.

As stated in the Unicorn Trades Terms and Conditions page, their operation appears to be functioning as it’s own active entity. While the site goes on to infer that their business name is Unicorn Trades, no active registered corporation has been found to support their claim.

Also found on their About Us page would be their business address of 564 Deere Park Cir, Bartlett, IL 60103, United States of America along with the disclosed telephone number of +1(847) 893-0060 and the email address unicorntrades@mail.com.

According to their Shop page, among some of their top rated items would be padded envelopes along with micro-USB charging cables.

As reflected in a WHOIS domain report, UnicornTrades.com was a privately registered domain that was created on May 16th, 2017 through the GoDaddy domain registrar. Showing a domain expiration date of May 16th, 2018, it is unclear how long this operation plans to stick around.

Unicorn Trades Scam

After spending some time navigating through the Unicorn Trades marketplace, we have to admit we were a bit disappointed. Several pages featured on their site are not functional nor load properly, while their home page features a “Website Under Construction” banner.

The Contact Us page does not work while their disclosed physical address reveals an apartment complex which means that their operation has either provided an incorrect business address or their operation is ran out of their apartment, which we suppose isn’t entirely unheard of.

No reference to ownership, founders or current operators are disclosed anywhere upon their site or on the web which means this site is operating with blatant anonymity, which is the last characteristic you want when considering purchasing an item or multiple goods online.

In addition, UnicornTrades.com fails to possess a SimilarWeb site rank of any kind which means their operation receives little traffic, if any at all.

Until more consumer feedback surfaces, we do not believe Unicorn Trades to be a trustworthy marketplace.

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