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  1. John S

    CheckFreeScore.com is a scam organization. Yesterday I was charged a $1.00 reimbursable fee, which turned out to be not reimbursable. This morning I was alerted by my bank’s fraud dept indicating that they saw an unauthorized charge for $39.90 from CheckFreeScore.com. I had to have my current card canceled and awaiting a new card. Since I use this card a lot, there were many calls I had to make informing other companies of the issue. This took an entire day of calls and dealing with the bank fraud unit. I tried to contact CheckFreeScore, but you’re dealing with an automated voice service. When I presented my message to them, I got an automated response telling me that I was confused and was then disconnected. I called back again and told their automated system to cancel my account again. They seemed to acknowledge, but I still haven’t received any email confirmation. I’m distressed that this fraud company is associated with Experian and the other credit bureaus as well. I will be canceling my account with Experian tomorrow. I will also be initiating an FTC complaint and contacting the local BBB associated with their name.

  2. michael l shaw

    had creditone for several months and never used it —finally used it for 105.00 tried to pay next day but would not let me till it went through then it jumped to 125..00 and it forced me to used quick payment for another 5.00—-tried to call but just bots that hung up on me 3 times! so i guess i will just use the card for cleaning my tobacco tray——

  3. Limaoabone

    What is the best method for me?

    I am looking for the best method to be rich.

    This place is correct for This? Limao

  4. Tommy Briscoe

    Beware!! check free score.com…. what a bunch of crooks and losers. They give you the teaser $1 charge and then feloniously charge your card $39.90 per month to get your credit scores and report!! And when you call, they run you around the circles for 30 minutes trying to avoid cancelling this charge!!! what a scam!! They are liars and thieves… when I tried to log into my account on Experian, they blocked my attempts to get into the site and cancel…. what a ripoff!!

  5. jon

    Where is my post and why was it removed?.

  6. jon

    Is thinkproperty.com.au a scam?.


    I purchased hand sanitizer on OKHOMEONLINE, on 04/14/2020. Everyone is desperate to get their hands on this item, and i found it very strange but happy i found some. So I purchased and today I looked at my bank statement and it shows a purchase made from FAB-FASHION LTD i have not purchased from there and I look at my print out from the OKHOMEONLINE and its for the exact amount and same date. So did the research and sure enough found this website. Called my bank to cancel my debit. Too bad I didn’t notice until now. I pray that nothing else gets charged. Someone needs to stop this ASAP. I pray they get caught and highly disciplined!

  8. Anonymous

    Have not bought anything, why am I being charged? turned it over to my bank. How did you get my info.?

  9. Margaret Jollow

    Buyer Beware ! Better Business Bureau has a RED ALERT warning against Berrylook. Rated at F for customer service . Impossible to make returns or get refund.
    In December 2019 I ordered 4 blouses. Received 6 because they sent 3 of the same style. All were too small. Since then I have received numerous emails ” apologizing for inconvenience ” and repeatedly asking for order numbers invoice numbers transaction numbers photos of items and m email. All of these have been sent twice.
    I complained to Better Business Bureau which contacted Berrylook. They have not responded. I sent all information about them to gconsumer.gov the government agency for investigating international fraud. Berrylook is still giving me the runaround . No address for returns. Most recent contact they offered me $ 8.00 refund – not sent of course. This for the $128.00 I spent with them.
    Heed that red alert and avoid this fraudulent site.

    • DoubleM

      Speaking of the BBB…I was considering the business “iwin123”, and they have a 20/20 story link about pay for ratings by the BBB.
      Have any reviews been done for iwin123? Thanks!

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