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  1. Debbie Bloom

    Kayleeandtepic.com are a scam. This company isn’t even worth one star. They suck. They scammed my kids out of $70.00. My kids ordered what was supposed to be a comforter set. Not only was the comforter not stuffed at all, but the design is totally not was they ordered. The design looks pixelated. I cannot stress enough how upset I am that my kids got scammed.

  2. JohnRak

    Dear Sirs,
    I want to post on your site, if possible, write your conditions.
    Thank you
    Best regards

  3. WarriorPrincess

    Thank you, scam finance for your review of NoraCora.com. This is a small point, but one that I just am amused by. You pointed out a misspelling of “quality” on the website which is located in China. Yet later in the article you used the word “reoccurring”. This is not a word. The actual usage should be “recurring“. It’s a small point, but I found it a bit ironic. Again thank you for your review.

    • Admin

      Thanks for your comment. It could indeed had been funny if reoccurring was not a word. But it is. Something that is recurring happens over and over again, while something that is reoccurring is simply happening again but not always repeatedly. Now, did the writer of the article mean recurring or reoccurring that is an interesting question 😀 Tim, care to comment?

  4. Ghost

    Lucky day app is a scam and the scammer isn’t afraid to run his mouth. He claimed to do unlawful inappropriate gay sexual acts towards me and my partner . This is right after he claimed to be from Lucktastic match(which is a legit app) and I showed him how they aren’t claiming him nor the winnings

  5. Rodrique

    Report this Crypto Ponzi Scheme


    SCAM! On 6-16-2019
    They are now on EBAY . My husband was buying a torch kit for $69.97. He caught it right after the cart and it went thru already from PAYPAL. He contacted EBAY 4 days ago. Same date as the so called purchased and never herd from them. He is now contacting EBAY again to try to dispute it. I think he is out of luck ,but worth a try.What else an he do? Yeaun is a Scam !!

  7. Jo Lagera

    Hello, please give me a feedback on Markus Heitkoetter PowerX analyzer software. And what do you mean to make a request of a charge back , if you are denied of a refund.

  8. Pat Krej

    Thank you for exposing the Yeaun.com retail scam.
    Please be aware that tozore.com is an identical clone of the Yeaun online retail store. It seems new ones will pop up faster than they can be exposed.

  9. Terry

    Just reported them ,Berry look.com The clothes did not fit. NOTHING FIT .TRYING TO GET THEM TO RESPOND TO EMAIL SO I can get my card credited and return the items. No response. Never Again. Hope fully the credit card company will dig into this further to keep from losing monies. Hope they will be able to catch at least one of them for criminal charges

  10. And even though I typed in exactly what I was supposed to it kept saying invalid code no matter how many times I tried. So I’ve been able to even submit a question about my tracking. What can I do and what is my recourse on this matter?

    Unfortunately I have ordered a blouse from Berrylook. Not hearing anything good about this company. I did not receive a tracking number on my order but the money has been deducted from my account. I tried to contact their customer service and any submission requires a captcha And even though I typed in exactly what I was supposed to it kept saying invalid code no matter how many times I tried. So I’ve been able to even submit a question about my tracking. What can I do and what is my recourse on this matter hello?

    • Y. Williams

      I made 2 large purchases from Berrylook before I found out it was a Scam. The items I received were not as pictured and they were very small, like for a child. The material was so flimsy you could ball a sweater in your hand and it would fit. You have to see this to believe it. Even a nice white coat with a single button that looked so great in the catalog was actually made out of light flannel material, suitable for children’s nightwear and not fit to be worn outdoors or anywhere. the clothes are knockoffs from what’s pictured in the catalog. I opened a dispute and filed a complaint with PayPal as I had used this form of payment. It’s still being processed. I had to mail back the $300 plus worth of items from one order to China and it cost $88.00 just to mail. I’m still awaiting an answer. Their listed email according to the PayPal inquiry is service@susulike.com. but I was unable to reach anyone. My sole communication is through PayPal.

      • chiara

        I bought some boots but never arrived and they wont give me any explanation!!! i reported the website on facebook but want to involv3e more people

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