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  1. shelleyowens

    AmazonDataJobs.com (also AmazonDataJobs.org) appears to operate in a similar fashion to HomeType. They must have scraped my friend’s phone number from a jobs board. They left a voicemail telling her to complete her application at AmazonDataJobs.com. She did not remember applying. When I looked it up online, the website was only 1 week 2 days old. The redirect was to orbitnam.today/trendmswv2/?a=767&s1=10516&s2=94291548&reqid#=57192873 with the site title AMAZON Profit. When I attempted to close the page, a popup asked me to stay on the page, so I clicked it. I was redirected to mswsystem.com/mswbv2/?a=767&s1=10516&s2=94291548&reqid. Under the video and signup form, the fine print says you will receive several emails a day with work from home offers. The terms and conditions reference a subscription; collection of your data; Markenark (company name?) and support.easykits.org. The legal jurisdiction is the country of Cyprus. mswsystem.com/mswbv2/terms.html If you find this information useful, you have my permission to reuse or repurpose this in a blog post about the scam; no attribution required. If you attribute it to me, please do not rewrite it in a fashion that changes my meaning. Thanks for the useful information you provide here!u

    • Ed

      Thank you very much for your input. I had a VM left on my cellphone regarding amazonadatajobs.org. Never have applied with them.

    • chrisp

      I received the message and I have not signed up or applied for anything.
      Thank you for posting your findings.

  2. David white

    Watch out for JoshuaBelanger Hot Money Trader. Purports to be “following hot money trades” but every single trade was a loser. I lost all my money and they do not offer a refund for their bogus “advice”. Disgraceful that people can sell utter garbage online and the credit card companies allow it!

  3. muhd razif

    Was told to get a tracking number 5-10 days but today is the 10th day and no tracking number is given. From the looks of it after reading all of the above, looks like i got scammed. 🙁

    URL: behringerrings.com

  4. Reggie

    I join you in recommending MyChargeBack.com. I could never have gotten my money back without them. Very professional service. It was a pleasure to work with them.

  5. Al Campone

    God, I made exactly $.03 on my investment of $1.13. Could life be any greater….Oh, by the way, my granddad is Warren Buffett. He made me the investment loan of $1.13 at 65%, (what a guy). To quote a great American, “Wake up America”.

  6. Sam

    Coperstone/Apexsignals keeps on calling me about investing money into an unregulated deal the the number for coperstone is 437 886 4057 they do not have an office in Canada Ontario as they claim and they are not registered with the OSC (Ontario securities commisssions) the names that do call are Bryan, Victoria and Benjamin simons. I did report the fraud to the Local police file number is 1800279506 phone number is 514 280 2970 \”for Monteral Police force investigating my case. They appear to be operating out of the Virgin Islands one of the so called owners lives in Florida. The Banking instution that will that appear on ones mastercard or visa bill is as follows “PFA POINT LIN TRADE SHENZHEN SHE” which is located in China.

  7. Scam

    Hello sir/madam, please advice, what is this for site and why is one of our brands named here?

    • Admin

      It’s a review site. And which one is your brand?

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