USA Medical Prescription Assistance Program ( says that they can save you up to 75% on your prescription medications.

Launched on February 9th, 2016, USA Medical Prescription Assistance Program supports over 60,000 participating pharmacies while their program members save an average of $364 per year on their prescription drugs.

To find out whether PrescriptionAssistance is legit, we invite you to read our impartial review.

What is

The Prescription Assistance Program was founded to provide prescription savings to people who need aid for paying for their prescription medications whether they are uninsured or insured, have high deductibles, high co-pays and/or limited drug list.

According to their site, they reach out to individuals, families and seniors who are most at risk – which inadvertently has caused them to receive many complaints as a result.

Prescription Assistance provides a free pharmacy discount card that can provide up to 75% savings on nearly all prescriptions.

During the time of writing this review, Prescription Assistance supported a contact submission form along with the following telephone number of 1-844-272-8379.

Detailed in the sites Terms & Conditions would be the entity Acquire Health LLC Services which is responsible for the related products and services featured at

Found in a Better Business Bureau report would be how USA Medical Card, a connected corporate entity affiliated with Acquire Health LLC Services, reflects an A+ BBB rating and has been BBB Accredited since January 30th, 2015.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Acquire Health LLC Services has several alternate business entities which are as followed:

  • USA Medical Card
  • Medical Marketing Moguls LLC
  • USA Medical Prescription Assistance Program

The disclosed President of USA Medical Card is disclosed at Matthew Herfield.

How does Work?

Prescription Assistance works in a relatively straightforward fashion.

First, apply for your free pharmacy card through

After you receive your free pharmacy card, you take your Pharmacy Discount Card and your prescription(s) to your local pharmacy.

Present your Pharmacy Discount Card to your pharmacist when filling your prescription(s).

From there you can upwards to 75% off of your prescription(s) for you along with other family members.

PrescriptionAssistance FAQ

What is a pharmacy discount card?

It is a free, pre-activated card that can supposedly help consumers save up to 75% on all prescription medications through many drug stores.

How can a pharmacy card help you?

A pharmacy discount can assist consumers by allowing them to save their hard-earned money.

How does one use a pharmacy card?

Once the card has been presented to a pharmacist, the pharmacist will be able to enter a unique code that will likely reduce the cost of your prescriptions.

Where can I use the card?

Well over 60,000 pharmacies in America is aid to accept PrescriptionAssistance pharmacy discount cards.

Among the most reputable pharmacies allegedly supporting this free pharmacy card would be Walgreens, Kmart, Winn Dixie, CVS, Walmart, Target, Publix, Kroger, Costco, Rite Aid and Safeway.

Who is eligible to use the card?

According to their FAQ, Prescription Assistance pharmacy cards can be used by anyone who needs help affording their medications – insured or uninsured.

How much can you expect to save with the card?

Savings are said to vary depending upon the drug, which pharmacy you choose along with the state you reside within.

Are there any forms to fill out?

The only information that one needs to fill out in order to receive a free pharmacy card would be their physical address (so the card can be shipped to your location).

How can this pharmacy card be free?

Detailed in their FAQ would be: “Through our partnerships with the nation’s leading prescription claims administrators (known as Pharmacy Benefit Managers), we have bulk buying power on prescriptions and can negotiate the deepest possible discounts. Our partners pay us and you use the card – that’s why it’s free.”

Is this program affiliated with the government? is not affiliated with the Government nor do they offer any form of insurance what-so-ever.

Discrepancies to Consider

The lack of feedback regarding PrescriptionAssistance is worrisome, to say the least.

We say this because there have been other similar operations to Prescription Assistance that use to reflect similar claims as only later to be exposed as phishing scams.

Phishing scams are a type of online scam where criminals ask you to provide sensitive information, which in this instance would be your physical location, which can be used to unknown ends.

Furthermore, there are several complaints filed at the Better Business Bureau regarding how the multiple affiliated corporate entities of Acquire Health Services LLC have been soliciting consumers on a continual basis. Review Conclusion

Our advice regarding the Prescription Assistance program would be to tread their site with caution.

Given the lack of feedback regarding this free pharmacy discount card, we do not believe this entity to be the most trustworthy for the time being.

Can Prescription Assistance help you save money on your prescription medications?

Perhaps, but we aren’t willing to jeopardize our readers peace of mind nor sensitive information in case their operation pans out being a scam later down the road.

Our two cents regarding Prescription Assistance would be to first consult your insurance companies to negotiate any potential savings you may be eligible for or to browse government sites with the same intentions in mind.


We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. CA girl

    The card just saved me $165 on a necessary medication. Didn’t seem like a scam to me…

  2. Dale L Wright

    Why am I eligible for the PA Prescription Assistance Program? I am currently on Medicaid. I have been on Medicaid for the last 7 years. Am I entitled to your program even though I am currently on Medicaid? Please advise me to let me know. Thank you very much.

  3. john s jones

    I know you can take your prescription for your dog to CVS or Walgreen and sometimes they will fill it for a lot less than your Vet.

  4. Shelia Wells

    All of you are just making baby sentences so all of you needs to do this right now because all of you are just babies and a b****

    • Matt Wright

      Learn how to spell, you inbred moron. This program is a scam and since you recommend it you’re probably working for them.

  5. Marlene Dobrovolny

    I want to believe this is all true but it does sound like a scam. Other than my name, which is misspelled, I will try to use it for my daughter who has no insurance and my dog who always needs something.

  6. Parent

    I took the card into my local Publix. A prescription that would have been $345 was $77. It would be great if their story made more sense but i’ll take the discount either way.

  7. jam

    i never signed up for this. never would. i do not use conventional medicines of any form. I use Alternative Medicine. So how did they get my name/address to send me this card in the mail. looks like a scam to me.

  8. Danimal

    I don’t believe this for one second, you can use it for your whole family and your dog. So if I walk into the vets office and need a $50 pill they will take 75 % off it would only cost me $37.50. Because it clearly states that you can’t use it with any insurance that you may have well that pretty much counts everyone out because you have to carry insurance and prove it on your taxes. The only thing I have in my family that doesn’t have insurance is my dog and I want to know how that works?

    • john s jones

      I know you can take your prescription for your dog to CVS or Walgreen and sometimes they will fill it for a lot less than your Vet.

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