Armando Montelongo Scam? – What REAL Reviewers Are Saying!

There is quite a bit of buzz circulating around a real-estate investment program offered by Armando Montelongo.

Being declared as a waste of money and a scam by many online consumers, the feedback revolving around the Armando Montelongo seminars appear not only disturbing but unethical to say the least.

To find out more regarding the Armando Montelongo seminars and what others are saying regarding these seminars, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

Who is Armando Montelongo?

Armando Montelongo gathered most of his reputability after being introduced on Flip this House, an A&E’s hit television show.

In addition, Armando Montelongo also appeared on Undercover Boss on season 6, episode 10.

Prior to his brief stretches of televised airtime, Armando Montelongo claimed that he generated $3 million within the first few years of flipping houses, which served as the launching grounds to becoming a celebrity entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

It is through Armando Montelongo seminars, extravagant bus tours and “mentorship” programs that Montelongo goes on to claim that you can achieve financial success and stability.

Armando Montelongo Seminars

Armando Montelongo has fallen under public scrutiny for the real-estate investment seminars that he offers.

In simplicity, Armando Montelongo seminars are structured in 3 steps that each prove equally dissatisfying as the previous tier, according to consumer reports that is.

Starting with with Armando Montelongo seminars would be his free live event where consumers will allegedly learn how to fund deals, how to find deals, how to have properties efficiently fixed up along with how to sell them for a generous profit.

From there, you’ll be able to attend a 3-Day workshop package that includes meals, 3 days of mentoring with one of four multi-millionaires, and many other benefits.

During the 3-day workshop, attendees are supposedly able to learn how to flip a house with no money and no credit.

According to past attendees who have visited this 3-day work shop, which starts at $1,497 by the way, the information shared during this work shop are rudimentary at best and do not provide much insight what-so-ever regarding how to actually flip houses with no credit or money.

The Up-Sell

Each of the subsequent tiers of the Armando Montelongo seminar model are structured with an up-sell.

First, consumers attend the free live event where they start to gather fundamental knowledge pertaining to how to effectively and profitably flip homes.

Next, free live event attendees are highly pressured into joining the 3-day workshop to quote on quote “learn how to flip houses with no credit no money,” only to find out that their $1,497 spent was for nothing more than an elaborate sales pitch for their high-ticket item which would be the bus tour.

Several reviewers have shared that Armando Montelongo is not present for most of these 3 day workshops and that in order to become ‘filthy rich’ you should consider the bus tour.

According to research, the Armando Montelongo bus tour starts around a staggering $40,000.

Armando Montelongo Scam Reviews

The reviews revolving around Armando Montelongo real-estate seminars are not enticing and illustrate a strong pattern of complaints.

According to PissedConsumer, an estimated $360,000 in claimed losses have been filed while the average loss was estimated around $29,600.

Here are a couple of the most recent complaints we found at Pissed Consumer:

“This is just another scammer who has gotten rich and keeps getting richer by getting money from others who he has convinced they can get rich. Are people REALLY this gullible?”

“Yes I have to agree with the reviews. It is a scam.
I paid $1500.00 for that three day *** and they give you generic information. But almost immediately the staff starts up selling there three day bus trip that would cost $40,000 all during the three day information. they use that to get people to increase the limit on there credit cards. All to cover the up sells.”

Forbes also conducted a rather interesting report on Armando Montelongo in their article from 2013 titled: Meet Armando Montelongo: The Home-Flipping Huckster Who’ll Make $50M This Year.

ConsumerAffairs, a popular online review portal for consumers, also reflects poor consumer experiences.

“If you are reading this and thinking of attending one of Armando’s real estate seminars, DON’t. The best investment advice I can give is to tell you to keep your money. IF you read a positive review on here, it’s from someone associated with his company..”

“When I signed up for the course and paid my money I thought that I was going to be in a program that was supported, but unfortunately I was not informed that after taking the course the only support you would receive is if you participated in the bus tour. The bus tour was extremely expensive…I’m really regretting investing in this system because now I’m $1,500 in the hole and a single mother just trying to make a stable life for my son.”

To swift through more consumer complaints and reviews you can visit RipOffReport and the Better Business Bureau.


If it wasn’t for Armando Montelongo televised appearances, we doubt that his real estate ventures would be thriving all that well.

According to SimilarWeb, reflects a global rank of 16,514,627 as of December 26th, 2018.

These rather poor web-rankings indicate to us that Armando Montelongo’s domain receives little to no traffic.

Armando Montelongo Review Conclusion

While it does not appear that Armando Montelongo seminars are conducting any illegal acts, the lack of transparency and the poor consumer experiences shared regarding his seminars are certainly disturbing.

Relying upon high-pressure sale tactics to mislead unsuspecting consumers into their high ticket seminars is not only unethical but as consumer experiences have pointed out not worth the money.

Can you learn information of value at Armando Montelongo seminars?

Yes, perhaps you can.

Are the Armando Montelongo seminars straightforward with you?

No, we don’t believe they are.

Is Armando Montelongo seminars a scam?

Many consumers go on to say so.

Given the excessive complaints regarding Armando Montelongo seminars, we don’t recommend anyone to give his expensive seminars an opportunity, not at least until Armando Montelongo has gone out of his way to address the endless sum of complaints filed against his seminars.

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!

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  1. Tonya Trout

    I’ve read numerous reviews, on several different websites, of Armando’s seminars and not one positive review mentions making money. They talk about information, enthusiasm, and excitement but no one appears to be making any money through the Montelongo seminars. Scam, scam, scam.

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