Amelia Quilt Review – Avoid these Thieves!

This is an urgent scam warning regarding a trending scam known as the Amelia Quilt Scam!

Amelia Quilt, located at and, is a straight up scam operated by low-life crooks.

Having been affiliated with more than a few scam operations, we will expose these con-artists while sharing the experiences of consumers who have already been scammed by Amelia Quilts.

To find out more regarding Amelia Quilts and how the scam works, we invite you to read our honest review.

About markets their site as a legitimate marketplace that supports brand-name quilts at a fraction of the price most consumers encounter across legitimate online retailers.

During the time of writing this review, Amelia-Quilts has allegedly already closed down shop to “fulfill” the orders submitted prior to Christmas, however, in case this scam resurfaces again we decided to continue with exposing this scam.

Once disclosed at Amelia-Quilts would be a couple of addresses that have no relevancy to Amelia-Quilts, a quick Google Map search of the following addresses below will indicate that.

The first address we came across when investigating Amelia-Quilts would be PO BOX 0823 03411 yet as you can already deduce this is not an existing physical location.

Furthermore, the second address that was once disclosed at, would be 2055 Hazel Ave NE, Salem, OR 97301, United States yet a Google search will confirm that location is actually a house for sale on the real estate network

Now as we briefly mentioned earlier, Amelia-Quilts has been affiliated with other scam operations that have been previously exposed across the net.

Thankfully the creators behind these scam operations were lazy and simply resorted to copy and pasting textual page elements from one site to another.

Reflecting an identical Shipping and Delivery page, Amelia-Quilts has been linked with the following scam operations:

  • HobbiLaunch (
  • NannaThread (
  • Sleepious (
  • FarmZily (
  • NonnaLand (

So who is behind

That is the million dollar question that we would love to have answered.

Unfortunately, the site failed to disclose any information regarding any past owners or current operators anywhere upon their site.

We navigated through all the sites pages only to find the following contact information:

A WHOIS report is equally as unsuccessful as we were considering the fact that was privately registered on November 29th, 2018.

How the Scam Works

The Amelia Quilt scams works in such a mediocre fashion that you be kicking yourself if you found yourself falling victim to this ridiculous scam.

Let us simplify matters, this scam is built upon the principle of deceiving consumers who are actually seeking the legitimate quilting retailer known as Amelia Quilts (

Typos is how this scam works.

Both scam sites ( & both reflect remarkable similar domains to

Consumers who have the misfortune of misspelling the URL of the legitimate Amelia Quilt retailer will have landed at an unrelated scam domain.

From there, online shoppers saw a variety of inventory that reflected amazing deals and heavy online savings, which served as the lure process of this scam.

Consumers who committed with one of the Amelia-Quilts scam operations and checked out would receive a confirmation email where they could “track” their order.

Within a few short days, however, this confirmation shipping page that showed up whenever consumers clicked on the link disclosed in their confirmation email would disappear.

To add, there is no customer support at Amelia-Quilts or AmeliaQuilt so there was no way to touch base with the operators behind this site.

While your payment method was likely charged within a few short hours of executing your online order, you would be left wondering when your order would actually arrive.

Since both scam sites fail to disclose any identifying information, there was no one to hold accountable with the theft of your hard-earned money.

This, in a nutshell, is how the Amelia Quilt scam is operating.

Amelia Quilt Reviews

Amelia Quilt reflects a 1 out of 5 star rating out of 237 reviews at TrustPilot.

98% of the reviews submitted reflect bad consumer experiences while the nearly every reviewer has reflected as deceptive, dishonest and horrible shopping experience.

Below are some of the most recent complaints we found regarding Amelia Quilt:

“Book, hissss!! What a scam. I ordered a quilt for Christmas and got hosed. Good thing that I used PAYPAL so I got my money back. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!”

“I ordered my quilt in November NO quilt scammed for $88.
How low to make money by cheating people would rather have donated this money to the environment or charity, may these cheaters NOT REST IN PEACE!”

“ was scammed as well. Ordered in November. Never received it. No phone number, email only. I went back to go to their website and my order status and both have a message that’s states it could not be found. SCAM!!!!! Now to try and get my money back. Grrr.”

To view more consumer reviews you can visit TrustPilot.

Is a Scam?

Without a doubt, look at the consumer reviews shared above, that should be ALL the evidence you need to deduce that Amelia-Quilts is a scam.

Amelia Quilt Review Conclusion

Amelia Quilt and Amelia-Quilts are bona-fide scam operations.

Failing to disclose transparent ownership information, stealing consumers hard-earned money while preying upon unsuspecting online shoppers is as low as it gets.

Do not only yourself but others a courtesy by sharing this review and avoiding these deceptive scam operations!

Outcome: Amelia Quilt is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Sites: &

We invite you to share any insight, experiences and feedback you may have below!


  1. Mary Watson

    I ordered a comforter on 10/29/19 I have not received it nor a refund why order# 81915237 H K. I would appreciate a response.

  2. Marie Evans

    I did not order any quilts that most of these people did, but i order a rug from a company (i guess) called KAYleeandTepid, the rug came in a bag 8×5 folded in a plastic bag, the material was not wool, color was suppose to be green, and color was brown, orange, was not the right rug or color? Kayleeantepid said i can return it, but responsible for the shipping. Went thru paypal dispute dept. Send it to a company call Printable in Hong Kong address? Never again will i deal with KayleeanTepid, an if paypal dont return my money, wont deal with them either.
    Be careful and search info on anything you buy, or deal with returns from china and hongkong! Look like amazon is the best things when dealing online. Way to go…

    • Anna

      Yes unfortunately i did the same infact the advertisements are shown on Facebook scam alright exactly how you described it arriving in a plastic bag creased i opened it up to find the back as plastic rubbery material…. I am in the process of requesting refund and i sent the items back… Yes Printabel company i was given 2 different phone numbers managed to ring only says no response… I bought through paypal at least so i have till 11th December then the 1st case will close… i have recieved a number of emails 1st one giving me 30% money back… I sent them a respinse with a link to complaints about the company….
      Never will i by online again unless i know it is being sent within Australia 😡

  3. Lyn Cook

    Scammers have not stopped scamming on FB. They have stolen numerous images of my original dog art and slapped them on images that represent what they claim to be ‘quilts’. Not only are they scamming customers, they are stealing intellectual copyrighted original material. I’ve found these FB pages so far advertising quilts that many carry at least one of my original artworks: Jacozy ; Puppylove; ; Block of Gear ; ; Quilt Lovers ; West Highland White Terrier Lovers ; Life is better with a boxer; The day of the century; and Pet Store . There are probably many more. Beware.

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