Amelia Quilt Review – Avoid these Thieves!

This is an urgent scam warning regarding a trending scam known as the Amelia Quilt Scam!

Amelia Quilt, located at and, is a straight up scam operated by low-life crooks.

Having been affiliated with more than a few scam operations, we will expose these con-artists while sharing the experiences of consumers who have already been scammed by Amelia Quilts.

To find out more regarding Amelia Quilts and how the scam works, we invite you to read our honest review.

About markets their site as a legitimate marketplace that supports brand-name quilts at a fraction of the price most consumers encounter across legitimate online retailers.

During the time of writing this review, Amelia-Quilts has allegedly already closed down shop to “fulfill” the orders submitted prior to Christmas, however, in case this scam resurfaces again we decided to continue with exposing this scam.

Once disclosed at Amelia-Quilts would be a couple of addresses that have no relevancy to Amelia-Quilts, a quick Google Map search of the following addresses below will indicate that.

The first address we came across when investigating Amelia-Quilts would be PO BOX 0823 03411 yet as you can already deduce this is not an existing physical location.

Furthermore, the second address that was once disclosed at, would be 2055 Hazel Ave NE, Salem, OR 97301, United States yet a Google search will confirm that location is actually a house for sale on the real estate network

Now as we briefly mentioned earlier, Amelia-Quilts has been affiliated with other scam operations that have been previously exposed across the net.

Thankfully the creators behind these scam operations were lazy and simply resorted to copy and pasting textual page elements from one site to another.

Reflecting an identical Shipping and Delivery page, Amelia-Quilts has been linked with the following scam operations:

  • HobbiLaunch (
  • NannaThread (
  • Sleepious (
  • FarmZily (
  • NonnaLand (

So who is behind

That is the million dollar question that we would love to have answered.

Unfortunately, the site failed to disclose any information regarding any past owners or current operators anywhere upon their site.

We navigated through all the sites pages only to find the following contact information:

A WHOIS report is equally as unsuccessful as we were considering the fact that was privately registered on November 29th, 2018.

How the Scam Works

The Amelia Quilt scams works in such a mediocre fashion that you be kicking yourself if you found yourself falling victim to this ridiculous scam.

Let us simplify matters, this scam is built upon the principle of deceiving consumers who are actually seeking the legitimate quilting retailer known as Amelia Quilts (

Typos is how this scam works.

Both scam sites ( & both reflect remarkable similar domains to

Consumers who have the misfortune of misspelling the URL of the legitimate Amelia Quilt retailer will have landed at an unrelated scam domain.

From there, online shoppers saw a variety of inventory that reflected amazing deals and heavy online savings, which served as the lure process of this scam.

Consumers who committed with one of the Amelia-Quilts scam operations and checked out would receive a confirmation email where they could “track” their order.

Within a few short days, however, this confirmation shipping page that showed up whenever consumers clicked on the link disclosed in their confirmation email would disappear.

To add, there is no customer support at Amelia-Quilts or AmeliaQuilt so there was no way to touch base with the operators behind this site.

While your payment method was likely charged within a few short hours of executing your online order, you would be left wondering when your order would actually arrive.

Since both scam sites fail to disclose any identifying information, there was no one to hold accountable with the theft of your hard-earned money.

This, in a nutshell, is how the Amelia Quilt scam is operating.

Amelia Quilt Reviews

Amelia Quilt reflects a 1 out of 5 star rating out of 237 reviews at TrustPilot.

98% of the reviews submitted reflect bad consumer experiences while the nearly every reviewer has reflected as deceptive, dishonest and horrible shopping experience.

Below are some of the most recent complaints we found regarding Amelia Quilt:

“Book, hissss!! What a scam. I ordered a quilt for Christmas and got hosed. Good thing that I used PAYPAL so I got my money back. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!”

“I ordered my quilt in November NO quilt scammed for $88.
How low to make money by cheating people would rather have donated this money to the environment or charity, may these cheaters NOT REST IN PEACE!”

“ was scammed as well. Ordered in November. Never received it. No phone number, email only. I went back to go to their website and my order status and both have a message that’s states it could not be found. SCAM!!!!! Now to try and get my money back. Grrr.”

To view more consumer reviews you can visit TrustPilot.

Is a Scam?

Without a doubt, look at the consumer reviews shared above, that should be ALL the evidence you need to deduce that Amelia-Quilts is a scam.

Amelia Quilt Review Conclusion

Amelia Quilt and Amelia-Quilts are bona-fide scam operations.

Failing to disclose transparent ownership information, stealing consumers hard-earned money while preying upon unsuspecting online shoppers is as low as it gets.

Do not only yourself but others a courtesy by sharing this review and avoiding these deceptive scam operations!

Outcome: Amelia Quilt is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Sites: &

We invite you to share any insight, experiences and feedback you may have below!


  1. Mary Watson

    I ordered a comforter on 10/29/19 I have not received it nor a refund why order# 81915237 H K. I would appreciate a response.

  2. Marie Evans

    I did not order any quilts that most of these people did, but i order a rug from a company (i guess) called KAYleeandTepid, the rug came in a bag 8×5 folded in a plastic bag, the material was not wool, color was suppose to be green, and color was brown, orange, was not the right rug or color? Kayleeantepid said i can return it, but responsible for the shipping. Went thru paypal dispute dept. Send it to a company call Printable in Hong Kong address? Never again will i deal with KayleeanTepid, an if paypal dont return my money, wont deal with them either.
    Be careful and search info on anything you buy, or deal with returns from china and hongkong! Look like amazon is the best things when dealing online. Way to go…

    • Anna

      Yes unfortunately i did the same infact the advertisements are shown on Facebook scam alright exactly how you described it arriving in a plastic bag creased i opened it up to find the back as plastic rubbery material…. I am in the process of requesting refund and i sent the items back… Yes Printabel company i was given 2 different phone numbers managed to ring only says no response… I bought through paypal at least so i have till 11th December then the 1st case will close… i have recieved a number of emails 1st one giving me 30% money back… I sent them a respinse with a link to complaints about the company….
      Never will i by online again unless i know it is being sent within Australia 😡

  3. Lyn Cook

    Scammers have not stopped scamming on FB. They have stolen numerous images of my original dog art and slapped them on images that represent what they claim to be ‘quilts’. Not only are they scamming customers, they are stealing intellectual copyrighted original material. I’ve found these FB pages so far advertising quilts that many carry at least one of my original artworks: Jacozy ; Puppylove; ; Block of Gear ; ; Quilt Lovers ; West Highland White Terrier Lovers ; Life is better with a boxer; The day of the century; and Pet Store . There are probably many more. Beware.

  4. Vikki Holder

    I ordered 2 quilts. The owl quilt is just beautiful, but the second quilt never came so that was a big disappointment.

  5. Roxane Krueger

    I order two quilts for Christmas, Christmas cAme no quilts. I did get a conformation number, contact them serve all times and as you figure no answer, finally in the end of January I got one quilt So what I have read I guess I am lucky to get that one, but I really needed the one I didn’t get … live and learn !!’ Will never do that again!!!!

  6. Sue George

    Me too. Ordered the cat motif quilt on Nov. 27, 2018. Emailed them 4 times – the last time it bounced back. Each email was responded to by someone named Sophia asking me to please be patient – they were inundated with backorders, etc. etc. I’ve waited over 4 months and finally requested to cancel. Email ‘bounced’ back – no recipient found. No website. Waiting for Paypal to cover $49 cost since I have nothing but a bogus DHL Shipping number (which also cannot be found on the DHL website). Everything about this company is a scam.

  7. Cathy Anthony

    I ordered 1 quilt November 20, 2018. It was shipped Dec. 11/18 and I received it Jan 28/19. Not only was it the wrong design, but it was supposed to be a Twin Size (38″ X 77″), it was 36″ x 44″, not even big enough for a baby. I contacted the seller and requested an exchange. They said no refund or exchange when it was purchased at a discount. I contacted PayPal, they said I qualified for a refund as long as I returned the item with a Tracking #. The cheapest way to do this cost me over $40. A week after I shipped it to the address I was given, I received a call from FedEx stating that the consignee had moved. I emailed the company & PayPal without any response. I received the stupid quilt returned to me on March 25/19. Paypal closed my case. This whole incident probably cost me $100, learned my lesson the hard way.

  8. Cathy

    I ordered a quilt from this Company in Nov 2018 And I just received my quilt yesterday 3-16-2019. I was very HAPPY to get it. After reading many comments about the site being a scam.

  9. Jamie R

    I ordered a quilt in the beginning of December 2018 for 65.00. I have not received it yet nor can I get any information as to where it is, if there is one out there.

  10. Joseph

    First, you have fakes commenting on here.

    Facebook ads are for the most part fraudulent. You should do your homework before purchasing anything from a Facebook ad.

    That said, anyone here who was scammed can do the following, 1: always buy with PayPal using a credit card. 2:report the fraudulent purchase to the police.(always take photos of the purchase process and item ordered through Facebook. This is really easy on IPads…) 3:submit complaint to PayPal and your card holder with the photos and police report. The transaction photos along with the item that arrives is basically your case for fraud. 4: file a complaint with the better business bureau with the FTC. 5: innundant Facebook ads reporting every ad as fraudulent until they review the ads personally to weed out fraud.

    Hope this helps.

  11. M. Johnson

    They are at it again on FB. Under the new name of Quilt Lovers. Also Block of Gears.

    • Ms. Pandolla Hicks

      I ordered a quilt last month…. so is this a total loss? Block of Gears took my $60 bucks? I have been looking for this quilt in the mail…. no luck! Damn! Just can’t trust anything these days! 🙁

      • Sandra Traylor

        I ordered 2 Twin quilts 10-1-2019 Guess I’ll never see them. $120 can’t find confirmation emails

  12. Warren Partin

    I ordered a quilt from this so called company also like two weeks before Christmas and I still have not received anything and I cannot seem to get anyone to refund my money either

  13. Jessica

    I ordered a quilt on 12-3-18. It said that it was shipped out on 1-8-19. It’s almost 2 months later and still no quilt. I sent an email a couple weeks ago asking if this is normal. I received some sort of automated message saying that my email was received and that I should hear a response within 24 hrs, but I got no such response. I will never order from these people again!!!!!

  14. JackieH

    I also was scammed, I ordered a twin size quilt in November for Christmas gift. I never recieved it until Jan. 28 and it is a crib size piece of cloth with a ribbing sewed around the edge. I filed a complaint with PayPal but they refused to refund my money as I have received my item. I filed a complaint that it was not what I ordered but to no avail. I will call paypal today to see why they won’t refund my money. I am so angry. I paid 89 dollars for something I could have made myself for 10 dollars.

  15. Cindy Jones

    Oh get this!!! So I filed a complaint with PayPal stating item was not as described. They told me that I can get a refund of my money if I send the “quilt” back to CHINA on my OWN DIME!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡
    Does that seem right!?!?
    I’ve decided to just keep the stupid thing .. I’ll save myself the grief … LESSON LEARNED!!!!!!

    • Rebecca B Lamb

      I was told to ship mine to Vietnam. I suspect neither address is valid. I have been trying to explain to PP that we should not have to pay for return shipping because of fraud and that return shipping with tracking would cost more than half of what we paid for the item. This is so frustrating. PayPal is making money off of these scammers!

  16. Alynn Schmitt McManus

    PRINTABEL CO AMELIA QUILT IS A SCAM! I unfortunately ordered 2 Queen size Pug Quilts for Xmas gifts and after 90 days received only one: an ugly poorly stitched and photo-transferred thin less-than-full size quilt that is HORRIBLE quality. The other Queen size quilt remains to be seen; but because this SCAM Seller created a FALSE DHL shipping page, PayPal refuses to refund my money on the basis of item that shows “Delivered”–NO SUCH THING.
    I am working diligently to report PRINTABEL CO/AMELIA QUILTS to states’ Attorneys General as well as Better Business Bureau. But, they are likely in China and untouchable

    • Kay Gillett

      yep, same thing happened to me. And YES—-This so called company is located in Hong Kong China and not in the United States as I was led to believe
      I have been working with PayPal for 2 months trying to get a refund on 2 of 3 quilts I ordered.
      One not received and credit issued—After 2 months I received the 2 other quilts/sent separately and received on different days. There was no return information and no packing slips (NOT A Quilt) and updated my complaint from not received to POOR QUALITY/NOT WHAT I ORDERED/NOT A HANDMADE QUILT)
      Yesterday I paid $70.00 to ship items to a company (Printable) that I am not sure even exists. PayPal emailed me a return address in Hong Kong China. They told me I would have to wait 20 days for Printable to advise they received merchandise before they will issue credit for return items and postage. Not sure why I have to wait, I called PayPal and gave tracking numbers the USPS gave me for International Shipping receipts.
      Needless to say, I am displeased with Facebook for running these ads for users to believe these are reputable companies and also disgusted with PayPal for their handling the complaints through the Resolution Center.

      Best of LUCK dealing with these companies and PayPal to get a refund.

      • Rebecca B Lamb

        I was told to ship mine to Vietnam. I suspect neither address is valid. Did you ever learn of its delivery?

    • MaryAnn

      Please let us know how that goes with the BBB so many of us can do so also.
      Paypal wants me to send them evidence of the poor quality. I am sure that will be a waste of time. They will probably then tell me the same as they told everyone else: Mail it back to them for the refund. Next holiday season we can all post non stop on their FB page advertising their “quilts”. We can help other innocent victims. So much for Paypal security.

    • Cheri Wilkinson

      Hi Alynn, I hope I can be of some help to you! I ordered two quilts…….nothing came so I contacted pay pal to take it off my account as PRINTABEL did not exist. My credit card charge was reversed and I got my money back!! Today……I received a quilt!! they are very cheap, but I got it!! The return mail address for the quilts from CHINA is Shanghai Yaxiang Int Forwardin – bldg 3 No2 Xincheng Rooad SHANGHAI 020 200000. I hope this can be of some help. Cheri

      • Alynn Schmitt McManus

        Thank you, Cheri. I know many of us in this same awful situation have mailed their quilts back to China for a refund. I am not willing to pay the international shipping fees and be out more $ at this point–It’s a wash. I will never buy anything from a FaceBook promotion again! Lesson learned

    • MaryAnn

      After Paypal asked for photos from me proving the item was not what the company claimed Paypal then said I had to send the items back to China by Feb. 11 (the ‘quilts’ took 2 months to get here yet I have two weeks to mail them out.) Paypal gave me this address PRINTABEL COMPANY LIMITED
      Unit 1411, 14/Floor, Cosco Tower 183 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong SHEUNG WAN, HONG KONG ISLAND HK
      I will never buy anything from a FB advertisement again.

    • Emily

      I ordered a fishing version of this quilt. Was expecting it as a Christmas gift for a family member, ordered it in November and it took roughly 5-6 months to get to me and only after I contacted the email on sight which said customer service and that because of Christmas they had temporarily shut down service to catch up on orders (although I thought this was weird, I thought for a small company, maybe plausible) I got this reply from someone named: Tania (Ecrafta), saying:

      Thank you for reaching out. Your order was sent out for shipment. You can keep track here: CNCSE3191411712827.
      Your package is being transited oversea, that’s why it does not show any update on the website. Once the parcel reaches to US, information will be updated.

      Please stay tuned with us. Thank you for your patience.
      Best Regards,

      Within a month of complaining I got my “quilt” but it was nothing of the sort, thin material, picture was printed on it, and it was only 3×4 in size!!! Blanket my ass. Bad scam, hopefully this helps someone out there.

  17. Christie Martin

    I ordered 2 quilts in November and never received anything. I am not very happy about that…
    please let me know where is my order. Order number is: AQ36123

  18. Cheryl Ann Allen

    Well I guess I was scammed also. I ordered the dragon quilt couple months ago and still have not gotten it supposedly it’s coming from China the tracking numbers probably bogus Posey DHL was the shippers and they just told me that if I don’t receive the package and check with the place I got it from. I’ve never been scammed before in my life and I can’t believe I have been now going to get a hold of PayPal and see if they can help me with a refund. Wish I could find these people.

    • MaryAnn Johnson

      I agree with almost all these other folks on here, except the woman who said she loved what she received from them. Good grief, what!? I recently filed a claim with pay pal against this company. I actually receive two of the three “quilts” I ordered after two months and countless emails asking where was my order. They ignore most emails before and after you receive the item. The so called “quilts” are ridiculous and can hardly be called quilts. More like crooked low quality thin wall hangings. (Not even that, because they buckle, don’t lay flat.) Anyway Paypal is in the deciding stage of who to side with. I agree with those folks who say they hold Pay pal & Facebook accountable.

      • Kay Gillett

        WOW—-My complaint is word for word with yours.

        Now waiting on refund credit from PayPal for 2 of the quilts (NOT handmade Quilts—printed thin sheets with machine stitch and bias tape).
        I have been dealing with this issue for 2 months now and very disgusted with response (or lack of response) I have gotten from PayPal since there is no way of contacting the company. My understanding was Amelia Quilt and Cotton
        Colors were United States companies, only to find out while trying to track orders they are in Hong Kong China.
        I just spent another $70.00 (which I was told by PayPal that I will be credited when company receives returns) to ship product back to Seller. I wont get credit for the quilts and return shipping charges until the company notifies PayPal they got product back. (it took only a few minutes for this company to charge my credit card account when order was placed).
        I am very displeased with PayPal with the way this purchase and claim has been handled. They have to know by now that this is a scam and do something to protect the buyer. In the 2 months I have been dealing with PayPal the company has changed it’s name from Amelia Quilts to Ecrafta and then again to Printable . (Have no idea what happened to Cotton Color Company)
        PayPal said I have to wait another 20 days in order for company to receive returns before I can update my claim with Resolution Center.
        Has anyone gotten past the stage of return shipments to Hong Kong and actually getting a refund on the order and shipping charges?

  19. Lorie Kennedy

    Totally agree…scam…item took FOREVER to ship. Ordered in November and like others, did not receive further contact except that they had received my order until I sent multiple emails. Finally got a response, but no contact info. Just names: Sophia and Eric on the email. Received notice on December 27 that it had shipped. Didn’t receive it until January 22. It is poor quality and too small. To give you an idea, a queen size “quilt” was mailed in a 9 x 12 envelope with room to spare!

    Sent email on Thursday to get my money back and the responses completely avoid the question. They tell me the dimensions for a queen size quilt are 70 x 80. Ummmm…no! That barely covers the TOP of the bed. Now they want photos. I sent just to comply with the request and AGAIN reiterate that I just want my money back and that as a consumer I have that right.


    If you paid with PayPal, please file a claim so that others don’t fall victim to this. Escalate the claim to get faster response.

    • Kris Jones

      How do you file a claim with PayPal?????

  20. John SL

    We ordered in. November never recieved product,

    • Sea Turtle momma

      Give it a few more days. We ordered ours on Black Friday. Never could contact company. Not through email or phone. The website was shut down. But…… we finally received our blanket on January 23rd 2019.

  21. JD

    Same thing as above, except I ordered the Hippie Quilt in mid- to late-November. Didn’t order for Christmas, but got a notice in December that the quilt was ready to ship. Then…silence. I waited until after Christmas to start complaint with PayPal since I only got automated responses from the company. Paypal has been very good at keeping information coming to me.

    Well guess what? I got the “quilt” today—if that’s what you want to call it. It doesn’t even cover the TOP of my queen-size bed. And to get an idea of how flimsy the quilt is, it arrived in a 10×13 vinyl envelope and weighed about 1 lb.!!!!!! The colors were beautiful and the quilting was not bad, but the weight and size were totally unexpected. Now, I’m working with Paypal to find out how to return this thing and get a refund. There is nothing about returns on the Amelia Quilt website. We’ll see what happens next.

    Last time I’ll fall for something like this! True dat—if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

  22. Cindy Rayborn

    They got me too…………..November of 2018, I ordered a nurse’s quilt for a Christmas gift. I received an email saying it was soon to ship. Here is it the end of January and I still do not have the quilt. I do email them frequently and a couple of times have gotten a response. Surely, legal authorities can track them through email??????

  23. Marie

    I was scammed by this company in a big way. I placed 2 orders on Nov. 28, 2018 for 5 quilts at a total cost of $240.00. On Dec. 28th, 2018, I received 2 shipping notification emails from DHL Global Express. However, when I went to the DHL website and entered those tracking numbers, they were invalid. In January, I filed 2 claims with PayPal which is how I paid for the quilts. Once, PayPal started investigating, I received 2 more shipping notifications with the false tracking numbers stating that the quilts had been delivered, but nothing had. PayPal closed the 2 cases because the company said they delivered the quilts. 2 days later, I received two of the 5 quilts. They are the size of baby blankets, not twin beds, with the design poorly screen printed on the front. The seams are unraveling, it is simply 2 cheap pieces of fabric sewn together. At this point, I have no recourse except to accept that I have been scammed. To top it off, I recently received an email from a company called SixtyNine Block. Same pictures of the same quilts so they have changed names. Buyer beware!!!!!!



  25. Susan E Burke

    Sadly, I ordered a quilt November 17th. Same experience as others, so I won’t repeat. Delivery took over 2 months, occasional updates were bogus DHL tracking numbers, etc. It finally came yesterday & it’s the print I ordered, but that’s the only part that’s right. It is super thin, like someone said, as if 2 sheets were sown together. No quilting, no batting, nothing. Certainly nothing like they purported it to be…handmade by women on the northwest, yada, yada. At least I got something for my so-called bargain price of $69.95. :o(

  26. JD

    Fell for it too and lost $64.90. Placed order on November 8, 2018, order disappeared, they said they changed their website and to be patient blah blah. So glad I didn’t waste any more money.

  27. Cheryl Sears

    I am starting to think that the claim that it is a scam is the scam itself. Sure it was terrible service and it took 2 months to get my quilt but it came and I love it. I had worse service from this Christmas. They took my money and only sent half of my order. So glad I didn’t listen to everyone and ask for a refund. I think so many people jumped the gun and asked for a refund which in turn forced the company to shut down. Again the power of social media.

  28. The Sherminator

    Scammed as well. I hold FACEBOOK accountable to some degree. why do they allow this marketing scam to occur? probably because they make money from the scammers. I wouldn’t have bought a quilt had I not seen it on facebook. then there is PayPal. why aren’t they vetting these scammer/vendors as well? probably money again. I am not saying I am not responsible for this purchase , I am. but FB and PayPal are massive corporate businesses and want to be seen as legitimate, and yet they participate in this criminal practice. Shame on them

  29. Melony Wynn

    I got scammed too! I ordered a queen snowman quilt on Dec 4th and still haven’t received it yet. I reported it to PayPal through a dispute still in process hoping they will help me.. These people gave a false tracking number and everything. Can’t track the package or get in contact with them. Says currently closed.. This is terrible and ridiculous and their getting away with this.. Someone must stop them.. Can someone help me?

    • Anna

      Dude I just got mine In the mail today !!!! Two of them I’m so damn surprised lol

      • Patty

        I got one of my quilts (?) in the mail yesterday. This is a piece of material sown together, not even twin size. Wish I could return, but of course no address. I also have a dispute with PayPal

        • Gayle

          I ordered one too. Not only is it a piece of junk, it is not the size they claim….I ordered a twin and it is actually 36″ x 41″. I filed a dispute with Paypal and it was declined. I’m trying again but not too hopeful. What a waste of money

          • Cindy Jones

            Put in another dispute as “item not as described” that’s what I did

  30. SFMoeller

    Add my name to the list of suckers. Ordered a twin dinosaur quilt from PRINTABEL COMPANY LIMITED on November 23, 2018. Company promised delivery in two weeks. It didn’t arrive by Christmas so I contacted PayPal. They contacted seller and it Finally arrived January 17th, 2019. Not only was it Not a Twin quilt it was barely a yard square piece of printed fabric that had been machine stitched and trimmed. It is not worth $5 more or less the $55 I paid. Awaiting a refund from PayPal now.

  31. Beth Van Blarcom

    I ordered 2 quilts in November and paid $120. The seller sent a note via Paypal with a fraudulent shipping #. DHL Global has no record of the shipping number and they are supposedly the carrier. PayPal is not refunding my money as of yet. It has been 2 months since I placed the order and no quilts and no refund! Getting ready to stop doing business with PayPal too!

  32. Beth Van Blarcom

    I ordered two quilts in November 2018. Never received them. I used PayPal, but still have not received a refund for the $120 I spent on quilts. I was given a tracking number via the PayPal resolution center and supposedly my quilts were shipped in early January. Tracking # does not exist according to the DHL website (supposedly they were shipped by DHL Global). PayPal is refusing to respond and has still not refunded my money.

  33. Michael

    This is so deplorable
    This is so deplorable, so sad, and disgusting? To see all these people getting the same run around, as I am too. I bought two quilts in the very beginning of December. Got the email saying my quilts were done and a tracking number would be sent soon. Never got a tracking number. But today they must have gotten in touch with PayPal, because I got an email with a tracking number. It is to late for that, I could not call or email anyone cancel it. Because that email given, no one responds to it. It is a Chinese company I believe, probably not even a company, and they seem to be untouchable. All they have to do with PayPal is tell PayPal its on its way with a tracking number. So now I am having to wait even more longer now?! I am so furious, these two people did not ever get their Christmas present. So they are jerking me around now by telling PayPal its on its way. I sent PayPal a message a good while back. So I am being told to wait again by PayPal. I live on disability I really hope some repercussions are going to happen towards this false company…..

    • Becky resh

      I ordered in November 2108. Also same email back pretty much, saying “in process lots of orders. Thank you.” Finally ema old are not being sent. Pay pal is investigating it. They looked light but after I ordered I asked for phone number address and work licence info and they said they do everything over internet. I knew then I was scammed pretty much. The new quilts sites I think it’s Dan by the same people. I’m putting the word out there.

  34. Tanya Grandillo

    I ordered in November, received a confirmation email. Then a couple weeks later received an email that my order was shipped. When I tried to track my order it said it was en route on Dec. 11. I still haven’t received my quilts. I have emailed several times and now the site says they are down due to tracking holiday shipments. I found this ad on Facebook as well. I received a text from the 69 company and when I responded asking if they were taking over for the Amelia company no further contact was received. I learned a sad lesson.

  35. Nancy Been

    I now realize that I have also been scammed. Placed my order in Nov for a queen size dachshund quilt to give to my friend at Christmas. Received an e-mail on 12/10/18 stating that my quilt was finished and it would take longer than usual for shipping because of the holiday season. They would send another e-mail with tracking # when shipped. Never received another e-mail and no quilt. Have learned my lesson. Saw the Amelia Quilt ad on facebook. 😡

  36. Jd smith

    Beware of Sixtynine Block. They have changed the name and doing a better presentation but the quilt photos are the same and when I contacted them it was the same email as Amelia Quilt scam.

  37. Larry

    They are now going by a new name at Please spread the word to avoid this website now.

  38. Martha Grill

    Actually received my “quilt” just now after a month and a half. This thing is NOT a quilt! I ordered twin size and it’s not even big enough for a crib! Not only that, but all it is made of is a printed piece of fabric, backed by a piece of gray (not even colorful!) fabric and bound with gray bias tape….then it is machine stitched all over with squiggly lines! Not exactly “quilted”!!! Not size worthy, craft worthy, not quality at all….and they took this long to “make” this??! What a SCAM!!! Calling back PayPal today to report this delivery and the very poor quality and size issue! Also emailed one of the many names at Amelia Quilt/ecrafta, demanding a return and full refund! We shall see!

  39. christina furgerson


  40. Jo S

    I ordered Nov 8th from these scammers. It is now almost Jan 8th. I got a tracking number on Dec 12 2018 from DHL e-commerce which seems legit. Still no quilt and I am sure too late to get refunded from the credit card company. So irritated!! 😡

    • Holly Ball

      I got a tracking too, but when I went to the DHL site and actually type in the number, it came up as an error. I ordered on 11/16. I’ll be interested to see if you get anything!

      • JD

        Go to DHL eCommerce website for tracking your number. I contacted DHL, they replied that it was DHL eCommerce. Then, I contacted DHL eCommerce for status and stayed with it. It FINALLY arrived today (after about 6 weeks of emails with their automated ones, emails from PayPal and complaints with BBB). Piece of trash! Colors are about the only good thing. Quilt for queen won’t fit a twin and it arrived in 10×13 vinyl bag at 1 lb. No batting, not even 1/2″ thick!! Now on a mission to return the d**** thing!!!

    • J Unwin

      We got refunded by Discover. They stand behind scams.

  41. mary fabian

    I had the same experience as identified by many people. I ordered the quilt on Nov 18 and finally received a quilt on January 4th. The package was the size of a bag that a regular-sized loaf of bread comes in. I knew that meant disappointment – what “quilt” fits in a bread bag? I ordered a queen size–the one I received barely fits a double bed. To paraphrase complainant K Blackburn: “This “quilt” is just a single print of material made to look like a quilt with stitching on it, just like a store bought blanket. It is not handmade and is from the US. The “quilt” is paper thin with no batting inside. These are blankets – not quilts. They are cheaply made and sent from CHINA.” I gotta give it to them for having a very clever website!

    • Traci Ousley

      The same thing happened to me. I ordered 2, one queen and one twin. Only got the queen 2 months later and not even the size of a twin. I ordered through PayPal, so hoping to get my money back.

  42. Cindy Lamb

    I saw Amelia Quilts advertised on Facebook so I thought if it is on Facebook I would be okay not at all I placed my order for a Softball Quilt sent my money never heard back from them I called Facebook to see what I could do and they told me I needed to be smarter. I will not buy anything on Facebook again. Beware of Amelia Quilts!

  43. Cindy Jones

    OMG 😮
    I realize I have been had!!! I too ordered a King size quilt late November. Received the email that it was completed and on its way along with many emails for discounts for future purchases. I also emailed inquiring about my quilt as it was a Christmas gift.
    I received a “tracking” number which’ states it was shipped out December 7th. I questioned why it would take so long to be shipped within the USA. No response after that. I went on their site and saw the we are down for Christmas to process orders
    They are probably in the Caribbean enjoying a vacation on our money that they scammed.
    Well now to begin the process of getting my money back
    I guess we all should’ve been a little Leary and curious as to why there was no mailing address or phone numbers
    We all learned a lesson here.

    • Martha Grill

      I ordered in November as well, actually got it today and it’s horrible! Mine was supposed to be twin size and it’s smaller than a crib quilt! It’s printed fabric backed by another piece of fabric and sewn all over in squiggly lines! NOT a quilt and certainly not twin size!

      • Cindy Jones

        I received the “quilt”
        It’s a piece of crap!! Not worth $67
        It’s a crappy screen print with zero batten
        PayPal denied my claim because it was delivered. But it’s not what I ordered!!!!!!!!!!!
        I’m refiling my claim “Item not as described”!!!

  44. Sue Gray

    Was scared by this company, ashamed to say, nevertheless i ordered a baseball quilt for my grandson for Christmas and still have not recieved. I know why now. I will never see the quilt or a money refund. I will be sure and pass word around that Amelia quilts is a shameful scam.

  45. Sylvie Fournier

    ordered on November 18th and finally got an email December 29th, saying my order was shipped with a tracking number which turns out doesn’t exist. I had call Paypal around december 15th and was told was leggit site 🙁
    Sorry as of today January 3rd, 2019 i called my credit card and will be reimbursed. very disappointed liked the quilt that they were being sold

  46. Dawn Pieper

    Order late Nov. Few vague responses. Last two weeks no response from emailing. I believe many have been scammed. Hopefully we can rec. credit from the credit card company. So disappointing. This was a Christmas gift.

  47. Lia

    I ordered a quilt on Nov. 27 and have had several email exchanges with Ecrafta asking where my quilt is and them responding that it will be shipped out soon. I asked for a refund and they said that couldn’t happen as my quilt had already been sent out for production. Found someone on facebook who had also been scammed by them and had filed a claim with paypal, which I have also done. Don’t really understand why they would continue to respond to my emails if they just wanted to take my money and run, but all the info I am finding makes me believe they are crooks.

    • Martha Grill

      They said the same thing to me, that I could not cancel as it “already had been processed and shipped”! Would you believe it actually came today, NOT what I ordered or thought I was getting at all! I ordered twin size, and this thing is smaller than a crib blanket! PLUS it’s only 2 pieces of fabric sewn together and sewn all over with some squiggly lines, NOT A QUILT!!!! I have a case in with PayPal, may take a while, but I refuse to let them get away with this!

  48. Kimberly Blackburn

    Amelia “quilt” SCAMMERS!! BUYER BEWARE !!
    I ordered 2 queen size quilts from on Nov 20th. On Dec 20th I filed for a refund through paypal because i never received my product. I only got one email from them and it stated part of my ordered was being sent but nothing on the other one. I tried to contact them multiple times but did not have any reponse. After paypal contacted them, they contacted me from encrafta not amelia quilt so they have multiple company names apparently and they are all the same scammer. Paypal denied my claim due to the company PRINTABEL COMPANY LIMITED ( who the hell is that?) supplying the tracking number that they gave me. I finally received it on Dec27th, only 1 of the 2 and it was a joke. First off it was not handmade and from the US. This “quilt” as they call it was just a single print of material made to look like a quilt with stitching on it just like a store bought blanket would have looked. The “quilt” is paper thin with no batting inside. I understand quilts don’t normally have alot of that but this is next to nothing, tissue paper could be more filling. These are blankets not quilts that are cheaply made and sent from CHINA. I refiled my case with paypal on 12/31/18 for missing items and item not as described but before that I sent an email to the email that was supplied to paypal which is pay01@hiweb .com and still no reponse. Now that paypal filed another claim against them they responded today to paypal and they are reviewing the information provided. I have read that some people have been refunded from paypal, I hope that this time my case is in my favor seeing as how many people are filing cases against these companies which are they same. BIG waste of money!! SCAMMERS !!!! Beware of any company on facebook that is selling quilts. I learned my lesson, no more buying of facebook ads. It’s a shame becasue the company’s that are truely good companies will fall into the buyer beware due these fradualent people/companies.
    I only rated 1 star to leave a review otherwise it would be -100 stars!!

    • Cindy Jones

      When I paid for the quilt it also said Printable Company limited PayPal. Did you ever get refunded?
      How do I go about getting a refund?! Do I go through PayPal?

      • Martha Grill

        Mine too, I filed a claim with PayPal last night, she said it takes up to 30 days.

      • Cindy Jones

        I went through PayPal and was told 10 days …. good luck as well

        • Ed

          I used my debit card through paypal..I wonder if I’m going to have trouble getting money back?

          • Melissa

            I received a refund through PayPal, only took a few days. I never received merchandise. File a dispute on the PayPal site for a quick resolution.

  49. Donna Duhon

    I received an email my quilt was completed on 12/10/18, and to wait for delivery confirmation. I have been emailing a Sophia who assured me the company is not a scam. But she still has not produced my quilt ordered in November.

  50. Beth Morris

    I was taken in too! Ordered a quilt 11/24. Haven’t received it. Getting vague responses to my e-mail inquiries. Told them expect a phone call to discuss cancelling my order and getting a refund. So disappointing!

  51. Fred

    I received order confirmation Dec 3, 2018. There was no further correspondence until I emailed them Dec 27. I got a response Jan 1 apologizing for the delay and that they are working to fulfill orders. We’ll see.

  52. Tamara Courchene

    I was wondering about Lucktasic ?

  53. Jenny Benedict

    I ordered 2 quilts in November and did receive notice that they had shipped and that was the end of that. no response to several emails.

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