HydraLight Review – Why Others Are Calling it a Scam!

The HydraLight which has been featured on T.V. and at HydraLight.com, is under scrutiny lately for being a “poorly constructed device.”

This no battery flashlight is said to be “extremely long lasting,” yet most consumers report that this unique flashlight stops functioning after a few uses.

To find out more regarding this rather interesting consumer good, we invite you to read our unbiased review where we’ll delve into the murky depths of the HydraLight.

About HydraLight

The HydraLight is marketed as a durable flashlight and functions under a similar capacity as other flashlights, just without batteries.

According to the company, each flashlight comes with up to 300 hours of light and can run for days on one water dip.

Available for $29.95, the HydraLight comes in one of two forms.

A traditional flashlight or a lantern.

According to HydraLight.com.com, HydraLight purchases comes with a risk-free, no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee, although consumer reports will indicate that is certainly not the case.

HydraLight is available for purchase at HydraLight.com or through select online retailers, such as Amazon.

HydraLight Offers

  • HydraLight + Bonus Fuel Cell is $29.95
  • 2 HydraLight + Bonus Fuel Cell is $49.90
  • 3 HydraLight + Bonus Fuel Cell is $68.85

Each of the offers available at HydraLight are said to come with free shipping, yet when you go down to the shipping section you will notice that shipping charges will vary between $5.65 to $32.95, depending upon how quickly you want it.

How does HydraLight Work?

According to the company, HydraLight functions in a 3-step capacity.

Step 1

Just remove the hydra-cell fuel cell.

Step 2

Immerse it in water 10 to 12 seconds to generate power.

Step 3

Place the fuel cell back in the HydraLight.

Allegedly the Hydra-cell fuel cell is capable of working with any kind of water.

When investigating into HydraLigh, we noticed that there was quite a bit of information missing regarding the overall functionality of the flashlight, such as how many lumens does the flashlight produce, are the hydra-cells easily damaged and is the HydraLight prone to bacteria and mold accumulation due to being water-based?

It should be noted that the HydraLight is not the only water-based flashlight currently available on the market.

There are some competitors that function under a familiar capacity while many DIY projects enable users to create their own hydra flashlight for much less than HydraLight is charging.

What Are Others Saying

We truly wanted to believe that the HydraLight was going to be a necessity amongst consumers due to the unique functionality, but HydraLight reviews made us reconsider this possibility.

Below are a few of the most relevant consumer reviews we found regarding the HydraLight at HighYa:

“I got the light for Christmas. It worked out of the box after adding water. I put it away for a week and took it out again and nothing. I added more water and still nothing. I let it dry out, added water and then tried again and nothing. Hardly as durable or reliable as claimed. A novel technology, but hardly reliable flashlight for emergencies.”

“We initially charged the HydraLight cell, and the light worked. However, after sitting (in OFF position) for a few days, now the light is not working, and the cell won’t recharge. FAILURE!”

“I have been trying to speak with customer service for an hour now. Not the first time I have called. After being on hold to cancel the order, after 30 minutes I got hung up on. I should have known better but I thought it might have been a nice thing for a stocking stuffer. I probably will never see my $60.00 again. I would have rather given the money to my local dog rescue. Never again!”

According to the Return Policy, the HydraLight must not have been used in order to be eligible for a free return.

This strictly contradicts HydraLights 60-day risk free, no questions asked money back guarantee heavily marketed at HydraLight.com.

More negative consumer experiences can be found at FreakinReviews.com.

To date, we have not been able to find many positive reviews regarding the HydraLight except for some at Amazon.


According to SimiliarWeb, HydraLight.com reflected a global rank of 1,185,687 with a US rank of 240,376 as of December 24th, 2018.

Given HydraLight’s rather poor web-rankings, the company has pursued other avenues such as televised commercials and have relied on retail conglomerates such as Amazon to support their product inventory.

Chances are if you have come across HydraLight it was through a televised commercial.

Is HydraLight an Ideal Solution?

Given the excessive complaints disclosed by past HydraLight users, we do not feel that HydraLight is an ideal solution.

While we truly loved the concept behind the HydraLight it has proven to be rather ineffective amongst consumers while the company itself seems quite firm on the position of not offering any refunds.

HydraLight Review Conclusion

HydraLight is built upon an interesting concept and is marketed as such.

Being heavily advertised across televised programs and the web, the HydraLight markets a highly attractable consumer good but the functionality of the flashlight does not seem to be effective outside a few uses.

Given the excessive negative reviews regarding the HydraLight, their poor customer service and their inability to live up to their word regarding refunds, we are not advising consumers to give HydraLight a shot.

Outcome: We do not recommend the HydraLight.

Site: HydraLight.com

We invite you to share any insight, feedback or experiences you may have below!


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