Easy Pay Finance Review

Easy Pay Finance (easypayfinance.com) is a financing platform that was created on August 31st, 2012 by Duvera Billing Services, LLC.

Easy Pay Finance Review

Easy Pay Finance is an online platform that provides financing services to merchants in need of obtaining personal or auto financing loans. Operating as a short-term lender, Easy Pay Finance enables applicants to file for loan requests varying between $500 to $4,000 while loan repayment periods last between 12 to 24 months.

According to a WHOIS domain report, easypayfinance.com was created on August 31st, 2012 through the GoDaddy registrar and by an organization disclosed as Duvera.

Upon further investigation, research will go on to reveal that Duvera, actually known as Duvera Billing Services, LLC, is the overseeing corporate entity responsible for Easy Pay Finance. As found at Duvera Billing Services, LLC Better Business Bureau profile, their business was established and incorporated on May 18th, 2001 in California.

Disclosing a physical address of 1910 Palomar Point Way #101, Carlsbad, CA 92008, an entity known as Mary Jones is serving as their active President while Scott Vertress is their reflected CEO. Furthermore, Duvera Billing Services, Inc became a BBB accredited business on August 28th, 2017 and reflects a 71% negative customer review rating.

Easy Pay Finance is available in every state in the United States besides New York and functions as an instant approval lender. Charging a merchant fee of 2.99% for successful and completed loan applications, Easy Pay Finance offers same day payments as long as their application is completed by 4 P.M. EST.

In order to qualify, applicants must be 18 years of age, earn at least $1,000 per month and have a checking account in good standing for the past 90 days.

Supported Contact Methods

  1. Customers needing account information (866) 438-8372
  2. Interested Merchants (866) 791-0915 or sales@easypayfinance.com
  3. Existing Merchants (866) 337-2537 or merchantservices@easypayfinance.com

Easy Pay Finance Scam

Easy Pay Finance incorporates a minimalistic yet user-friendly platform but doesn’t appear to be upfront regarding their identity or overseeing corporation. Failing to disclose a noticeable Terms and Conditions, prospective applicants are not aware of the employed loan terms required by Easy Pay Finance.

To further complicate matters, multiple consumer complaints can be found at RipOffReport or at their corporation’s Better Business Bureau profile. Among the chief complaints reported would be  horrific customer service, outrageously high loan rates (between 129 to 200% on average) and the strong assertion that Easy Pay Finance is a scam.

Easy Pay Finance does not appear to be a popular site and reflects a SimilarWeb global rank of 606,130 as of March 4th, 2018.

Given the anonymous nature and numerous negative complaints, we do not feel that Easy Pay Finance is trustworthy and alternatively recommend BadCreditLoans or 24/7 Dollar Loans.

Please report any unethical conduct or insight by sharing a comment below!


  1. Teima Rom

    Hello, I just wanted to let know I had a great experience with representative Luke, he made everything possible in both of my accounts, I got off a couple days and he activated an special offer, since I’m not able to post a Google comment I wanted to post a congrats to that guy in here, I got a great cx service experience with Supervisor. Besides that I think they offer a REAL HIGH INTEREST RATE ON THEIR SERVICES, but that was the only thing I could use on Midas to get my car fixed.

  2. Ronald Hairston

    I wish I had read this before signing. I have been trying to set up an online account for 2 weeks Each time I attempt to log in, I get an error message of invalid user name or password. How can this be when I set up the account the day I made an application. Every time I call customer service, there a 100 plus people ahead . I stayed on the line for 2.5 hours tonight only to be disconnected. I also noticed that there is no email address to contact them.

  3. Kira Hampshire

    We took out a loan for $2,444 for a puppy. The lady at petland said we would be paying $150 every two weeks and would take 2 years to pay off. Well with our now 151.99% interest rate which it clearly was not when we signed up, we now have almost $4000 left to pay it back. I did some math and if my husband and I continue to pay at the minimums rate of 150 every two weeks, it will take us about 52 years to pay back this loan. How is this even legal??!! I do not recommend this at all.

    • Anonymous

      I am going through a very similar situation with easypay Finance. The more I pay the more I owe. This cannot be legal. I will seek legal advice. Please do
      Do not use this company!!!!!!!!

  4. Moe

    I’m glad I read these comments before completing a transaction. I was approved and almost fell for the 90 day interest free trap thinking I would ignore the very high interest rate and just pay it off before interest started building. After seeing these comments, thank God I did not fall for this scam! I rather pay for a new tire
    One at a time than to find myself getting screwed over by this company. This
    Company should be ashamed of themselves and they will get there day eventually. God is watching and he particularly cares about the poor and needy so trust me this company will have to answer to God eventually!

    • James

      African children dint agree xd

  5. Chelsey Fentner

    Easy Pay is the WORST.! I paid 1100$ in the first 90 days and they STILL charged me interest on those payments.! They NEVER explained how high the interest would be. I’ve done the math. For my 2462.51 that I borrowed I’ve paid (to this date) 2955.12 which is 492.61 over the amount originally financed. They still want 2679.72 from me.! I would have NEVER signed for this if I knew.! And I also called up and they’re not willing to help you. “If you do not pay your credit will be affected for 7 years and we can not waive anything” HORRIBLE customer service if you ask me. I even offered to pay 500$ right now.! That would be 992.61$ OVER the original amount and they refused. Will be speaking to my attorney immediately but if there’s anyone out there who handles these kind of matters PLEASE email me. Chelseyannee@gmail.com

    • Chelsey Fentner

      Oh and they also ran a payment from my account WITHOUT ME AUTHORIZING IT.! So watch your accounts if you already signed up with these assholes.! Luckily mine was done yesterday.! I was able to block payments through my bank. So they can’t receive a penny from me.! But when I asked the girl who authorized it I was told “automatic payments are turned on” I went to the page and sid no they are not. I turned them off after the first payment I made. She came back with some bullshit story that “on 08/03 someone logged into the account…” I stopped her right there and said she’s fucking lying because NOBODY not even my finance can get into my account. And all she offered to do was turn them off and I screamed THEYRE ALREADY OFF.! I ended up giving the phone to my finance before I threw it across the room. If you fell into their trap I suggest turning off payments and speaking with an attorney. They will repeatedly tell you “your credit this your credit that” well id rather anyone else get my money but these assholes.!

  6. Michelle

    I am horrified!!!!! I called to see how much I had left to pay on my $2500 dog. I have paid solid every month up to $2400. I was so happy to say I wanted to pay off the balance and the woman said my balance to pay off is $2800!! 3 kids in college! I can’t do it! If I stay in the contract for 2 years my dog will cost $8000! HELP!’ Rip off !!! Should be illegal!

    • Gabby

      Jesus. How about the 90 days thing. Anyone has used that?

  7. Racquel

    I regret doing business with this company. Highest interest rates (as in 98% and I have really good credit) and they don’t work to get it lowered at all. Worst decision I made and wish I could’ve avoided altogether but this was the only option available for me to get the purchase completed there and then. Please, I beg you, avoid Duvera aka Easypay Finance at all possible cost. I would hate for anyone to have to pay more than needed or over 100% more of what the financed amount was. Financed $2000, by the end of the contract the amount would be over $4000…. this is just straight robbery! I wish I could give them no stars!

    • Cheyenne

      Happening to me too! I financed $15o0 and Im being charged up to almost $6000 by the end of my payments. Im disgusted. Not only that but I looked at the online documents and dont remember signing some and the signature doesn’t even look like mine.

      • Chelsey Fentner

        Has anyone figured out a way around this.? I’ve already paid almost $3000 when I only borrowed $2461.! And apparently still owe $2600.! I stopped payments through my bank as they tried authorizing a payment without my consent. There has to be SOMETHING we can do considering it looks like anyone who’s used these frauds has had issues.

      • C


        • Chelsey Fentner

          They’re scammers all right.! How does a $2400 loan turn into $7000 and gain interest DAILY.!? There has to be something that can be done. I’ll be speaking with my lawyer tomorrow.! F*ck them.!

  8. P. FOX

    This company, also known as Duvera Finance has a horrible customer service base! I paid my account in full and they still added interest because I had an issue in my bank which I advised them about and paid them again before the check was returned but they used that an excuse to continue to charge me interest in the sum of 1.25 a day plus an additional 250.00!! Then I paid it in full to the penny and went online to see where my paid in full letter was and there was still .06 cents outstanding!!!! I called the customer service dept spoke to a Michelle who was rude and condescending, I then asked for a Manager “I was sent to Xavier” not a Manager but an account Manager who advised I needed to call back tomorrow to get my paid in full letter! This was after being on hold for 20 min! I asked why can’t he just send out a paid in full letter make a note on the account at which point he kept repeating himself like a parrot that I needed to call back tomorrow! Horrible!! Horrible!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY EVEN IF IT IS YOUR LAST RESORT! YOU WILL REGRET IT!! THE SUPERVISOR IS EMMA- THE MANAGER IS LISA AND THE DIRECTOR IS APRIL! ALL OF WHOM I WAS ADVISED THEY CANNOT TAKE MY CALL THEY WERE BUSY!!!!!

  9. Steven

    I’m with everyone on here, please avoid this financer completely. Went to Chandler Motorsports in AZ and financed a small quad for my daughter. We were simply told about a 90 interest free loan. After paying 300$ upfront, and signing the loan for which 0 time was spent informing me of rates and added fees; I noticed a 96% interest rate and biweekly payments set for 24 months. Immediately after getting home, I attempted to reach the Easypay (Duvera) to find out that customer service is unavailable on weekends. First thing Monday morning I contacted them, waiting 30+/- minutes, via telephone as no response was received through email. Good thing I had called as the 90 day 0 interest promotion had to be asked for as it is not automatically set up so I was told. Also during this call, I was made aware of a 40$ fee that is charged under the promotion. I made payments atop of my automatic drafted payments and paid the balance in full prior to the 90 days. After doing such I received a statement in the mail that showed a balance remaining along with the notice of a possible late fee, mind you that during the 80 days prior I had never received a statement. I called them once again and spoke with representative Krystal, who by the way will berate, belittle and attempt to make you feeling incompetent for simply inquiring about your account. I am uncertain if the 880.23$ I paid was an overpayment as I was more in a rush to simply disconnect with her. I may be inferior mentally to Krystal, but my figures of borrowing 800$ interest free + their 40$ fee for paying off the loan in 90 is only 840$. So if you want to give away 40$ and be insulted reach out to me, I’ll even do it on weekends.

  10. Ashley Robles

    I am a merchant of easy pay finance. Meaning I do business with them and I offer my customers loans through them. I’m the last year I have done three loans with this company. While most of the comments state they weren’t aware of the high interest charges, I’ve noticed that they do tell you this before you even sign the lease. Anywho, I am here to complain just like the rest. 2/3 of my customers were screwed over and one of them including myself, the ACTUAL merchant offering these damn services. We’ll, recently I did a contract for someone, the account was stated it was “funded” and being I had no problems in the past, I let the merchandise go and what do you know? Apparently my original bank account was closed prior to this funding and “the funds were never returned to them” and it’s been two months and I still have no answers as to where my $1600 is. I’ve already confirmed with the original bank that they didn’t have the money and no one seems to know what’s going on. They wanted the bank statement showing the account was closed, I gave it to them and it’s still not good enough.

  11. Tiffany Eggert

    Truly a scam. Being charged 115% interest rate. I’ve been making all payments on time…I made a mistake and used a card which wasn’t activated yet and have been told this nullified my rebate on the interest payments. I have to send bank statements “to prove there were enough funds during payment”. Sending over my bank statement to this company seems like the last thing I want to do. Based off of the insane interest rates and stories from previous customers I think it’s time for legal action. If you’ve been scammed by this company please email me sourapplesandoranges@gmail.com I want to figure out how we can take this to court for a class action lawsuit. This is loan sharking on an epic level.

  12. Sharp

    Never ever use this company. They are the BIGGEST scammers. What they are doing to customers is committing crimes. I see a MAJOR lawsuit coming soon. Report them to the BBB once you spot their shade. If it didn’t happen yet, it’s coming. My balance was $1400 about 2 months ago. Out of nowhere I saw a $1775 balance on my statement. “How Sway” how? They are clowns and will catch their KARMA soon. Watch what I tell ya.

  13. Jacqueline Banks

    This company is horrible I put in a dispute for my account they took the word of the merchant.I never received the furniture I was charged at 197% interest.I even have my police report nothing has been done.

  14. denise giangrante

    this company is ridiculous. purchases a puppy from breeders club of America in middletown nj. tries to pay balance within 90 days but couldn’t get the right person on the line. I am being. charged 159.99 percent and after a year of diligent payments I still owe 4000.00 more than. the price of the dog. the state of nj has usury capabilities but to no avail. I signed this do moment on a tiny iPad at the store with light beaming in everywhere it looked like 15.9 percent and although I was not happy with that, I signed. state of nj says tough …why are our government agencies not protecting us the consumers. we may as well run our ourselves and eliminate government and the exorbenent taxes we pay. government is ineffective and only cares about the payouts they are receiving from these companies. it’s a sad commentary on government protecting law abiding citizens

  15. Teron Gaines

    How can I get from under this company. $900 in car repair now it is 95% interest. How can I get these people away from me?

    • Anonymous

      Is it even legal to charge 151.99% interest??? My friend financed a dog thru them and I’ve NEVER EVER heard of an interest rate being that high!!

  16. Hershe Me


  17. Anaya

    Complete scam! Customer service does not answer questions. Treat customers with no respect . Try to charge intereste on payments they have already received. I had money in my bank they ran my debit. I was told it payment didn’t go through. I was on the phone for over an hr company telling them to run my payment they didn’t want to. They wanted to charge me interest. I ended up paying everything off & reported co to ca attorney general . Crooked company willing to squeeze every penny than can from people who needed a helping hand. Do Not Use this company they will ruin your bank account and squeeze double the amount from anyone.

    • Onnie Mae Garvin

      they are horrible the customer service is the worst. I paid my account off and they continued to take money out of my account .I called to asked for a refund they were horrible stating it would take up to 14 business days to get my money refunded. Saying that I need to send them my full bank account statement which I refused to do . This is the worst company ever . Karen A who is a customer service rep there is horrible and there is no sense in asking for a supervisor you get the same thing.

    • Onnie Mae Garvin

      Yes they are awful the customer service is the worst. I paid the loan off in the 90 days and they still continued to take money from my bank account as recently as this week when I called to see why did they take money out of my account they were rude and said I needed to send them a bank statement showing that the money was taken out I did send them the page that they were on and receive a email back say ing this is not sufficient I need your entire bank statement I refused because all you need to see is that you removed funds from my account and it is not in a pending status. I was told that I would not receive a refund until March first which is awful when they were clearly wrong . I asked to speak to a manager and he was not better. Karen A customer service rep there is horrible . They are a complete scam company preying on people in need.

  18. dennis

    Its scam. My original intrestes was no where near what they said I had. I had a 500 dollar loan after 7 months of pay 45 every two weeks they told me that my balance was 460. They ended jacking up my intrest to 200 percent. I paid it all at once to stop it. In the end I ended up paying over 1045 to borrow 500

    • Totuma

      Same here. My interest are 96.0% nobody believe that. They probably are launderers and we have not help. this is a real scam

  19. James Bower

    President obama put a limit on the amount of interest that can be charged. This was done to prevent another wall street bailout. Our current government felt profits for predatory lenders is more important. Now there’s no protection for consumers. Always read the fine lines. Thanks to this website im not getting a easy pay loan. And thanks to those who left comments.

  20. Linda

    Scam. Do not use this company. You’re welcome in advance for this advice.

  21. Nola Young

    We went them for repairs and our first payment was $175 and then I get a bill the next month and it’s $185 they said it was 189% so this is crazy we’re on a fixed income and I just don’t know what to do

  22. Joe

    Terrible, don’t get involved with them… Bad customer service, bad interest rates, shady payment system

  23. Livi

    In one full year, my loan balance has gone down $9. You read that right: nine dollars in 24 payments so far. In August, when I was on the phone with customer service, I was told my balance remaining was somewhere close to $1000 (not true). After numerous payments following, as well as a payment more than double the amount due, my balance is $1803. The original loan amount was $1812, and so far we have paid over $2300 in order for the balance to decrease one dollar in 5 months. This is for a dog that cost $1500 and we paid $400 upfront. They need to be shut down immediately. I don’t know how anyone working for that company sleeps at night.

  24. V. Araoz

    My daughter fell in love with a poodle puppy at a pet store. She didn’t have the full amount so she financed $700. Through this “company”. She made all payments on time. Regrettably, she thought the promotion period was 3 months instead of the actual 90 days. She realized this 36 hours too late. .”Easypay” refused any negotiation, told her that every penny of what she had already paid was now lost due to the tremendous interest rate, and that the amount due was now back up to the ORIGINAL loan amount of $700. She was told that interest was accumulating at a rate of nearly $3. a DAY on that $700. That’s when Mom(me) got a tearful call from my daughter that this outrageous company would repossess the puppy if she couldn’t pay.
    There is a special place in HELL for everyone at this company !

  25. Shawn Defrance

    took out 1,195.21 loan for car repair back in august 2017 still paying it currently. Charged me a ridiculous finance rate for 52 payments biweekly well over amount financed. Ive already given the $800 over the amount ive already covered and they expect another $788 to finish a contract with terms they quietly disclosed. If i dont pay the 788 which plus the additional $800 over the amount due ive already paid its an overall $3,422 id have to pay for a $1200 loan. This place is completely unethical, its a business to give people loans for poor credit to finance yet they bury you into a deeper financial hole

    • Jim

      I applied for a loan of 5000.00 dollars they told me I need to send 199.00 for processing fee then they wanted 199.00 they said I should be getting my loan then they wanted 300.00 for taxes and I would get the money well stupid sent 350.00 they said that was last step well they won’t send the loan and they won’t send my money back tbey called me the other wanted 319.00 for taxes more Mr. Foster said he was going to work on it well that was 2 days ago . I know it was fault for sending them money but they are bunch of criminals

  26. Rick

    I got financed for $1500 for a car repair, and when the bill came, tried to pay early by paying $250, they still tried pulling an extra $130 which didn’t go through, which disqualifies you for the 90-day same as cash and adds on a 188% interest rate, and I’ve been fighting with them to prove that I had the money and paid early for 2 days now, they are trying their best to add on that 188% interest rate.



  28. Sk

    I want to pay them before the promotion but there trying play me around, and without paying them within 3months, their interest rate is so crazy. Just unbelievable, not good for such a company to squeeze the poor beyond imagination!!!

  29. Jay

    I went to make a full payment for my pupper. I logged on and finalized the $1500 I owed.
    next month comes around, and I got hit with the 200 payment. I was like ummmmm. Mind you I thought I was all paid. Turns out it didn’t go through. How Convenient. I called and was on hold for 40 minutes. Only to be told they can’t back charge the $190 in finance even though I was calling to AGAIN pay it off. What a scam and insane finance charges.

  30. Heather

    Worst company EVER! They are criminals. They do everything in their power to cause you to miss your promotion period. It’s very shady. They won’t get back with you and will charge you an astronomical amount of interest even before the promotional period ends because of something they did that is out if your control. People are better off maxing out a high interest credit card than dealing with these criminals.

  31. VLS

    Easy pay does not want you to pay off the loan to quickly. Of My first 2 payments of $45 & $40 to shrink the principle faster with a biweekly payment of 31.42 assigned, 100% went into interest. They also purposefully skipped 2 notifications set for prepay notification. Selohssa!

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