Wish.com Review – Scam Outlet or Legit Marketplace?

Created by former Google and Yahoo engineers in 2011, Wish.com has cultivated their online shopping marketplace into one of the most widely used virtual outlets to date.

Structured as a direct-from-China site, Wish supports millions of consumers goods and products at bargain prices but are these savings actually worth the value of the goods in question?

That is the question we will be addressing throughout the brief duration of our scam review. To gather the facts and analyze community feedback from verified Wish shoppers we invite you to continue reading our unbiased analysis.

Wish.com Review

Discount virtual marketplaces such as Wish.com are growing in popularity due to their affordable prices and sometimes decent-quality consumer goods and products.

Unlike other bargain-hunting websites, Wish appears to cater their online marketplace toward their consumers by relying on unique algorithms to personalize each consumers shopping experience.

According to Wish, their algorithm suggests products based upon their previous purchases, which products they viewed and decided not to commit with along with information from them regarding account set up such as birthdate and gender, which are required prior to viewing their marketplace.

How does Wish.com Work?

Prior to navigating and browsing the Wish marketplace, first-time consumers will be prompted to create an account through an email address of their choosing while also sharing their first and last name and creating an account password.

While we don’t necessarily agree with this tactic of obtaining a consumers personal information, it is becoming more and more common in regards to virtual shopping outlets.

After completing your account registration you’ll receive an email and will be able to browse their vast marketplace with hundreds of thousands of products tailored towards your interests.

If you visit the home page of Wish.com, you will encounter a display of their most recent listings although if you are seeking more specific consumer goods you can filter your listing by selecting asset categories.

Let’s say you do find a product that peaks your interests, though. Simply click on it and a product visual will pop-up in a separate window. Apart from seeing the price of the product, you can see the products review rankings, read past consumer reviews, learn who the seller is while learning the approximate shipping duration.

If you decide that the product you are viewing still interests you but you don’t wish to buy it right then and there you can add the item to your Wishlist.

A wishlist is created by choosing a name for your Wishlist where you can then add varying consumer goods and products by simply clicking on save.

In addition, sharable Wishlists are able to be created, an example of how this is used commonly would be in regards to birthday gift ideas.

Wish.com Products For Sale

Since thousands of third-party sellers are the ones selling consumer goods and products through the Wish marketplace it comes to no surprise that there are millions of products available at Wish.com.

Select brands are up to 97% off while the site is broken down into the following dozen categories: Accessories, baby & kids, fashion, gadgets, hobbies, home decor, phone upgrades, makeup & beauty, shoes, wallets & bags, watches and jewelry.

In addition to their wide assortment of consumer goods would be express shopping experiences with quick shipping times along with Popular and Blitz Buy deals, which reflect consumer goods and products of even higher markdowns.

ContextLogic Inc

Wish.com appears to be owned and operated by ContextLogic Inc.

Found at the Better Business Bureau would be how ContextLogic Inc was incorporated on July 2nd, 2010 in California.

To date, it appears that ContextLogic Inc reflects an A+ Better Business Bureau ranking while reflecting just under a 1.5 out of 5 star rating out of 458 customer reviews.

ContextLogic Inc does not appear to reflect a physical address, which means consumers looking to reach out must call 1-800-266-0172 or reach out to their operators via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

Community Feedback

There is no shortage of controversial consumer feedback when it comes to the shopping experiences performed by Wish. The Better Business Bureau has closed 1,300 complaints over the past 3 years and reflects a rather negative consumer rating.

“Stay away from Wish****. Poor delivery and poor customer service. My item was not delivered when they said it would be…I cancelled my account and will never order from them again. I will warn everyone I know not to order from them. If there was an option for negative stars to give rating I would give them negative 5 stars.”

“I will never be ordering from wish ever again. Wish is a scam.”

“I was referred to this company by a friend and I found the prices to be amazing. The shipping time can be lengthy but overall it was worth the wait. I’ve purchased items that are selling for much higher prices elsewhere.”

Other review sites such as SiteJabber and HighYa reflect controversial feedback with most of the reported experiences with Wish having been poor. Whether the quality of the product was below what was expected or for customer support delays, Wish.com has room for operational improvement.

Domain Insight

Wish was registered on January 3rd, 1995 by ContextLogic Inc, according to a WHOIS report.

According to SimilarWeb, Wish reflected a strong global rank of 304 with a US rank of 239 as of September 4th, 2018.

Ranked 20th in the General Merchandising Shopping category, Wish supported over 95.29 million viewers last month while over 19% of their traffic originated from consumers based within the United States.

Is Wish.com a Scam?

It is important to keep perspective in mind when it comes to determining whether Wish.com is a scam.

While Wish may reflect an alarming volume of negative consumer experiences, you have to remember that this platform supports nearly a 100 million shoppers worldwide and that their aggressively discounted products are of less-quality.

Given the corporate transparency, the overly abundant number of positive experiences and the reputability of Wish.com, we do not believe their virtual shopping site to be a scam, although that does not mean that some of their sellers are not scammers though.

Wish.com Review Conclusion

Wish has one of the largest online retailers that specializes in providing a wide range of discounted consumer goods and products.

Supporting nearly 100 million monthly visitors, Wish.com has bargain-priced goods made of poorer quality than other competitors.

Due to the cheapness of some items, consumers report negative shopping experiences with Wish.com.

Given the sheer volume of consumers who rely on Wish around the world, we believe their virtual marketplace is not only secure but a reliable means for online shopping.

Official Marketplace: Wish.com

We invite you to share any feedback, positive or negative, that you may have by leaving a comment below!


  1. Kevin

    I bought several things from Wish.com. The quality is sometimes great or is far from
    what’s expected. I only bought cheap stuff anyway. Bottom line, it’s not a scam
    but sometimes it seems kinda shady. I finally got in touch with someone who learned
    some lessons from me and she fixed the problem but I never shopped there again.
    That was 2022.
    My Recommendation is to search in “whois.net” before buying from unknowns. If they’re from China just avoid the temptation. Hausad is a SCAM and macy-markdown.com on Facebook is a SCAM.

  2. kat kleikamp

    Constant Wish shopper. Out of all of my orders only 2 never arrived. Contacted company and was credited to my credit card acct. Showed up on my statement.. If the window has passed they gave me “Wish Cash” Which is a amount of $ to be used for future purchases from the site. Honestly I have had no problem with the company. In fact I just received an order today. 2 weeks early

  3. A Tommings

    Gone Right Down Hill – Sent wrong item. Wish.com won’t talk, won’t refund, nothing happens, only communicating with a BOT giving ready done scripts so that I’m getting no where. Basically a dead end, going nowhere. I’m stuck with something that I don’t need or want. It’s like wish.com have put up the shutters and started laughing. Don’t just take my word for it, read all the other review websites and you will see the reality of how bad things are. Only thing you will get with wish.com is a headache and empty pocket. In some cases you may end up with the wrong item you don’t need, so again you will end up out of pocket.

  4. Vicki

    I have bought a lot of stuff from Wish and sent back the majority of items. Returning items has never been a problem. The quality is very poor. Clothing sizes are geared towards small people (Chinese?), so order about 2 sizes larger. It’s basically, you get what you pay for. I have gotten things that I’ve been happy with.

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