Bermona “Free” Makeup Scam Exposed

Be on the alert regarding the Bermona “Free” Makeup scam.

Hosted at, Bermona is a trending consumer opportunity that is allegedly offering free makeup for consumers.

Launched less than half a year ago, Bermona stayed under the radar until quite recently due to the seasonal holidays coming into effect.

To find out more regarding the Bermona free make up scam AND why you should avoid it, we invite you to read our unbiased review!

About Bermona

The Bermona free make up scam is a malicious scam that is sweeping the nation.

It is clear to us, as it will soon be clear to you, that the Bermona “free” makeup scam was slowly bidding their time until the holiday swing came in full force.

With Black Friday having already taken place and Christmas quickly on the way, many online shoppers have been relentlessly seeking great deals while shopping online.

So what is the Bermona “Free” Makeup Scam?

The Bermona Free makeup opportunity is nothing more than an illicit attempt by con-artists to accrue consumers personal and financial information.

Claiming on their website that all of the makeup inventory they possess is free of charge is a deceptive statement to say the least.

In its entirety, Bermona is nothing more than a fictitious online retailer that is actively functioning as a scam.

How the Scam Works

Bermona functions under a familiar capacity as many of the scam retailers we have been exposing over the past couple of weeks.

While the majority of the online retailers that we have taken pleasure in exposing over the past few weeks reflect highly ‘discounted’ consumer goods to lure in unsuspecting consumers, Bermona throws all caution in the wind and claims to offer all their inventory free of charge.

Since the scammers behind this site understand that most consumers shop online with the intentions of saving money or snagging good deals, setting the trap of this scam is rather simplistic.

The trap obviously being that the Bermona makeup is “free.”

Unsuspecting consumers unfortunately fall for this trap and start adding items to their cart where they later go on to check out, which is where this scam escalates.

When checking out you’ll be required to disclose all the information you would when purchasing through retail chains or major online marketplaces.

Among the information would be your personal information, physical address and last but not least your payment information.

While the total of the purchase allegedly comes down to $0, sometimes Bermona will tack on “shipping” charges which is why they request your payment info.

It isn’t until after you have completed the checkout process that you begin to realize that things aren’t what they seem.

To find out what past shoppers are saying regarding Bermona, keep reading.

Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was created on July 4th, 2018 through the GoDaddy registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, reflects a global rank of 1,725,5789 with a Mexico rank of 196,465 as of December 22nd, 2018.

Given the rather poor web-rankings reflected by Bermona, it is clear to us that this scam does not appear reputable, which is fortunate for online shoppers for the time being.

Bermona Reviews

There isn’t much feedback regarding the “Free” Bermona makeup scam.

According to TrustPilot, Bermona reflects a poor ranking with 83% of the submitted reviews reflecting the poorest ranking possible.

Shared below are some recent reviews we found regarding Bermona:

“I never got my refund for a month now!!! trying to reach them but they never respond!!! i got scammed!”

“i should have know something was wrong when i seen in arrive in a orange envelop which came directly from China. You can get better brushes from Kmart.. far from professional. I cannot believe that they are selling brush kits for $120US save your money do not buy!!!! and don’t get me started about the eye shadow pallets.”

“It sucks and I never got my stuff”

As you can gather from the reviews shared above, Bermona is NOT a trustworthy online marketplace to consider.


Lack of Transparency

Bermona does not disclose any information regarding their owners or operators.

When visiting their Contact Us page, we found that they only supported an anonymous contact submission form.

No telephone number, email address or live chat representatives are available while the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy fail to shed any light regarding who these scammers are.

False Advertisement

This pretty much goes without saying that Bermona is conducting false advertising.

Claiming that their makeup is free is charge while still charging consumers payment information AND failing to deliver products is a clear indication that Bermona is a scam.

Is Bermona Free Makeup a Scam?

Given the information shared above along with what the community is saying as a whole regarding Bermona, we feel that it is beyond evident that the “Free” Bermona makeup is a scam!

Bermona Makeup Review Conclusion

Bermona is just another fictitious online retailer posing as an amazing online marketplace for gullible online shoppers.

Marketing their Bermona makeup line free of charge only to later charge consumers submitted payment information is not only unethical but a clear indication that Bermona is a misleading scam.

Don’t become a statistic by falling for the Bermona Free Makeup Scam!

We implore you to share this review and avoid as a whole!

Outcome: Avoid the Bermona “Free” Makeup Scam!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. erika

    I got a brush set at coast scents. I’m not a makeup pro by any means but it seems good quality to me. Packaged nice and the brushes are lasting.They also have super reasonable prices.

  2. Tatiana Romania

    Me too, I worderd for 2018 New Year, I received nothing till today, they ignore my messages to at least retun my money…

  3. Sarah

    I’m so upset. Why would a social media influencer want to scam their followers with these scams. Bermona completely ignores my pleas and says ill get my package. I just want my money back

  4. Aliya

    Bermona site is biggest fraud I ordered 3 makeup brush set cost 25€ and they sent me just 1 after 5 weeks and the quality of brushes are very poor very bad experience with bermona

  5. Nora F

    My mom wanted to get me makeup for my birthday so I was like look mom it’s free we ordered it it says it’s $46 then days after purchase we come across this and I’m torn because my mother spent $46 she can never give back.

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