Kailo Pain Relief Scam Review – (Complaints, Feedback and Reviews Shared)

Kailo claims to be an innovative, non-transdermal technology that looks and acts like a patch that is said to alleviate pain.

Currently, there is quite a bit of debate regarding whether Kailo Pain Relief is a scam or not.

The aim of this honest review is to provide you with a thorough oversight regarding what the Kailo Pain Patch is along with shed light on consumer experiences with Kailo.

With this in mind, let’s begin.

About Kailo

Kailo looks and acts like a pain patch.

First launched on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, Kailo received over $1,000,000 in pledge funding from over 8,100 investors.

More impressive would be how Kailo funding target was surpassed within 143 minutes of launching the crowdfunding campaign.

According to their FAQ, Kailo is made with a patented technology that is being developed for use in high-tech applications such as antennas, signal transmission, bio-identification, and energy storage.

Founded by Kailo Labs LLC, Kailo is protected by U.S. Patents and uses licensed technology from nCAP Technologies, so it’s good to see that Kailo pain patches aren’t just some “miracle pain relief product” with no legitimacy.

So how does Kailo Work?

Kailo boosts the natural signals of the body and helps the brain communicate with disrupted areas more effectively.

Detailed at the nCap site would be how the technology found in Kailo is said to alleviate headaches, gout, backaches, shoulder pains, and generalized pain felt throughout the body.

Through nCap Technology, Kailo devices passively interact with the neural network in the human body to alleviate pain and improve overall health.

While this may sound like medical madness or gibberish, let’s not forget nCap Technologies appears to be a big-time technology company, based out of Utah, that deals with considerable patents spreading across industries such as energy, medical, and telecom.

[How to Use Kailo – A Tutorial]

Kailo Complaints

Naturally, the effectiveness of the Kailo Pain Patch varies from peer to peer.

Shared below are a few of the recent complaints we found regarding Kailo:

“Did not work at all for me.”

“I was looking forward receiving this new technology pain patch and to try it on my pain. On January of this year I had a skiing accident the pain was tolerable till October. I decided to try this patch and after study of how to place this patch on my body through the seller instructions, I placed the patch near my pain. I tried many different locations, however the “pain patch” simply didn’t reduce my pain. I decided to try it on my different form of pain (the arthritis pain) also without success of pain reduction. The third form of pain (a headache) happened when the seller sent me a return label, where I have to affix postage to return this not working Nanotech Bio-Antenna Pain Patch technology.”

“I bought this for my sister and me for cramps. We really wanted it to work so we wouldn’t have to take ibuprofen every month, but it didn’t work at all. I ended up just having to take the medicine. I also tried it on a really bad headache, but no matter where I placed it, I found no relief.”

These reviews can be found on Amazon.com.

Kailo Reviews

Not all experiences with the Kailo are negative, in fact, there are far more positive reviews that can be found regarding the Kailo pain patch than there are negative.

We have compiled the 5 most recent positive reviews we found regarding Kailo:

“Went from a 7-8 on the pain scale to a 1-2. This works and will only get better.”

“I actually bought this product on indiegogo and just came to Amazon for the adhesive refills but I wanted to leave a review because it is that good. I have had chronic back pain for 4 years. I’ve been on meds for a year and a half after exhausting all other options. Because of the current climate regarding opioids my doc now wants me to stop taking my meds…with no other pain relief option offered. So I bought this patch. IT IS AMAZING. Nothing else has worked for me but this significantly reduced my pain. It does not completely removed the pain so don’t expect that. But it reduced it enough that I can play with my kids, mow the lawn, work, essentially be a normal human being without medication. The biggest improvement has been to my sleep. The pain usually wakes me at night but hasn’t since starting to wear this. It is large and it is stiff as another review mentioned so it’s kind of hard to position comfortably. Also, the adhesive doesn’t work very well if it’s on a place you sweat. Despite that, I wholeheartedly recommend this product if you are in pain… It helps.”

“Using the Kailo for a week it seems to be working the absence of pain without secondary reinforcements as in drugs is new. My lower back was in discomfort and I had just received a Kailo that day. Followed the instructions ruined one adhesive another adhesive skin side pulled off in a mess. That is the bad news some skin side adhesives are impossible others are as the instructions. Shortly after getting the Kailo where I wanted, the discomfort was gone. When exactly ?? It was gone, mind over matter who cares it worked no side effects. I have a low back problem bulging discs, Kailo has now worked for 5 days no dugs. Worst problem is keeping it on, after two days working out didn’t help and I had to put another adhesive on. I will buy this product again.”

“Wow, it works. I am always skeptical about spooky science but this patch that block electrical signals from pain location to the brain is a no brainer, no pills, no creams, no walking around smelling like Ben-gay or what ever your preferred pain cream smells like. I have shoulder pain and pain on my elbow that just burns all the time. So I put the patch just above where my shoulder pain is, periductular to the path leading to the brain, and it like WOW!!!! I can’t believe it works. It also works for my wife that has real bad back pain, and when she started to place the patch, she said she could feel the tingling and the pain reducing enough to matter. I hope this product catches on and the price drops because I feel this could help a lot of people who other wise couldn’t afford it. For me it was worth the price.”

“I purchased this for my husband. Perspective: He has severe arthritis in both shoulders and can’t lift his hands above his head or behind his back without extreme amounts of pain. If he ever had to be handcuffed, the amount of pain would probably cause him to vomit.

I placed one patch on his left shoulder last night before bed. The adhesive works really well. He did not experience any tingling or warming so he was skeptical. When he woke up, I asked how he felt. He does not usually sleep well because the amount of pain in his shoulders. He can’t usually sleep on his sides because of this and rolling over is difficult.

He said, “This is the first night I ever slept without pain in years.” He was still oddly skeptical because he was confused. He said there’s only one patch on, but he felt no pain in both shoulders. He can lift his hands above his head and feels no pain.

I asked if it’s 50% better or 80% better, give me an idea of what it’s like? He said 100% no pain. So, I would say this product works really well after the first 10 hours. Five stars indeed. I just hope we get several months out of one patch to justify the cost. The website says they can last for years so fingers crossed!”

Is Kailo a scam?

No, Kailo Pain Patch does not appear to be a scam.

Kailo Scam Review

Kailo pain relief patch has been a great source of pain relief for hundreds of consumers to date and we predict that Kailo will continue to be relied upon by many.

Backed by a verifiable company with patented technology, Kailo has delivered a drug-free solution to combat pain.

If you have an experience with Kailo to share, please drop a comment below for others to benefit from!

Outcome: Kailo is not a scam but its effectiveness varies from consumer to consumer.

Please share any experiences, feedback or insight you may have below!


  1. Bob Barry

    As a long time back pain sufferer I read the advertisement for the Kailo patch. Anyone who suffers with pain will understand howsusceptible one can be to potential cures. Last year I paid €90 for one of the magic patches and I never heard from them again.

  2. Anonymous

    It can’t work as described. Total BS.

  3. Anonymous

    I have been thinking about buying, this story was published on March 13,2020. Yet one of the complaints in this article says they were in a skiing accident in January of 2020 and they could not withstand the pain that was occurring in October of 2020. We are just now in August of 2020 so I am a little confused about the complaint. A lot of people rave about this product but it seems like to me that this site and the Kailo site may be a scam.

  4. DAVID ng

    Bought 3 patches of KAILO product directly from their website, ship to SINGPORE, but it doesn’t work for me, when request for a refund, as stated in their purchase agreement,– 90 days refund.
    Regardless of serveral email sent to the support group, NO REPLY at all.

    isnt they are out for SCAMING.

  5. DAVID ng

    I had purchased 3 pack of kailo patches from Kailo website, after found not effective, regardless of nos of email, sent to their support group email, ask for a refund, but their just don’t reply me.
    was’t it a SCAM.

  6. Cheryl

    You sell these in single and multiple patch sets…
    When would it be necessary to wear more than one at a time….

  7. Katherine Perry

    When is this being shipped to the UK? Has it just stopped because of COVID-19 legislation?

    Many thanks,


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