The Midas Legacy Scam Review – Legit or Fraud?

The Midas Legacy is a peculiar multi-faceted operation that is overseen by the corporate entity TML Group LLC. Headquartered out of Florida, USA there is much speculation regarding the legitimacy of The Midas Legacy.

Hosted at, we plan to guide you through the various offers rendered by The Midas Legacy while helping you accurately determine whether this online earning opportunity is legitimate or a scam.

With this in mind we ask you to stick along and continue reading our unbiased review!

What is The Midas Legacy?

The Midas Legacy promotes their service platform as “a success shortcuts advisory,” according to their About Us page.

Basically meaning that they render membership based consulting to aid investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals manage money, become more successful, and retire earlier.

Having received the Inc. 5000 award in 2017 as one of the quickest growing private companies, The Midas Legacy relies heavily upon this award to further market their platform.

Since their inception in 2012, The Midas Legacy has floated across a variety of niches but perhaps the niche that The Midas Legacy came under the most scrutiny for would be affiliate marketing back between 2016 to 2017 where their estimated revenue exceeded $2.7 million.

Naturally though the course that The Midas Legacy appeared to be heading down was one that would not account for long-term prosperity which is likely why they reconfigured their platform, ditched their senile promotional video and expanded their services amongst even more niches.


The Midas Legacy abbreviated generates TML which explains their corporate entity title.

According to the Better Business Bureau, TML Group LLC was incorporated on January 15th, 2013 in Florida.

Now for those of you who have taken the time to visit their domain, you may have noticed how indefinite The Midas Legacy operators were when trying to explain their various offers.

Undoubtedly you’ll encounter more asserted advantages than disadvantages, anything to add more value to their questionable products or services.

While The Midas Legacy promotes their service more as a financial and investment advisory, according to the Better Business Bureau their company offers direct mail order products, publications, business opportunities and self-improvement publications which means instead of functioning as a success advisory they are more along the lines of internet marketing sales and multi-level sales.

How to Contact The Midas Legacy

Fortunately The Midas Legacy is overseen by a corporate entity so if you happen to encounter a situation where you need to acquire a refund you can go through various channels to connect with the operators.

Location of TML Group LLC

1220 Winter Garden Vineland Rd. STE 108, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Business Management

Mr. Mark Baker, Managing Member

Additional Contact Information

Fax Numbers

  • (407) 650-3010
  • (800) 732-0498

Phone Numbers

  • (321) 221-1113
  • (407) 294-3244
  • (407) 654-6380
  • (407) 654-7595


Social Media

Affiliated Domains


The Midas Legacy Offer

As we have mentioned a couple of times, The Midas Legacy promotes their platform with the vague assertion that they are an advisory platform. No other definitive information of the sort is disclosed.

So what exactly is The Midas Legacy offering?

Well if you browse their site you’ll come across a variety of different online earning opportunities that embody the form of online publications, investment-related services along with self-improvement guides.

Below are the offers currently provided at The Midas Legacy:

Midas Premium

  • $17/month
  • Reveals “million dollar” trading strategies
  • Virtual reports on how to increase your earnings

The Golden Backdoor

  • Flat payment of $6.39
  • Receive an exclusive government auction guide
  • Allegedly learn how to build a business online from home

Wall Street Informer

  • Free email newsletter subscription
  • Allegedly learn secrets on how to profit 1,000%
  • Supposedly legally copy trades of companies and CEOs

Enjoy Now

  • $17/month for 10 months
  • Learn how to become a better you
  • Receive a life guide and reach self-fulfillment

The Midas Legacy Complaints

When researching whether The Midas Legacy is a scam, you may encounter a wide abundance of reviews that pretty much reiterate the same focal points.

Among the main conclusion drawn up would be that The Midas Legacy wasn’t a scam but it also wasn’t the most trustworthy venture either.

Beyond that there isn’t much concrete community feedback to go off of.

However, if you visit their Better Business Bureau profile and scroll down to the alert section you’ll be confronted with a warning by BBB regarding the deceptive advertisement measures pursued by The Midas Legacy.

Since August of 2015, the active operators behind The Midas Legacy have yet to make an inquiry or rectify their insincere offers with the Better Business Bureau, which is a red flag in our books.

To add, The Midas Legacy also implies that they were mentioned in The New York Times and the International Business Times yet search queries conducted across both platforms fail to support such claims.

Domain Insight was a privately acquired domain that was registered through GoDaddy on July 19th, 2012. According to SimilarWeb, The Midas Legacy is not a popular site, does not receive a respectable volume of traffic and receives over 88% of their traffic from referral and email-based sources.

Is The Midas Legacy a Scam?

While The Midas Legacy fails to render much information pertaining to their services, they were transparent with their corporate entity and contact information which indicates to us that The Midas Legacy is likely not a scam.

However, it should not be forgotten that The Midas Legacy has been penalized by the Better Business Bureau for deceptive marketing tactics which is why we are not recommending The Midas Legacy.

The Midas Legacy Review Conclusion

With everything considered we believe it is safe to say that there are much more secure and legitimate alternatives than The Midas Legacy. Essentially embodying the form on an online editorial that renders a variety of services and publications across various niches, we ask that if you do have any first-hand experience with The Midas Legacy that you share your feedback below.

Outcome: The Midas Legacy should be pursued at your own risk!


We invite you to share any feedback, experience or insight you may have regarding The Midas Legacy in a comment below!


  1. Anonymous

    Every year they send me a flyer saying I am eligible for a trophy and a 25,000 grant. when I finally decided to go for it and after I gave all my payment info, I found that the 25,000 grant could only be used to purchase programs from them and I also had to “put some skin in the game” which totalled 2.000 dollars. I would agree that they are not honest in their practices.

  2. Rhoda Crutcher

    I Need To Take My Name Off Their Mailing List.

  3. Ron

    When I received two letters that seem to say , approximately the same thing with the same wording,’ your weekly Bank payout. Com ‘ as well as ‘future windfall. Com ‘ that bought me to the fraud section to find out if they are legitimate. So far they are saying that their advertising is deceptive. I hate to say it, but I sort of feel the same way. When I see similarities, I start an investigation and so far, I find others to feel somewhat the same way. I thank this site for its eye opening and unbiased feedback.

  4. Laura Harrell

    i have been waiting on a report from them over a month , they called me and said it got lost in the mail,i was told this 3 times and now they have not contacted me at all i called the 321-221-1113 and no one answer.

    • Anonymous

      A very deceptive company i might add thank you for the comment on this company .

  5. Notavictim

    According to the latest snail junk mail I received from them, they are advertising as Jordan Bishop from WSItv. Advertising “digital gold payout”.
    Supposedly this Jordan Bishop guy is the e ecutive producer of WSI tv, The Income Channel. He states that you’ve probably seen him on the Discovery Channel, yahoo finance, etc.
    He advertises some sort of legal way to skim thousands from shadow banks. Something about making money off digital gold. Sounds like a scam to me.
    So when I researched the company, I found it located right next TML with the same phone number
    All I can say is Buyer beware

  6. Richard Farris

    I go on the and the 6 codes you gave me and they would not work

    • whatsupdoc

      I got that same hyped up letter with those mystery bank codes and figured it was probably a scam. Glad I came here to confirm it. LOTS of predatory scam and rip off artists out there and unfortunately many times the elderly fall for these.

  7. Jim jim

    I used to work for this company as part of their customer service and shipping fulfillment service.

    100% all of the services they offer have some validity in them if you have more than $2,000 in capital to gamble and invest with. In the time I worked for them, and the hundreds of customers I had dealt with, I did not come across a single user who had profited off these services, but met plenty who had lost a fair amount.

    All of the information they offer in their “lessons” is available online 100% for free.
    “Jim Samson” is not the real name of the individual representing the company, he uses a pseudonym to bypass bad reputation he may get from upset customers.

    I’m all, they aren’t a scam, but their practices are so close to the legal edge of false advertisement, they have their lawyers review ads to make sure the wording is just legal enough to not be false advertising.

    Honestly, avoid this company and all their ventures. The owners have made their wealth off the checks of social security income for hundreds of older individuals.

    • Customer

      There are many testimonials proving that members have profited off the services offered, I am one of them. Many authors use pseudonyms as well, that’s a common and legal practice. There is also information offered that you can absolutely not find online for free, trust me I’ve looked before. Many companies have a legal team and have to ensure advertising is correct, that’s good they have a legal team which shows they are a legitimate company. Were you fired from the company and upset over it because it seems like you’re drawing conclusions and twisting information for your own benefit to make the company look bad when I’ve been a customer for 2 years now and have benefited.

  8. Lester Wolf

    This guy was saying he was scam many many times , why would he try to scam someone else,tell me why you trying to scam me?


    do you remit money by wire transfer OR Banker Cheque payable on demand. pl s clarify



  11. Paul Pickering

    I would like my recent subscription to the Midas Legacy group cancel as soon as possible! My name is Paul Pickering my purchase was $89, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find it! The reason for my cancellation, is I don’t trust any organization that wants me to put fascia room for him money in my bank account!

    • Jim

      Hey Paul, why would you come here to ask for a refund?? This is CLEARLY not the Midas Legacy site, the guy just wrote the article to warn people that they are not good.

  12. Luis F. Rodríguez

    Hello, there!
    After reading in your discussion of TML that they utilize as advertising their 2017 award re. the Inc 5000 companies, I went back to the advertising letter I’d received from them back this September. I was sure I had read: “An Inc. 500 Company” below the company’s log, what had impressed me, positively.
    Now, after your mentioning of the award and looking closely to their caption about belonging to the Inc. Companies,. I see that they made almost invisible the last zero of 5000, making the first 2 digits appear in noticeable colors (red, yellow, and blue) while making the third zero the same color (white) of the paper used. To me, this was purposedly done, to trick the human eye–as it did to mine–that you were reading that this company is an inc. 500 company.

    • Educating

      The Inc 5,000 award’s last zero is always white, look it up.

      • Sherry

        The Inc. 5000 is a legitimate list of private successful companies. They are not trying to get you to think that they are a Fortune 500 company.

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