OkeyDeposit.com Review – Fraud or Legit?

OkeyDeposit promotes their platform as a risk-free investment opportunity that is “guaranteed” to generate you income by simply using their service.

Hosted at OkeyDeposit.com, Okey Deposit is a relatively unknown investment platform that orientates their services around providing fixed return rates for day traders who utilize their platform.

To gather more intel regarding whether OkeyDeposit.com is a scam or not we invite you to compile the facts shared with you below throughout our unbiased review.

What is OkeyDeposit?

OkeyDeposit is structured as an online investment platform that provides fixed return rates for day traders.

Contrary to online investment brokerages that enable their investors to day trade the financial markets, OkeyDeposit does not enable investors to manage their funds, set their trade volume or dictate which underlying assets are invested.

While this lack of investor control may be warranted or even desired by some novice day traders, giving up that much control over your deposited funds is never sound investment advice.

The business model employed by OkeyDeposit is what we refer to as the deposit-and-forget-about-it trap.

OkeyDeposit does not appear to be a licensed or regulated trading platform which means they are likely soliciting day traders from demographics where day trading online is considered frowned upon.

OkeyDeposit Ltd

OkeyDeposit.com is allegedly owned and operated by the corporate entity OkeyDeposits Ltd.

Reflecting a physical office address of 32 Tennyson Road, GreenAcre, New South Wales on their site, it comes nearly as a surprise to find out that their disclosed location is not actually home to OkeyDeposits Ltd, nor any other corporation for that matter.

A quick Google Maps search will reveal that their alleged office address is headquartered out of a random home that is currently under reconstruction.

To add, OkeyDeposits Ltd has a disclosed physical address based out of New South Wales yet when we searched the Wales Business Registry we could not find any active or dissolved corporations reflecting a matching search criteria.

This simply means that OkeyDeposits Ltd is not an existing corporate entity like the creators behind their site are trying to portray as a desperate credibility builder.

How Does OkeyDeposit Work?

OkeyDeposit fails to provide much information when it comes to answering how an investors funds are managed.

Unlike foreign exchange or other day trading platforms that enable investors to manage their funds and which underlying assets are invested, day traders who deposit into OkeyDeposit are at the mercy of the investors allegedly employed by OkeyDeposit.

While the About Us section of their site goes on to elaborate that they have skilled financial professionals managing your funds, no mention of which qualifications, licensing or who the investors actually are are disclosed.

Lacking regulation and not being a legally registered company in the field of fiduciary management unlike how they claim on their About Us page just goes to show the type of shady investment opportunity we are confronted with.

So how does OkeyDeposit claim to work?

Well according to their platform, day traders can invest with one of their 6 investment plans.

Depending upon an investors starting budget and which investment plan they choose to invest with will dictate which plan they are eligible for along with the fixed ROI accompanied with the plan.

OkeyDeposit offers some of the most ridiculous ROIs that we have encountered to date. Promoting unrealistic returns ranging from 600% to 60,000% within an hour to 3 day period is absolute ludicrous and too-good-to-be-true.

For anyone who has even the most minor experience with online day trading, the alleged ROIs offered by OkeyDeposit are not only preposterous but unsustainable for any long-term business model.


Fictitious Corporate Entity

OkeyDeposit asserts that OkeyDeposit Ltd is their corporate entity which is based out of New South Wales. Disclosing a physical address based out of New South Wales, it is interesting how we failed to find any business known as OkeyDeposit Ltd. This is likely an indication that no true Okey Deposit corporation exists.

Lacking Regulation

OkeyDeposit.com claims on their About Us page that they are a legally registered company in the field of fiduciary management and long-term investments. However, research will go on to reveal that Okey Deposit is not regulated or licensed by any governing or regulatory entity while all of their so-called financial professionals lack proper licensing.

Exaggerated ROIs

It goes without question that OkeyDeposit offers some of the most outlandish ROIs perceivable. Not only are the return rates economically unviable but the lack of transparency regarding how OkeyDeposit truly manages an investors funds is yet to be answered.

Think about it, there is no verifiable evidence of their past trading performance, correct?

So how can you know for sure they are actually performing well?

Is OkeyDeposit a Scam?

The creators behind OkeyDeposit did exert a valiant effort when it comes to portraying their platform as some legitimate online investment opportunity. The simple fact of the matter is that OkeyDeposit lied about their ownership information, provides zero transparency for performance history and is all-around a shady investment platform.

OkeyDeposit Review Conclusion

OkeyDeposit relies heavily upon fictitious site elements like their fake corporate entity as an elaborate ploy to gain your trust so that way you are more likely to register with their service.

Don’t fall for their misleading income guarantees and just understand that when it comes to online day trading or investing that there is always risk involved!

Our advise would be to avoid OkeyDeposit and any review site endorsing this bogus scam.

Outcome: OkeyDeposit is a SCAM!

Site To Avoid: OkeyDeposit.com

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  1. shaharuddin saad

    Do not invest on any investment company with less than 3 months history on line . SCAMMERS close one website and open a new one the next day so be careful.

  2. Alvin chetty

    Hi what is the nest platform for making deposits and earning Roi.

  3. Janos V.

    So the question is why these people still operating this scam .
    Is there no law to stop this, or somebody or corporations like telcos
    getting a kickback. Just wandering why when Australia is a target of so many
    financial scammers the government is silent on the issue.
    I’m guessing they too busy spying on us, so they can sell our names to scammers.

  4. Michael

    YEP! Okeydeposit got away with my $50 deposit! I should have checked here FIRST! Let’s keep on exposing these scammers!

  5. Josep

    3Hourly.com claimed to be an investment company is a SCAM. After investing $40 @155% for 3 days one of their investment package, on the 2nd day they wiped out and change all fund invested by their investors to zero. Over 1700+ investors. On their stat page, they have
    Total Investors 1700+
    Total Deposit $5.00
    BIG SCAM . They refused to respond to all mails sent to their mail.

  6. shithead

    BTC MIDAS is a scam too . Check with these site before you lost you hard earned money.
    GREED is thoer motive thell enjoy thier stealy for a very short time beofee they get thier just reward.
    btcmidas.com SCAM DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.

  7. styve

    NCRCCOIN.COM make away with my $30. They are giving 700% ROI daily. After maturity they told me to deposit the amount of ROI $210 before I can withdraw my ROI of $210. Literally meaning I have to pay myself while they enjoy my $30. These sites are scammers.

  8. Mohammad Al-Amin

    Yes, A lot of scam website I faced. I lost more then 25$. Solid mining, cryptozen.com is one of them.

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