Review – Is it a SCAM?

Check Free Score ( is a designated credit monitoring platform that functions by allowing individuals to monitor their credit reports. Working in accordance with TransUnion, Equifax and Experian, Check Free Score provides consumers with incentive based memberships that enable them to monitor their credit with increasing control. While in theory Check Free Score appears to serve as the ultimate platform for monitoring your credit, recent consumer feedback has exposed some unnerving reports of unsatisfactory business practices.

As we guide you through our unbiased review, we will conduct thorough research into the mechanics of Check Free Score while laying out all the needs-to-knows. Learn for yourself whether Check Free Score is a trustworthy credit monitoring operation or if it is a hoax ran by deceptive thieves.

What Exactly is Check Free Score?

Check Free Score is an online credit monitoring service that enables consumers to oversee their credit report through TransUnion, Equifax and Experian credit bureaus. Consumers who wish to possess more control over the safety of their credit are able to enroll with 24/7 credit monitoring, custom email alerts and credit report consultation services. Working in accordance with 3 major credit bureaus, Check Free Score encompasses a large scope of monitoring services which are difficult to find elsewhere.

Who is Responsible for Check Free Score? is owned and operated by CSIdentity Corporation, Experian and TransUnion Interactive. Created in early August of 2016, Check Free Score was founded and is operated by the 3 credit bureaus that currently support their operation. While no main office location is disclosed on their site, a mail customer service has been established and can be addressed at:, RE: Customer Service, 5100 Buckeystown Pike, Suite 250, Frederick, MD 1704. For more immediate assistance, Check Free Score representatives can be reached at (855) 504-5868.

How does Check Free Score Work?

Check Free Score offers consumers 3 different membership packages that each come with various perks. While memberships are based on reoccurring monthly payments, the main attraction of this site would be the $1 7-day trial that is offered to new consumers visiting the site. Disclosed below the memberships available at Check Free Score along with the incentives they offer:

Basic Credit Membership

  • $9.95/Month
  • Daily Equifax Credit Report & Score
  • $6.95 Experian Credit Report & Score
  • Daily TransUnion Credit Report & Score
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Minimum Rewards
  • Custom Email Alerts and Credit Fraud Consultation

Premium Credit Membership

  • $29.95/Month
  • Daily Equifax Credit Report & Score
  • Daily TransUnion Credit Report & Score
  • Unlimited Experian Credit Report & Score
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Average Rewards
  • Custom Email Alerts and Credit Fraud Consultation

Ultimate Credit Membership

  • $39.90/Month
  • Daily Equifax Credit Report & Score
  • Daily TransUnion Credit Report & Score
  • Unlimited Experian Credit Report & Score
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Maximum Rewards
  • Custom Email Alerts and Credit Fraud Consultation

Important Note: Failure to cancel your trial membership before their set billing date and you will automatically become enrolled in their Ultimate Credit Membership, no refunds are offered.

Community Feedback

Although Check Free Score appears to be a popular credit monitoring destination, that hasn’t stopped them from allegedly conducting shady business practices. Among the chief complaints we found regarding Check Free Score would be early billing cycle charges from users trying the free trial period or failure to acquire their credit scores. To learn more about the recent consumer complaints, we encourage you to visit RipOffReport.

Check Free Score Spec Report

  • Created on August 8th, 2016
  • Operates as a credit monitoring platform
  • Supported Bureaus: Experian, TransUnion & Equifax
  • Over 500,000 monthly visitor average over past 6 months
  • Representatives available 7 day a week at (855)-504-5868
  • Jointly owned and operated by TransUnion Interactive Inc, Experian & CSIIdentify Corp.

Can be Trusted?

While some negative consumer feedback paints a troubling image regarding Check Free Score, we still believe their platform to be trustworthy due to how popular they are and the verified entities who own and operate If in the future more troubling feedback is to surface, we will surely voice their feedback and make any needed alterations to this review if necessary.

Popularity had a SimilarWeb global rank of 74,941 and a US rank of 13,676 as of January 20th, 2018. Approximately 90% of the sites visitor traffic is US based while over 57% of all traffic is referral based. Last month Check Free Score experienced an increase in total visits by 11.73% enabling them to support over 803,000 visitors last month. Review Conclusion

Check Free Score is one of the most reputable credit monitoring platforms that functions with not one but with 3 major credit bureaus. Take control over your credit by participating in the $1 7-day trial and decide for yourself whether their platform is suitable for your credit monitoring needs. If you are unsatisfied with your experience, then make sure you cancel your membership prior to the fixed billing date otherwise you will automatically become enrolled with the Ultimate Credit membership.

Update March 1, 2023

Two days ago, on February 25, 2023 we received the following complaint:

I visited but now I am unable to log back in. The website redirected me to spam sites offering personal loans, and now I am concerned that my account information has been compromised.

34 thoughts on “ Review – Is it a SCAM?”

  1. Absolute SCAM. If you think you managed to stop them from charging your acct think again. They will start charging you smaller amounts using third party vendors. My,, How is there no class action lawsuit against these thieves?

    1. Complete scam.
      I used the site to get my scores for an apartment.

      This is the only site I have used this card on.

      Canceled and I was charged over 3K for something else. Luckily this was a prepaid card with no more than a few bucks on it. Will be calling it in for retribution.

      1. Same with me. I cannot log in to cancel. I call customer support and get put on hold. I’ve been on hold for over an hour. Total scam.

  2. This company keeps taking money from my account and I call to cancel and they continue to try and sell me this crap. They tell me they have no phone calls on file where I have requested to cancel, this company owes me over $100!

  3. How in Gods name can a company stay in business ripping people off…..Welcome to America where the legal system protects criminals

    1. Christina Nelson

      I don’t know how you all got my cash app card info, but I know this much I have looked for an account in my name and can’t seem to find one but I had literally just borrowed money for my baby’s medicine for today, and I checked my balance on cash app at 6 am and you all had already managed to take 39.90 out of my account leaving me a whole $8 bucks to get his meds that he desperately needs. This is completely uncalled for. I can’t get this charge cancelled bc of no apparent account, so how on earth am I supposed to get my money back? I need it back ASAP. I read some shady stuff on here about no refunds. I never asked for a subscription to begin with. This has to end. Y’all tried 26 times to charge my card and couldn’t get payment bc I didn’t have it. At what point do you boneheads think gee hum, wow she just might be broke so we’ll leave her alone? I know for a fact that you repeatedly attempted to charge my account and when I tried to cancel this said account cannot be found. And now I have to wait until 9 am to speak to someone. I’m absolutely disgusted with y’all and I’ll let everyone know what a rip off u are and pursue legal charges bc this is bs. If I had an account I should at least be able to find it so I can cancel it if I wanted to and that has not been the case for me.

  4. I’ve used their services twice in the last 2 years, and my observations will be simple statements of fact. I used them to get free copies of my credit reports, and I was able to successfully cancel my subscription within 7 days, (after an annoying phone call trying to get me to stay on as a customer). Salesmanship is ok. I understand that marketing concept. What is UNACCEPTABLE in my opinion, is that when you register, they IMMEDIATELY and without permission, sell your email address, and the junk mail will start rolling in within 24 hours. I closely monitor all of my email accounts, and the 2 accounts that I used for this service over the last 2 years are now almost unusable due to the ridiculous amounts of junk mail. It is the same junk mail going to both account, even a year later, and it happened in both cases to both accounts, within 24 hours after I registered for this company’s services. Buyer beware.

  5. I have been getting the run around and cannot cancel my account in the require 7 days. Looks like they are trying to keep giving me the run around until the 7 days is over. I do not remember signing up the account in the first place. I not sure what I can do but I am going to talk with my credit card people to see if they can help and not make the payment to scammers

  6. This company provides Credit Monitering with scores and reports that update monthly through equifax, experian, and transunon. Not only that, they also give you access to a credit dispute section where you can call in and they will help you dispute inaccurate items from your report. they also give you roadside assistance that covers 5 miles of towing, 2 gallons of gas if you ever run out on the side of the road, as well as assistance with jumpstarts, flat tires, and lockouts just for being a member. They also help with 1,000,000 dollars in identy theft insurance coverage. they provide you with 100 dollars in coupons per month on groceries. They provide discounts on hotels, theme parks, and movie theaters as well as travel anywhere you may go in the U.S.A. What more can you ask for.
    Thats a lie. the agents never yell at you

  7. This company is a complete rip off. They charged me $1 to enroll and told me that if I cancel before the trail period is over which is 7 days, I would not be charged. Well I enrolled on 9/29/18 and canceled on 10/3/18, which is less than seven days, I was also given a cancel confirmation#. They had the nerve to charge my card $49.95 on 10/12/18. I called them the same day and was told I will get my refund in 5-7 business days. It’s now 10/25, and still no refund. Now I have to call them back again. They are playing with my $$$$, and I’m the wrong person for that.

  8. Smart consumer who reads things

    You are all saying that they’ve stolen money from you, but in all reality, you did it to yourselves. On the website, it clearly states that after the seven day trial you will be billed the 39.90. It also has it in the welcome,e email. Don’t be upset with anyone but yourselves for not reading the fine print. Idiots. Have a great day.

    1. Responder to smart consumer faggot

      Obvious company shill who is involved with this slimy shady business practice. Go fuck yourself you piece of shit

    2. As a member of this company i can say they have really helped me. As for you people who dont read what you sign up for, You guys are idiots. This service is for people with actual credit gaols, notdumb fucks who use free sights thatdont even give you accurate credit scores.

    3. Christina Nelson

      How in the hell can you say that this is all of our faults? I know for a fact I didn’t sign up for this shit for a fact bc my credit is shit and ain’t no body stealing my identity believe that. Now it looks like I’m not alone on ppl who don’t recall signing up for this bs. And I’m also not alone on not being able to find a way to cancel said account before the 39.90 charge. So maybe you should actually read ppls complaints before you go to insulting us. You’re the ignorant fool that works for the damn lousy ass company. I would never even want to tell anyone that since they are such scamming thieves.

  9. This company is a rip off. They reel you in with $1 fee to check your scores, then they lock you in with a ridiculous monthly amount of $39.90 a month for services that you could get elsewhere for free. If they were the least bit reputable, they would lock you in with the cheapest tier at $9.95 or so and then allow you to decide if you wanted to stay or increase the tier over time. They are a knock off company with unethical practices. They are rude with their customer service and I WOULD NEVER refer them to ANYONE. They are terrible. Money-sucking thieves…smh!

  10. I have been on the phone for 3 hours with these people. 4 calls later I finally found this and hopefully you can call and request your funds returned as well. I called in the appropriate time allowed and they said I would be cxld and no other charges would be made. Then on the 19th I was charged $39.90 without my authorization and I called back on the 21st and asked for a refund for a charge I did not authorize. He said he was Management and that he would cxl my membership, but that the company does not do refunds. I told him that is crap. I have my call logs, My cc statements and my email correspondence and they claim to be recording all of these calls so why was there no record of any calls I made in July according to them???
    Go to this link: SVCGS.COM and call them and let them know. I also went on every scam and rip off site and made a complaint about this company. The call center is located in Boca Raton FL. The address for them in Frederick MD is Bogus and the address they have on their site is listed with the BBB as JMS Marketing and closed three years ago also with a record for scamming people.
    Here are all the numbers you can call and give them your GRIEF! SVCGGS.COM CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 888 490 0810
    FROM MY ORiGINAL EMAIL on the day I requested the free trial.
    Your Free 7 day trial begins today and ends on 7/13/2018. You have been charged today with a $1.00 refundable processing fee to the card provided. After the trial you will be charged 39.90 by SVCGS.COM each month to the card provided until canceled. You may cancel any time, for details please log into your account. If you have any billing questions, please visit our help section here

  11. THERESA Schaafsma

    They’re telling me I already submitted a complaint and there crazy I want my money back . This was never authorized by me I did everything I could do to exit asap when they tried to get me check the box to accept. I did not authorize. this and this is down right theft.this has got to be stopped they just take money from whom ever they please and then give you the run around and call you a little later pretty much to your face. The number you dial for customer service immediately hangs up on you as soon as you dial.

  12. THERESA Schaafsma

    Please I want this service stopped. I never requested it never marked the box. I did everything to not accept it. I pushed the back button over and over to avoid it. And I’m not happy about you taking money out of my account. I never authorized it! That’s us theft. I demand any money already taken and am not authorizing no further payments to this company. Thank and good day. Signed: Very unhappy I would like to know how you got my bank info!???!!

  13. Same here. $39.90 a month. And I haven’t balanced my checkbook in a couple of months so they got $120. I’m printing out the item and going to my branch tomorrow to put a stop to this.

  14. I don’t even know where to start with this company! Between the lack of professionalism, the excessive noise in the background, and the fact that Mrs. Caroline continued to stumble over her words while reading a script she has probably read 30-40 times a day. People I struggle urge you to seek a more reputable company because this “CheckFreeScore” is not it.

  15. I ran into this mess with TransUnion a couple days ago in which, if you noticed, they are part owners of this rip off company. They say it’s free then they need your credit card for 1.00 so you can prove who you are. Next you start coming up short on your money only to find out they’ve been getting you every month for 6-12 months. After all, look at the name, it plainly says, check free scores. Somehow I think that’s false advertising and should be punishable by law just like the rest of us. People be very ,very careful. I had several scam calls lately even from Washington, they call and say you’re going to jail for back taxes, grants that cost 300.00. Just don’t trust someone you don’t know. Even what may appear to be a sweet little old lady, just might be a old pro! Always be ready cause the crooks are getting smarter, after all, the government allows new gadgets to be free to buy that shows the bad ones how to get us. Anybody see a problem here? We have to be smarter! Good luck

  16. The customer service is a joke. I was charged $39.90 after multiple attempts to cancel the 7 day trial. Whenever I attempted to cancel the trial, I was placed on hold until the line cut out. Then they took my money, when I called to get it back, the representative “Karolina” was extremely rude. She gave vague statements and when I would question her or repeat back what she said, she would start yelling at me that I would t let her talk or that she didn’t say what I repeated back. Whenever I would attempt to speak, she would start yelling to let her talk. She does claim that she finally issued a refund, I will update if that does not come through. I never leave comments like this, but this woman was so rude and unprofessional that I had to say something. These people try to steal your money and then blame you for it while being horribly rude.

  17. Just I can say they are bunch of lier. They took $39.99 monthly but don’t update it. They are only trying to force you sing up and pay them instead they don’t care about anything. It’s 4 months I payed for nothing my last update was on 3/16/18 . Now I feel idiot. Don’t even try it for free .

  18. Scarlet Denton

    For the love of god stay away these ppl stole money from me twice and i just caught it . they will be reported to my bank tomorrow morning bc i will not stand for thieves !! i have never signed up for this site ever ! I use credit sesame and credit karma . They woman i talked to in customer service was rude as hell and very unprofessional. Idk how they got all my information but i sure as hell know it wasnt me that did it . STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE !!!! SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. These people stole $39.90 from my checking account without my authorization. I did not sign up for monthly membership with this company. CheckFreeScore cancelled my membership without giving me a full month of service that they stole from me. Customer Service refused to refund the $39.90 monthly membership and was very nasty and rude to me. checkFreeService is fraudulent and should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

  20. These people stole $39.90 from my checking account without my authorization. I did not sign up for monthly membership with this company. CheckFreeScore cancelled my membership without giving me a full month of service that they stole from me. Customer Service refused to refund the $39.90 monthly membership and was very nasty and rude to me. checkFreeService is fraudulent and should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

  21. Unhappy Customer

    Someone used this service to log into my account and steal my identity. They made minimal effort to verify the identify of the person involved. I had to report it to the FTC. I would give them one star at best.

  22. Omar Fernandez

    Had the same experience with these idiots. Thats exactly what they turn into idiots when you try to explain that they are charging you in error. I was scammed out of a whole year in charges that i overlooked on my account. The only thing that made me raise a question was they had double charged my account and then i noticed. I never authorized these guys to take any money out of my account for a service i never even used. Something has to be done about this company stealing peoples money.

  23. My free trial ended on Sunday I looked on my online banking on Monday and saw where they were charging me $40.00 I called and canceled my membership but they said they couldn’t give me a refund that it would have to be investigated first the lady said it wasn’t their place to give my money back

  24. I also had to call them to cancel my father’s account which he opened by accident bc he thought an online ad was part of the process of filing a gov’t claim. I had the most unpleasant experience I’ve ever had over the phone. We asked to cancel and the rep would not stop trying to sell more product or give him a “better deal” instead of just doing as my father had asked. I was so fed up with the spiel that I told him I understood he was doing what his company asks him to do but we just wanted to have the account closed. He told me there was no reason for me to talk to him like that, and also that I wasn’t allowed to talk. Ridiculous and pretty unprofessional. My father and I told him from the beginning I was on the line and that I had permission to be included on the call. So rude and enough with the runaround! Don’t sign up unless you want to get caught in a mess.

  25. This website is a joke. When you call to speak with their customer service and tell them you have already called to cancel and it wasn’t cancelled and you were still charged they tried to tell me today is the only time i have called and she was the first person I had talked to. The funny thing was I spoke to someone else right before her and i had called 3 times prior to that so apparently their system isn’t up and running like it should be and now they have my card info and they took $39.90 that they weren’t suppose to and wont refund it at all. Not to mention they are very very rude…one guy even told me that its just too bad and theres nothing I can do about it and I didn’t have a valid excuse. Lol.

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