Anonymous Trade Review

Anonymous Trade ( software is supposedly one of the best binary options trading services to date, but we have some bones to pick with it. The claim that it is one of the best services, or even a service at all, is highly disputable. Those claims are ones which we are going to debunk here today. Anonymous Trade scam software is nothing but a giant rip off and money thieving enterprise meant to hit you where it hurts, your wallet. We are promised that this Anonymous Trade software can generate over $1,000 on a daily basis with virtually no risk of loss.

These crooks make some really bold promises and claims without any evidence or proof to back them up with. This is our Anonymous Trade scam review and it is a really big one. You do not want to miss a single word of what we have to say about this ridiculous trading service. It is undoubtedly one of the very worst, most unreliable, and most fraudulent BO trading systems that we have seen recently. This service is extremely dangerous to your financial well-being, so you need to watch out, and you absolutely have to stay away from it.

How Does Anonymous Trade Software Work? SUPPOSEDLY!

When it comes to how exactly this service is supposed to generate money for us, we are left in the dark in terms of a decent explanation. The explanation we are provided with in terms of the inner workings of this software is woefully inadequate and totally nonsensical. We are told that Anonymous Trade scam software can connect to the main stock market servers and get the prices of signals before they appear to the traders.

Therefore, the claim is that you get a head start on trading and you get the most profitable trading opportunities because this software is faster than anything else out there. This claim is absolutely absurd. There is no way that some low grade trading platform could ever outpace the super computers used by Wall Street and other major investment, banking, and trading hubs.

If Anonymous Trade software worked as fast and well as is promised, then everybody would be using it or a version of it, thus rendering the program itself obsolete. In other words, these guys are just spitting out a bunch of financial jargon and rhetoric in the hopes of tricking newbies and luring beginners into the fold. Simply put, we don’t know what this program does or if it really does anything at all. Well, we do know that it will steal your money. That is for certain.

Anonymous Trade Scam Software – Legal Issues

What we failed to mention in the above section is that if this software actually got access to stock market numbers before they went live, it would constitute a crime. The only way that Anonymous Trade could get access to this info would be by hacking stock market servers and engaging in insider trading. Well, both of those things are highly illegal, which means that if this program does actually do that, it is doing something totally against the law.

Moreover, if you personally use this software, you would be considered complicit in the crime and as an accessory to it. You can literally go to jail for fraud, theft, and insider trading if you decide to use Anonymous Trade scam software. Your best bet is to simply stay as far away from it as you possibly can. Think about it. If you manipulate the stock market and get access to vital info before others, you can manipulate things to go your way. The overall result would be the total collapse of the world economy. Now, we know that you don’t want that on your hands!

Anonymous Trade App – A Fake Demo Account

Yet another clear indication that this is a scam can be seen when the so called free demo account is analyzed. There is supposedly a demo account that can be used for free, one that is supposed to show you how Anonymous Trade software works, including the winning trade percentages and the overall profits. However, we noticed that the demo account looks way too good to be true. All of the trades made in the demo account are winners, and not just that, they are big time winners.

This demo account does not show one losing trade. Well, the obvious conclusion here is that the demo account shows you totally fake and fabricated trades. They have been doctored to look good, but they never actually occurred to begin with. This demo account has no bearing on what real trading with or without Anonymous Trade software is like in reality. It is a made up demo, a shell with nothing in it, a trick meant to make this program look good. IT IS ALL TOTALLY FAKE!

Who Is Behind The Anonymous Trade Program?

The next red flag that we discovered when it comes to this fraudulent trading system has to do with the owners of it, or actually, the apparent lack of owners. This service is completely anonymous. We are never told who is in charge, who created it, who owns it, or anything else of importance. We have no idea what person, group of people, or company is behind Anonymous Trade software. Heck, we are not even provided with any contact info.

This is a sure fire sign that a scam is afoot. There is only one good reason for crooks behind a service like this to stay hidden in the shadows. It is because they are criminals and they know it. They simply want their identities to remain a secret because they know that if they were ever discovered, they would land behind bars real quick.

Anonymous Trade Scam Brokers

Something else that managed to grab our attention right from the get go is the lack of any reliable broker in association with Anonymous Trade scam software. The broker in question is probably the most crucial aspect of any trading service. You see, the broker is who handles your money and they are the people who hold onto it. We are never informed of who the broker(s) behind this software are, and therefore, we have no way of confirming if they are legitimate and reputable.

Our suspicion is that the brokers used here are all unregulated and unlicensed. It takes real, regulated, and licensed brokers to handle money in this field of trading. Those which do not have those aforementioned accreditations and oversight cannot be trusted. They will steal all of the money right out from under your nose, and when you go to make a withdrawal, you will get tons of error messages and excuses as to why making a withdrawal is impossible at this time.

In other words, this anonymous service used anonymous criminal brokers that steal your money, and because you do not actually know who they are, there is nothing at all that you can do about it. Taking any kind of legal recourse against these crooks is about as futile as building a castle out of cardboard boxes.

Anonymous Trade Scam Review – FINAL VERDICT

Our final verdict, and really the only viable and reasonable conclusion that we can reach about Anonymous Trade software is that it is 100% a scam. There is too much missing info, too many downright lies, and way too much evidence that points in the direction of SCAM! These guys are not here to help you make a profit, but quite the opposite in fact. These crooks will do anything and everything to lure you in. Then, on the off chance that you do sign up with the Anonymous Trade program, you will have all of your money stolen from you. Keep away from this scam because it is dangerous and will cost you everything.


  1. Tjebo

    Why don’t you review it with real money

    • Admin

      Because I don’t want to lose my money.

  2. Richard@Home (@richardathome)

    Wouldn’t a better assessment be to sign up with a throw away account and try the service for real?

    • Admin

      You mean a demo account? The demo is rigged so it wouldn’t reflect anything.

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