Explore-Boutique.com Review – Avoid this SCAM Retailer!

Explore Boutique (Explore-Boutique.com) is amongst the latest line of shady online sites posing as discounted online retailers.

Presented as an overseas company alleged based out of China, Explore Boutique allegedly offers an abundant supply of consumer goods that reflect “savings” ranging between 50% to 95% on average.

To find out more regarding the Explore Boutique operation and why you should avoid their ‘retail’ site as a whole, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About Explore-Boutique.com

As we’ve briefly touched upon, Explore-Boutique.com is structured to appear as an overseas online discount marketplace that supports a wide variety of consumer goods.

The category of assets allegedly supported at Explore-Boutique.com are as followed:

  • Electronic Products
  • Motorcycle Accessories
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • Cosplay Costumes
  • Outdoors

Other supported inventory supposedly offered through Explore-Boutique would be apparel goods, gaming systems and select knick-knacks.

Affiliated Sites

When we were conducting our investigation into Explore-Boutique, we came across the following contact information:

Email: explore-boutique@zjzemail.com

Phone: 18659470786

Alleged Corporate Entity: ZG Technology, Co., Limited

Address: UNIT 04,7/F, Bright Way Tower, No. 33 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, HK.

When we researched the alleged phone number of Explore-Boutique, we noticed that it was already associated with other sites that reflect the same site template, contact information and of course many spelling and grammatical errors.

The affiliated sites would be:

  • Gather-Trend.com
  • Fashion-Assistant.com
  • OurGiftShopping.com

To add, the corporate structure allegedly behind all of three of these domains has been declared a scam by many consumers on Facebook.

What we found interesting would be how all of these domains fail to include ZG Technology Co., Limited as their overseeing entity in their Terms of Service.

Instead most of the domains reflect that they are operating on their own accord, all except for Fashion-Assistant.com which is said to be overseen by OurGiftShopping.com.

Domain Insight

Explore-Boutique.com was privately registered on September 18th, 2018.

Gather-Trend.com was privately acquired on September 18th, 2018.

Fashion-Assistant.com was privately registered on September 18th, 2018.

OurGiftShopping.com was privately acquired on September 20th, 2018.

All of this information can be found in a WHOIS domain report and only reinforces the fact that something exceptionally shady and unethical is likely taking root here.

Why You Should Avoid Explore-Boutique.com

Lack of Transparency

Explore-Boutique, Gather-Trends, Fashion-Assistant and OurGiftShopping fail to disclose verifiable ownership information while failing to make any reference to the corporate entity ZG Technology Co., Limited in their Terms of Service.

Clone Retail Sites

Initially we set out to investigate into the murky depths of Explore-Boutique.com only to find out that this fictitious retail site reflected several clone entities.

More likely than not, the creators behind these fake online marketplaces are going to keep launching fake retailers as long as consumers are gullible enough to fall for them, so we don’t anticipate this is our last bout with them.

Absence of Feedback

There isn’t much community feedback regarding any of these entities except for the corporate entity ZG Technology Co., Limited, which is being declared a deceptive scam on Facebook.

Not a Secure Site

Explore-Boutique.com, Gather-Trend.com and Fashion-Assistant.com are not secure sites.

This means that any information submitted on any of these domains could be at risk and be used without your consent to unknown ends.

Is Explore-Boutique.com Legit?

Obviously, Explore-Boutique.com is NOT a legitimate online retailer, nor are any of their associated retailers.

Explore-Boutique.com Review Conclusion

Explore-Boutique.com reflects all the exhibited characteristics of an online retailer that is too good to be true.

It is evident that the scammers behind Explore-Boutique were not satisfied with having one scam site so they went out and created a few more.

Gather-Trend.com, Fashion-Assistant.com and OurGiftShopping.com are FAKE online retailers that should NOT be trusted!

Given the indisputable information shared in our impartial review above, we are obviously recommending our readers to avoid these fictitious online retailers through any means necessary.

Furthermore, do not only yourself but others a courtesy by sharing this review and avoiding these fake online marketplaces.

The quicker we can get the word out regarding these scam operations, the faster they can be eradicated from existence.

Outcome: We do NOT advice shopping with Explore-Boutique OR any of their affiliated sites!

Blacklisted Sites: Explore-Boutique.com, Gather-Trend.com, Fashion-Assistant.com & OurGiftShopping.com

We invite you to share any insight, feedback or experiences you may have below!

61 thoughts on “Explore-Boutique.com Review – Avoid this SCAM Retailer!”

  1. johnnie c brown

    ordered switch sent me a thanos mask instead 67.00 said sorry for inconvenience keep item and refund 34.00 takes weeks to get back to you and finally just report to my bank fraud and got money back facebook needs to do something about this i ordered other stuff off facebook and had no problems

  2. this happened to me also! these mofos!! I cant believe it. May I ask what you said to the bank to get a full refund? I will have to do the same

    Thank you kindly

  3. i ordered a nintendo switch mid december and received a mask today. i tried to get back on explore-boutique.com and the website will not open. likely shut down. i emailed multiple times for updates on tracking because it took nearly 2 months to get. but i only received a response from the first message about a week and a half in. i contacted my bank and began a fraud report. hopefully i’ll get my money back. lesson learned dont trust facebook ads.

    1. I got the exact same thing and they have been contacting me about only giving back 60% on my refund. I did a claim with my bank for the full refund. It’s the only way to do it.

  4. I got scammed too…

    Why am I so stupid to beleive in ads like this???

    I thought Facebook had some kind of rules concerning who can advertise. I will contact them, and I hold Facebook responsible for allowing scammers like this to advertise!

    Someone who managed to get a refund somehow?

    1. Roger Caetano Zancanaro

      I also thought that facebook had some kind of restriction with ads and etc and so I bought, not to mention the little pikachu song that made you click without thinking twice …

  5. Here is the address of the warehouse in CA , you can call them and demand a refund. I got mine.
    Wan Qian
    20275 Business Parkway
    City of Industry CA 91789

    1. I got scammed to! My husband order two hunting pro x scopes, with video feed to download onto your computer for $80. It was a great deal! We received a $5 football fidget cube! What in world? I’ve been trying for over a month to get my money back.

  6. I ordered a Nintendo Switch, on December 26th, and just received a painted V for Vendetta mask. I’m ready break everything in my house. Calling the bank to file a fraud dispute.

  7. The Reviewer 85

    I got rob to. Today package came in and it was a mask crazy I will be make a youtube video on this shit crazy to good to be true wow

  8. This is a scam. You will likely receive a mask. Mine arrived yesterday. I contacted my bank and they issues a full refund.

    1. this happened to me also! these mofos!! I cant believe it. May I ask what you said to the bank to get a full refund? I will have to do the same

      Thank you kindly

  9. I’ve received a crap looking mast instead of the Nintendo SWITCH too.
    Just sent a complaint to the BRILLIANT payment site and hope they will refund me.

    Thanks for all the info guys.

  10. I am very disappointed I ordered my switch and ended up with a mask I need to know if I can get a refund cuz this is bull i am beyond pissed off

  11. Santos Ortiz-Pasterick

    I ordered a Nintendo Switch form there site and never got a response is there a way I can get my money back?

  12. I ordered one Nintendo switch too, i got today the message its been sent so i will get something from them mayby.
    I will update what i got when it arrives.

  13. I also order a Nintendo switch on Christmas and email and call them no reply. Now the site is down not able to get the detail proof for My bank to do merchant dispute.

    1. Hey I did the same but i felt it was too good to be true and i took a screenshot of the purchase. I also got an email after the purchase that shows the payment amount and payment number. Maybe you can use something like that for a dispute?

  14. I just received a MASK from City of Industry in CA and I know where that place is and called them, I talked to one of the people that speaks little english and I told him that I received an item but this is not what I ordered. He then told me that he will get back to me, I even told him that I know where you are and do not make me go there. I’m still waiting for BEN to call me back.

    1. Alexander Miranda

      Hey, I received a tracking number and another person im talking to on Instagram
      Follow me at Njzpapi028 message me and Ill let you know if I received the item.

  15. I ordered a Nintendo Switch along with 2 games and I just got a package today but it turned out to be a red weird looking mask like the one in the movie V for Vendetta. I’m so pissed right now like who TF does something like this?? Did anyone else get a mask too? I want my money back!!! Anyone know how??

  16. Bought a ” life size” replica of thors hammer for $65.00 regular $514.00. It came today. It would be life size if thor was approximately 2 feet tall . Video shows a “life size”guy smashing doors with it, swinging it etc. The only door this could smash, and probably with great difficulty would be the plastic door to barbies dream house and as for swinging it by its ” real leather strap” it swings nicely around my index finger . All in all , I guess at least something came. Ants and other small insects will now tremble in the face of the mighty mini mjolnir flyswatter.

  17. Ok if you got a “Thanks for payment” email look on there and you’ll find the brilliant website and there you can file what happened. I filed for delivery status and got a tracking number, just keep on waiting. In China, they put every order on a huge plane at once so it will take awhile.
    If its not the same order on what you got brilliant is the trade bank that will give you a full refund.

  18. Same do I, I did order Nintendo switch on DEC 31st 2018, not yet received either. Shouldn’t never trust this fucking cheap goods. and seem I will never get the goods

  19. Hey so I ordered a Nintendo switch for 35.17 and still haven’t received it I wish I saw this earlier . Wish there was a way for me to get my money back .

      1. Has anyone received their items yet i was thinking about ordering from them but not sure if im gonna risk it now

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