TeeChip.com Review – Biggest Rip-Off of 2018?

TeeChip (TeeChip.com) has been under the public spotlight over the past few weeks for being an untrustworthy online retailer.

Supporting well over 2 million site visitors each month, the TeeChip retail conglomerate reflects a notorious history and pattern of consumer complaints along with a strong refusal to accept returns and as a result an inability to render refunds.

To gather an encompassing oversight regarding what the community is saying about TeeChip.com and how their outlook appears for 2019, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About TeeChip.com

TeeChip is structured as an online marketplace that supports a vast sum of apparel clothing that mostly involves tops such as t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and sweatshirt.

Other supported goods would include wall decor, customizable mugs, phone cases, tank tops, and tote bags.

Among the top category of apparel styles of clothing tops would be food, arts & crafts, seasonal, US holiday, motivational and educational.

By apparel styles we mean that TeeChip’s support inventory reflect apparel graphics that reflect their inherited category.

When compared to other online retailers, TeeChip prices are similar although their product inventory appears rather unique.

Other style-oriented consumer goods and products include animals, hobbies, entertainment, places, jobs and family & relationships.

Shipping Costs

  • Most items are $4.99 for one item + $1.99 per additional item
  • Hoodies are $6.99 for one item + $1.99 per additional item
  • Sweatshirts are $6.99 for one item + $1.99 per additional item
  • Mugs are $5.99 for one item + $3.99 per additional item
  • International shipping costs an additional $2.00.

Items are said to ship from their store within 5 to 10 business days while international orders can take an additional 1 to 2 weeks.

TeeChip.com claims to offer a 100% quality guarantee return on all their supported goods although consumer feedback shared below will illustrate a different story.

Contacting TeeChip.com

According to TeeChip’s Contact page, they can be reached Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Eastern Time.

Supported contact methods would be live chat (which we were unable to verify during the time of writing this review since it appeared not to be offered) or through their contact submission form.

TeeChip does not appear to support a telephone number nor an email address for consumer inquiries.

Domain Insight

Teechip.com was registered on May 27th, 2014 by TeeChip Administrator through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

The registrant contact information is as followed: TeeChip Administrator, 41454 Christy St., Fremont, CA, 94538.

Telephone Number: 1 (866) 251-0432

Email: admin@teechip.com

According to SimilarWeb, TeeChip.com reflected a global rank of 17,168 with a Vietnam rank of 727 as of December 28th, 2018.

For the past 6 months the site as supported just over 2 million site visitors on average while approximately 39.81% of their traffic is derived from social media based sources.

Of that 39.81% of social based traffic, Facebook attributed to 92.67% while YouTube accounted for an additional 6.23%.

TeeChip.com Reviews

TeeChip.com supports a rich history of consumer reviews that reflect questionable legitimacy.

Reviews found at TrustPilot for instance, which has been known to reflect unauthentic consumer reviews, reflects consumer feedback that is different than most other review portals.

According to TrustPilot, TeeChip.com reflects a 3 out of 5 star rating out of 7,122 reviews.

SiteJabber is among another review portal that reflects a rather positive outlook regarding TeeChip although the legitimacy of some of the positive reviews does arouse suspicions about being legitimate.

Simply put, many of the positive reviews are very similar and don’t really deviate from one another, nor do they appear all that authentic.

“I ordered a print from them and everything was just amazing. The order came in faster than I had expected and the quality of my poster is beyond amazing, I’m incredibly happy with their service.”

“Found poster that is a little hard to find through teechip. Good notifications, status updates, packaging, and delivery. Great quality. Only wish was that the price was a few dollars cheaper, but for the poster I wanted so badly, I paid.”

“Great Product and Customer Service.”

These ‘positive’ reviews can be found at SiteJabber, although we are taking them with a grain of salt since nearly all of the positive reviews are originating from 1st time reviewers of SiteJabber (the same can be said for TrustPilot).

TeeChip.com Complaints

As we mentioned from the get-go of this scam review, TeeChip has been under scrutiny lately as being an untrustworthy retailer.

Take for instance the endless complaints filed at PissedConsumer, which indicates approximately $1.1 million in claims have been lost to this retailer.

“I bought a product from this company and it’s caught in a delivery loop (no street address on the label) which is a scam. Contact the post office with tracking number and it’s fake. I have read reviews that omitting part of your home address is part of the scam. Attempting to Contact customer service also puts you in never-ending loops. Don’t buy anything from this company. You will be throwing away your money!!!”

“I ordered a long-sleeve…After it taking forever to receive the product, it was a short sleeve shirt. I contacted customer service…and requested a refund… Well, the denied my request for a refund…Awful company…who obviously has no real website because you can’t locate their company or anything.”

More relevant complaints can be found at TrustPilot:

“I seriously will never buy from this site ever again… Every time I message them to ask about the situation I get replied with a automated response. Crappy service never again !!”

“What a nightmare!…Ultimately, I received the incorrect order and was billed for the much more expensive item. Run as fast as you can away from this nightmare company.”

TeeChip reflects a 1.7 out of 5 star rating at PissedConsumer.

Additional complaints regarding TeeChip can be found at ScamGuard and an outdated Reddit thread.

Is TeeChip.com a Trustworthy Online Retailer?

Given the excessive sum of complaints filed against TeeChip, we do not believe this online retailer to be trustworthy.

TeeChip Review Conclusion

TeeChip.com once appeared to be a widely shopped online retailer that offered unique and desirable consumer goods.

Whether TeeChip is a victim of operational decay or if they just don’t value their customers, it is hard to determine for certain.

The one thing that is certain regarding TeeChip would be that their operation appears quite rocky and unlikely to thrive heading into the 2019 New Year.

Before you shop with TeeChip, we implore that you investigate the consumer review portals that we shared above to evaluate and weigh any recent feedback regarding TeeChip.

Given the fact that the majority of the recent reviews regarding TeeChip are negative and depict horrible consumer experiences, we clearly aren’t advising any of our consumers to shop their site.

Outcome: TeeChip.com is NOT Trustworthy!

We invite you to share any experiences, insight or feedback you may have below!


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