Scam Revealed – What You Need To Know!

Avoid the scam!

Pretending to offer free Robux, GainBlox is latest data harvesting scam that has taken up the torch of creating illicit offers in the attempts to collect site visitors personal and sensitive information.

As a whole, GainBlox is gaining a notorious reputation on the web but that in itself isn’t enough to debunk as a scam.

To learn why we found GainBlox to be a scam, please read our honest review.

Why is a scam

  • Deceives their true intentions
  • Does not offer “free robux” as promised
  • Reflects many negative reviews and complaints online
  • Operates anonymously (no identifying information is shared)
  • Claims over 160,000 payouts yet hardly ANY positive reviews online
  • No distribution of sent Robux is shared (allegedly 4.6 million have been earned)


GainBlox does not provide information regarding who they are, what their intentions are or how they are able to give out free Robux.

While is the trending scam site at the moment, all attempts to visit ends up with us being redirected to

Upon landing at, we are immediately confronted with the 3 alleged steps required to begin earning free Robux.

1. Sign-Up

Enter your Roblax Username and start doing offers to get free Robux!

2. Earn Points

Earn free Robux by completing tasks.

3. Cash Out

Withdraw your earnings into Robux.

No information regarding what these tasks are disclosed.

According to some user reviews, some users were asked to complete surveys although no tracking for competition of their tasks was often reported.

Allegedly there are over 100 available offers you can choose from to earn Robux while it is reported on the site that they have had 166,535 payouts and 4,685,689 Robux earned.

Of course, no transparency is provided to verify either of two bold claims.


There are no contact methods or identifying information shared at

The site’s FAQ makes reference to reach out to them through Discord but that requires users to have an account just to reach out to them.

As you can see, GainBlox tries to further solicit personal and sensitive information from users by making them create accounts just to reach out to them for any questions.

Bear in mind, their sole objective is to have you hand over your contact information and any personal, financial or login information that they can possibly harvest value from so tread carefully.

GainBlox Reviews

There are a good number of reviews online that go on to reveal how they believe GainBlox is a free Robux scam and we would have to agree.

You can find more feedback regarding GainBlox at Reddit.

Other similar scam operations include and

Is a scam?

Yes, is a scam.

GainBlox Scam Review is a free Robux scam.

Found at both and, gainblox is a dangerous phishing and data harvesting scam that should be avoided!

Do not share your username or submit any information of value with GainBlox.

Outcome: GainBlox is a scam!

Blacklisted Sites: &

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