FeFall Scam Exposed – Avoid this Shopping Fraud!

FeFall.com is a scam!

Created a little over 4 months ago, FeFall is a trending discount retail scam currently making rounds within the online retail arena.

Already starting to accrue a reputation as a scam retailer, the credibility footing of FeFall is falling quickly and we have the consumer reviews to prove it.

To get the full scoop regarding the FeFall scam please read our honest review.

Why Fefall is a Scam

  • Complaints of scam from shoppers
  • Fails to respond to online shoppers emails
  • Operates with verifiable ownership information
  • Only partial elements of alleged address appear legitimate
  • Fits the bill as a Too Good To Be True discount online retailer

About FeFall

There is no information regarding FeFall or what their intentions are.

No About Us or mission statement can be found.

By first impression, FeFall appears to be a well-designed discount retailer.

It isn’t until an online shopper conducts some investigating work that the elements of FeFall begin to fall apart.

Immediately upon landing at FeFall.com we are hit with various clothing good deals, most of which reflect a price reduction of 50%.

Among the inventory of goods allegedly for sale include:

  • Women’s Accessories
  • Women’s Shoes
  • Women’s Dresses
  • Women’s Clothing

FeFall tries to pull off the trendy, boutique discount retailer look.

Products featured for sale can be back-traced through Google where they can be found featured for actual sale at legitimate online retailers.

There is quite a bit of deception in the works at FeFall and we’ll expose more of that in the following section.

Contact FeFall

Shared below are the alleged contact and identifying details shared at FeFall:

  • Email: service@fefall
  • Phone: +86 15884704924
  • Xu Lingfan
  • 2688 Gudai Road, Zinzhuang Town, Minhang District, Shanghai, 201100 China

Multiple consumer reports can be found online detailing how the operators of FeFall never reply to email inquiries while Google Maps reveals that the disclosed address shared above does not exist.

Site Background

FeFall.com was privately registered for one year on October 14th, 2019.

Currently the site reflects a US web rank of 58,384 on SimiliarWeb, indicating that the primary targeted demographics of the fefall scam are US consumers.

According to the market intelligence report, over 71% of FeFall’s incoming visitor traffic is stemming from the following 5 paid keyword advertising campaigns:

  1. what is fefall.com
  2. storage sheds
  3. kreg k4
  4. ryobi led light p727
  5. Milwaukee cordless m12 1/4

FeFall Reviews

Shared below are a handful of the reviews and complaints we found regarding FeFall:

Fefall.com is DEFINITELY a scam. If you buy anything from them you will not get an order acknowledgement, no answer to emails. The email address associated with their PayPal is: heightoqjx@hotmail.com and the name is Angela Spindlow. OPEN A PAYPAL DISPUTE immediately if you have paid them under UNAUTHORIZED ACTIVITY.”

“Yes fefall is definitely a scam I ordered an arcade 1 up game should have known it was to good to be true they had it for 89.99 which is their basic price for everything these arcades are going for 150-499$ used my paypal and it went to a Jennifer Bellamy for construction???? Which is strange because the company is based in China and she is located here in the United States I did end up filing a claim with PayPal and thank god I got my money back thank you PayPal I will definitely do a lot of research before I buy anything anymore”

“This just happened to us. If you can get the POD from USPS (go to your local post office they will provide). I sent that into paypal to prove it was not delivered to me and PayPal refunded my money. It took 3 times over 3 days but they did refund my money.”

“I tried to dispute a charge on my count and they’re saying they won’t help me I was buying a ice shanty for ice fishing at fefall. Com I looked it up online on Google Aaron says it’s a scam I’m trying to retrieve my money back and I’m getting nowhere $94 and something cents what can I do?”

“Its january 25 and I’m wondering if you had any luck disputing the charges with Paypal and Fefell? I too was scammed out of a product with Fefell. I also opened up a dispute case about the purchase and was repeatedly told that they sided with the seller. I purchased a Drum throne (drum set seat) through FeFell and was scammed out of my money. Explained to PayPal what happened, showed all the pictures and payments made. I also showed how it( the purchase was a fraud through that company by someone else) was changed and made to look like I was paying for a service not a product. PayPal left me hanging out to dry. I disputed it three(3) times…..Nothing, case closed. Finally I had to contact my credit card company before they ( cc company) finally sided with me and returned my money. So I hope you did get somewhere with paypal and/or your credit card company. “

These reviews can be found at Reddit and PayPal Community Threads.

Is FeFall.com a scam?

Yes, FeFall.com is an online shopping scam.

FeFall Scam Review

FeFall.com is a deceptive online retail scam.

If you’ve been scammed, make sure you contact your financial institution to initiate a chargeback and request a new replacement credit card and for those of you who used PayPal make sure to File a Complaint as soon as possible!

The sooner you can try to get your money back the better the opportunity you will have for successfully having those chargebacks work in your favor!

Outcome: FeFall is a scam!

Blacklisted Site: FeFall.com

Please share any helpful feedback or insight you may have!


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