FXOptionMart.com Ponzi Scheme Exposed – [Fake Testimonials Revealed!]

Welcome to our honest FXOptionMart review.

During this review, you will learn not only why FXOptionMart.com cannot be trusted but more importantly why we have declared FXOptionMart a scam.

To get the full scoop regarding the FXOptionMart scam please read our review.

Why FXOptionMart is a Scam

  • Promotes unrealistic income claims
  • Discloses fabricated company information
  • Employs fake testimonials as real “reviews”
  • Operates with blatant anonymity while no contact methods are shared

About FXOptionMart

FXOptionMart.com is a misleading online investment opportunity.

For those with experience within the online investment arena, you may notice how FXOptionMart resembles a business model similar to that of a Ponzi scheme.

Unrealistic income assertions within record time coupled with a knack of highly incentivizing their platform, FXOptionMart is a dangerous scam nonetheless.

Allegedly, FXOptionMart.com is overseen by a corporate entity known as FX Option Mart LTD, which was said to be registered in the US on November 21st, 2016.

After conducting several search queries through US business registrars and Google, however, it appears that there are no active businesses known as FX Option Mart LTD.

To further contradict their alleged corporate entity, site operators tend to include their corporate entity as their overseeing entity in there Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and Terms of Service but FXOptionMart.com solely makes reference to FX Option Mart, not FX Option Mart LTD.

Now, this may seem that we are knit-picking but in all actuality, the failure to disclose a verifiable and legitimate corporate entity in their site’s legal pages serves as a testament that the operators behind this site are not only trying to remain anonymous but also free of liability.

The more we investigated into the depths of FX Option Mart the more disturbing findings we uncovered, take for instance their alleged functionality shared below.

How does FXOptionMart.com Work?

The alleged functionality behind FX Option Mart is as such:

You deposit with one of four investment plans.

Plan 1

ROI: 120%

Duration: 7 days

Minimum Deposit: $300

Maximum Deposit: $300

Plan 2

ROI: 140%

Duration: 7 days

Minimum Deposit: $500

Maximum Deposit: $500

Plan 3

ROI: 200%

Duration: 7 days

Minimum Deposit: $1,000

Maximum Deposit: $1,000

Plan 4

ROI: 250%

Duration:7 days

Minimum Deposit: $1,500

Maximum Deposit: $1,500

As you can see, the more you deposit the greater the return percentage you are promised.

There is no insight as to how your money is “invested” and there is no proof that any working part of FX Option Mart is registered AND licensed to provide investment services.

The investment plans are ridiculous and highly unrealistic.

Contacting FXOptionMart

Despite providing us with a phony company name, FX Option Mart can also be found giving out the following contact information in the footer of their website:

930 Tahoe Blvd #802-30 Incline Village, 89451


No other contact or identifying information can be found.

Site Background

FXOptionMart.com was privately registered for one year on September 20th, 2019.

As a whole, FX Option Mart is not a reputable site and reflects a Pakistan site rank of 512,380 – indicating to us that this operation is likely trending within Pakistan.

Fake Testimonials

We have given FX Option Mart quite a bit of leniency regarding their blatant attempts of remaining anonymous and providing fraudulent company information but the fake testimonials found on their site are about as bogus as it gets.

As you can see for yourself in the image below, the testimonials employed at FXOptionMart are all stock photos taken online.

They aren’t real testimonials and are used as nothing more than deceptive measures to help build trust and credibility for a site that has none. 

Is FXOptionMart a scam?

Yes, FXOptionMart.com is an online investment scam!

FXOptionMart Scam Review

FX Option Mart is just one of many deceptive online investment scams.

Employing fake testimonials, fabricated company information, no insight as to how they generate your returns, and the utter lack of professionalism is staggering at FX Option Mart.

Textbook characteristics of an online Ponzi scheme with a demented cryptocurrency twist integrated into the framework.

Do yourself and others a courtesy by avoiding this trending Bitcoin scam!

Outcome: FXOptionMart is a scam!

Blacklisted Site: FXOptionMart.com

Please share any feedback, experiences or insight you may have!


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