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Avoid the trending investment scam.

Making rounds within the crypto investment arena, Get-Bitcoin promotes unrealistic income assertions, operates with blatant anonymity, and possesses a considerable volume of red flags that cannot be overlooked.

Claiming to operate as a 1-Click Bitcoin Mining operation, Get-Bitcoin places an exceptionally strong emphasis on their referral model which is used to lure in unsuspecting investors into their bitcoin mining trap.

To learn why we have labeled as a scam, read our honest review.

Why Get-Bitcoin is a Scam

  • Promotes unrealistic income claims
  • Lies About Total Visits, Miners and BTC Withdrawals
  • Get-Bitcoin shares no direct ties with Bitcoin Mining Company LTD
  • Bitcoin Mining Company LTD is not a LICENSED investment company
  • Operates more like a Ponzi scheme (emphasis on recruitment is heavy)
  • Fabricated user testimonials are integrated into the interface of the site

About claims to provide high-efficiency Bitcoin mining.

By allegedly using the world’s best ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) machines, Get-Bitcoin states that they can generate the highest returns.

So how does Get-Bitcoin allegedly make you money?

Well, after investing with one of their mining packages (shared below) it is said that their team of “of blockchain experts and programmers has developed a unique mining algorithm that revolutionizes traditional mining and maximizes profits.”

In other words, they don’t provide any real or tangible proof regarding how they make you money.

They claim to place a high value in transparency yet the majority of the statements and assertions that they make on their site are not only bogus but can be debunked through simple investigating.

Investment Plans


Deposit: FREE

Daily ROI: 0.00017136 BTC

Referral Commission: 10%


Deposit: 0.017 BTC

Daily ROI: 0.00178704 BTC

Referral Commission: 15%


Deposit: 0.07 BTC

Daily ROI: 0.00834624 BTC

Referral Commission: 20%


Deposit: 0.7 BTC

Daily ROI: 0.11273472 BTC

Referral Commission: 25%


Deposit: 1.77 BTC

Daily ROI: 0.483283424 BTC

Referral Commission: 30%

Like most bitcoin mining scams, Get-Bitcoin incentivizes their investment packages where the more you initially deposit the higher the return you will accrue.

There is no reference in regards to the duration of these plans so we are under the impression that they are ‘life long’ like many fraudulent mining companies imply.

Bitcoin Mining Company LTD

Disclosed within the footer and contact page of would be a reference to a UK based corporate entity known as Bitcoin Mining Company LTD.

Verifiable through Beta.CompaniesHouse, Bitcoin Mining Company LTD reflects an active company status, was incorporated on August 8th, 2019 and has a registered office address of 4 Fitsjames Avenue, London, United Kingdom, W14 0RP.

The nature of the business is “other mining and quarrying not elsewhere classified & information technology consultancy activities.”

The alleged registrar behind Bitcoin Mining Company LTD would be Raoul Jacob.

There are no ties between Bitcoin Mining Company LTD and

Additionally, Bitcoin Mining Company LTD (Company Number: 12145667) is not licensed with regulators to provide investment services or advice, which means conducting business with these unknown entities may prove to be illegal.

Site Background was privately registered for one year on July 19th, 2019.

The top 5 targeted geographies include Venezuela, Canada, Egypt, Argentina, and Thailand.

Over 17% of the site’s traffic stems from referral-based sources while social media sources (primarily YouTube and Facebook) account for a near 10% of all the site’s incoming traffic. Reviews mentions that they have had over 14 million visits and possess over 284,000 Bitcoin miners.

However, when you compare their assertions to less than 150,000 total visitors who have visited their site since their inception (can be verified through SimiliarWeb) it becomes evident that this is a lie.

Their total site visitors fail to support the total number of alleged miners operating with too.

To put the final nail in the coffin, if Get-Bitcoin DID reflect such a member and miner count you would reasonably be able to expect some form of user feedback online but there is virtually none during the time of writing this review.

Is a scam?

Yes, is a bitcoin investment scam.

Get-Bitcoin Scam Review is a bitcoin mining scheme that should be avoided.

Comprised of deceptive falsehoods and exaggerated income assertions, Get-Bitcoin operates like a cross between a Ponzi scheme and a fraudulent bitcoin mining entity.

Despite providing company information, there are no ties that can directly link Get-Bitcoin to Bitcoin Mining Company LTD while it is well-known that the UK corporate model is highly susceptible and leaned heavily upon as a credibility crutch amongst misleading cryptocurrency ventures.

With this information in mind, we do not recommend

Outcome: Get-Bitcoin is a scam.

Blacklisted Site:

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