Is OxyBreath Pro a Scam? – Updated Reviews Shared

There’s quite a bit of debate surrounding the legitimacy of the OxyBreath Pro mask.

Proclaimed to be the ultimate protection against airborne viruses, OxyBreath Pro is said to enable users to breathe better and safer due to the mask’s ability to filter fine pollution particles.

To gather a better idea of what consumers, companies, and the community consensus regarding the OxyBreath Pro mask are please read our honest review.

OxyBreath Pro Takeaways

  • There is A LOT of promotional marketing momentum behind OxyBreath Pro so it is hard to distinguish fake from real reviews.
  • OxyBreath Pro is marketed as the ultimate air pollution mask for 2020.
  • South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Netherlands, United States, and Indonesia are the primary targeted consumer demographics.
  • Now being labeled by some marketers as the “best Coronavirus protection mask.”
  • International Company Name: Hyper Sls Ltd; Europe: Novads OU
  • OxyBreath Pro is being labeled a SCAM by many

About OxyBreath Pro

What is the OxyBreath Pro Mask?

The OxyBreath Pro mask is a breathing apparatus that fits like a comfortable protective face mask that you can use to combat fine dust, toxic fumes, severe allergens, and airborne viruses.

It is being said that OxyBreath Pro is the ‘best protective marks for Coronavirus’ but there is no evidence to support this claim.

Technical Components

  • 95% protection rating
  • Anti-fog, anti-PM 2.5, anti-poll, and anti-dust
  • Two-layer polyurethane filtration (first layers filter large parters and dust; the second layer absorbs unfiltered dust and bacteria with nanotechnology)
  • Around the ear, over mouth, chin, and nose face mask model
  • Protection level: KN95
  • Size: Approximately 27×14 cm

KN95 is an industry-standard and is effective against filtering 95 percent of particles with a mass median diameter of 0.3 micrometers.

More effective masks have an effective protection rate of KP100 or over 99.97%.

Whether OxyBreath Pro can truly ward off Coronavirus we can’t be certain.

Contacting OxyBreath Pro

OxyBreath Pro is transparent with its corporate and contact information.

Shared below are the following company details we found on the About Us page:

Name of Company

International: Hyper Sls Ltd

Europe: Novads OU

Company Registration Number


Email Address (customer support)

Firm Telephone Number

General Inquiries: +852 8197-7604

Customer Support: +852 8197-7604

Company Name & Address

International Office:

Hyper Sms Ltd

7/F, The Grande Building

398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Europe Office:

Novads OU

Narva Mnt 7, 5th Floor, Room 556

Tallinn, Estonia, 10117

Company Director:

Peter Novik

OxyBreath Pro Mask Reviews

There is a wide selection of OxyBreath Pro mask reviews.

Most of the reviews are positive and endorse the OxyBreath Pro mask with heavy affiliate links so it is hard to understand the writer’s true intentions behind the OxyBreath Pro reviews.

Meaning we aren’t sure whether they are just trying to sell us or not.

Here are a couple of reviews we found online: – “The researchers of the coronavirus have approved this breathable mask for its excellent purification efficiency and today various country using it.” – “OxyBreath professional could be the mask that was current to offering defense against distinct problems together with airborne illnesses and regular particles and air pollution.”

b.b. – “It is fair and true to state that OxyBreath Pro is scam – it is fake – and linked to other companies such Novads, or even Hyperstech.

The story line is:
  1. I bought two packages from the OxyBreath Pro home page.
  2. I received a confirmation of order and order number from Hyperstech but on the logo it says Novads – they work in circles.
  3. They immediately withdraw 2 x 98 Euros plus extra money.
  4. I receive nothing else for a while
  5. I receive an sms from writing vaguely that they may send the packages.
  6. I hear no further from them despite the fact I write to them on email, on Facebook, on twitter, on Trustpilot etc. etc.
  7. Cathrine (I think it is) asks on Facebook if I have purched on Facebook…I reply NO and that I have written to OxyBreath Pro
  8. I wrote that I want to cancel the order. I can do that as Estonia is a member of the EU.
in other words OxyBreath Pro is just a scam – a fake.”

Is Trustworthy?

No, OxyBreath Pro cannot be trusted. Reviews

As a whole, the OxyBreath Pro mask cannot be trusted.

The OxyBreath Pro mask is a health product with is said to have a KN95 strength index, meaning that it filters 95% of all pollutants and bacteria out of the air you breathe when wearing.

Outcome: OxyBreath Pro is likely a scam.

Please provide any relevant feedback or insight you may have below!


  1. Bob Mar

    Believe all the reviews on this product!!! This is a waste of money and not what they advertise!! Just a piece of foam which is junk!!! We’re out for $135.00!

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