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  1. Wendy Wilson

    Greg Gorski, Gorski Law, PLLC 1635 Market Street · Suite 1600 · Philadelphia PA 19103, is a con. He battered me thru complaints filed against the big three, plus Nexis Lexis with an agreement of costs and fees of $1,000.00. Upon receipt of settlement, totaling $27,000, Gorski bullied me, saying I was too sick to understand… He kept $26k. He should be disbarred. Please spare yourselves. Find another lawyer. Gorski’s not worth the contact call.

  2. Wendy Wilson

    Ordered 10-items from Berrylook costing over $200 on January 22, 2019 with standard (6-8 business days) shipping guidelines. Today is March 4th. The Order did not arrive and in multiple written correspondences Berrylook Services is incoherent in reply, refused to credit my account. Processing payment for the Order required a fraction of a second, yet the struggle to get credit for products never received is too intense. Do yourself a favor, buy local from those you trust. The following excerpt is the receipt of purchase sent from Berrylook:

    “Dear customer,
    Thank you for your order. Your order E671811 is now being processed and will be dispatched normally within 3 – 7 days. An email with tracking number and tracking website will be sent to you once the order has been shipped. Below are shipping time for your reference.
    Super Savings: 7 – 15 Business Days
    Standard Shipping: 6 – 8 Business Days
    Express Shipping: 3 – 6 Business Days
    If you paid with a paypal account or credit card,
    the merchant name “Orderplus Intl.” will apper on your card statement.”

    • Ann Higman

      Hi Wendy! I too have been scammed by Berrylook. Ordered and paid for a black winter coat in January. No acknowledgment, order no. received but cc debited. The captcha on the website won’t accept my efforts to email them and denies me contact. Obviously a world wide scam. Hope the fraud teams can get them closed down. Why are they allowed tout their products on the various web browsers?!

  3. Anonymus

    I was made a mistake i know.
    I ordered a ring from ottega when i was drunk :/
    It was free but payed 10 euro shipping
    I learned itt and i will not buy nothing when i am drunk 😀
    The order is about happend 1 month and i did not get nothing :/

  4. Vihar Krastev

    Berrylook are dishonest cheaters, scammers, thieves
    If are willing to pay for a junky product, and if you are ready to go through hell and through a lot of humiliation and waiting, it’s your choice — buy things from Berrylook!
    Berrylook are dishonest cheaters, scammers, and thieves.
    We ordered two dresses on December 27, 2018. Paid a total of US$59.03. The items we received nearly a month later were TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the photos on their site. They were made from very poor-quality material and the workmanship was indescribably poor. Awful. 5-year old kids would have sewn them better.
    We complained and were instructed to return the dresses, which we did almost immediately in late January. (They do indeed have a lot of nasty conditions as regards the return.) After numerous inquiries via email, they confirmed receipt of returned items and assured us that a refund of just US$49.90 would be issued in about “15 to 20 days”.
    It has been over a month now (end of February 2019) and no refund has been received yet. We have sent numerous angry emails demanding that they refund our payment but to no avail.
    Repeat: Berrylook are dishonest cheaters, scammers, and thieves.
    They have to be shut down and sent to jail.
    We have already referred the case to the Los Angeles Police Department.

    “Dear customer,
    Thanks for your order in our website.
    For your order E611173.
    This is to inform you that your returned package has been delivered successfully.
    For the refund USD 49.9, it will take about 15 to 20 days for our financial department to deal with. You will be informed once the refund is issued.
    Please wait and patiently!
    Wish you have a good day!”
    “Dear Customer,
    Really sorry for hearing that but surely we will help you solve the problem.
    We fully understand the situation, and we admit it’s our mistake, please accept our sincere apology to you.
    We promise that you will receive your refund, and I will be here all the time to follow up your refund till you receive it.
    Would you please just wait for a few days?
    And we will mark your refund as urgent, our financial department will process your refund in first priority.
    Thanks for your patience in advance.
    Best regards,
    Customer Service Team”

    • Y. Williams

      HI, have you received your refund as yet? I too had the misfortune of ordering from this company only to get ridiculously small and inferior clothing. I returned some items today through a dispute with PayPal who collected the funds for them. It cost me $88, so either way I lose. It’s time that business was closed down. they are stealing from Westerners. I did not realize the items were coming from overseas ( China) until I saw an international fee on my credit card. At least you were able to reach them, most buyers are unable to and their email is fake, it doesn’t work.

  5. dr. sandra mann

    i placed 3 separate orders with Berrybrook Co. and one with Rosista Co. both clothing companies i think in China. ?Couldn’t return or get customer service from Rosista, and have yet to receive anything from Berrybrook. complete scam.

    • Judith Forman

      The same thing happened to me with Berry look and I have heard from other people that they have many scam sites!



    • Admin

      Hi Dale. Which site are you referring to?

  7. Rob Lamb

    Hi, There,
    Could you advise if “the Bitcoin Revolution” scheme is legit or a scam

  8. Maurice B Lampl II

    Close Option just BANNED me yesterday (2/15/2019) for absolutely no reason. I seem to have lost $63.67. Stay away!!!

  9. jepang466

    my bro widraw isn’t already in my paypalk account for 350 $ confirmation from kidsearnmony thanks

  10. Abdel-Aziz Fatouh Abdel-Aziz

    I have one order until now have not given me any tracking numbers and I have not received anything.
    My order in November,16 2018, (50$) until now I’m not informed anything about my order.
    My order:
    PC labtop win 10 2.56 6Hz intel Atom X7-Z8750 processor128 GB SSD 8GB RAM,
    Carrying cases,
    Cover stand,
    Mini PC,Foldable keyboard,
    USB port,
    USB-c port,
    Ethernet port,
    Dual-brand wifi,
    Bluetooth 4.2,5 inch,
    Built-in screen

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