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  1. Charles Jones

    The lucky day app is a scam I matched 3 for $10,000, and nothing happened, I even screenshot the winning card on my phone as proof, emailed them and nothing, I’m no fool to send them my screenshot so it could be altered, I just need to know what action I can take to redeem my winnings.

  2. Patricia Contreras

    I placed my order (#841A7FF7DD) for DRAIN STIX ON 4/28/19 and STILL have not received it!!! I do not understand “why”, since I received an email from your company, that it was shipped on 4/29/19. I want to know why it is taking so long-If I had ordered your product from Amazon, I would have received the very next day.
    Please, someone, look into this for me and respond to my email CHEFMUZZ@GMAIL.COM. I would be ever so grateful. Thank you.

  3. robert bock

    they stole money out of my checking count today..


    Lucky day app is a scam I have proof

  5. Carole

    Why can’t the government stopped overseas selling online to Australia??? Come on …Ban overseas selling to our country!!

  6. Mel Lefebvre

    Opal and Peach are a misleading ‘free item’ scam company. What they really mean is, we’ll take your money to ship things you’re never going to receive. This company admitted my items were still in the shipping warehouse a full six months after I was supposed to get them. They won’t refund you, either. And they’ll ignore you if you take even more time asking why you’re being ignored. Buyer beware.

  7. gg

    I ordered 4 bloused from Berrylook. Knowing most likely they wouldn’t fit, I ordered 2 sizes of the same blouse. I bought them for my niece. 1 blouse stated it was a large. It was the same size of the medium. The other one STANK beyond belief. A chemical smell that was sickening. Did not know on refunds you do not get a full refund. Thankfully not too much of a $ loss as I won’t bother to get a refund. THIS REVIEW IS BETTER THAN A REFUND. BERRYLOOK, you will pay way more than what $$ I lost. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. THEIR CLOTHES ARE TRASH AND WILL SCREW YOU EVERY TIME!

    • Y. Williams

      I wish I had seen some of these reviews about Berrylook before I purchased closed to $500 in clothes. I should have known it was too good to be true. now I have returned one package through a dispute filed with PayPal and have another to mail. it cost me $88. just to mail back one package and I haven’t gotten my refund as yet. I don’t understand why PayPal is doing business with this company. this is shameful.!!

  8. Sharon Rebar

    My third Try! Amelia Quilts NOW ON FACEBOOK AS GENIUS GIFTS.

  9. Sharon Rebat

    Think AMELIA QUILTS is back on Facebook as Genius Gifts.

  10. Michael

    Been scammed by okeydeposit.com!

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