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Fishing License, hosted at, is a peculiar online platform that specializes in providing information in regards to obtaining fishing licenses. Catering their services to U.S. citizens, Fishing License has been the subject of scrutiny lately due to their unethical practices of pretending to sell information packets and audio books pertaining to fishing along with cookbook and shopping rewards via mailing service.

As you will learn throughout our factual review, has accrued quite a compilation of negative complaints across the web and has been accused of being a scam across multiple networks. To gather the facts pertaining to Fishing License, we invite you to continue reading.

What is Fishing License?

Fishing License is an online platform designed to provide novice fishermen with a comprehensive guide to angling, covering important licensing issues and tackling greening initiatives. Available only to those who reside within the United States, does not provide any information free to those looking to gather fishing intel but by rather charging via a mailing service to acquire fishing knowledge.

According to the site, is not affiliated with any government agency and is operated by Orange Glove, LLC.

How does Work? functions through an online platform with a state-specific filter. Depending upon which state a resident resides, or plans to fish in, the consumer can select their state on their State Info page. Once designated, the consumer will be prompted to provide their first and last name, email address, telephone number and address.

Only after a consumer as submitted that information will they then be prompted to provide their credit card information in order to complete the purchase form for $23.98. Allegedly providing a 100% money back guarantee, would appear to be a relatively harmless investment that would provide you with a substantial sum of information relating to fishing.

What Others Are Saying has amassed quite a volume of negative feedback across the web for a couple of reasons. Among the first would be failing to providing paying consumers with the comprehensive fishing guides and audiobooks that they were promised while also failing to abide by their 100% money back guarantee.

Disclosed below are a couple of the negative reviews we found relating to Fishing License at RipOffReport.

“The site looks like a site to purchase a fishing license in any state in the United States. When you go on the site you will get information that seems like your going to purchase a license but instead you only get information on how to fish. The site has a money back guarantee but when you call them they sound sympathetic but they have a rehearsed set of answers to give…I recalled Fishing License.Org & was told it was in process & to call my bank when I pressured him on why there was a discrepancy on the charges. You best bet is to stear clear of this site . “

“ I asked for my money back & all I received was a lot of promises but never received any money from Fishing These guys are liars & I don’t care what they say or promise, don’t buy anything from them!”

To learn more about the shady tactics being employed by, you could also visit their Better Business Bureau profile. Reflecting a 90% negative customer review rating, it is evident that Fishing License’s standard of business has greatly deteriorated since their inception in July of 2008.

Tying All Ends Together

When you visit you are confronted with what looks like a legitimate site that has much to offer newbie fishermen. Allegedly created by an expert team of fishing enthusiasts, this once legitimate fishing offer seems to have taken the bait and treaded over to more murky waters. Luring unsuspecting fisherman into their trap, it goes without question that Fishing License has become a victim of operational decay.


Fishing License provides a few different channels of communication ranging from email, telephone and a physical mailing address. Their disclosed telephone number is (888) 867-4816 while their email address provided is While attempts to communicate and receive refunds across all channels have been exercised, no relevant reports of success have been reported.

Here is their disclosed physical address:

Orange Glove, LLC
212 W. Ironwood Dr., Ste D, Bx 177
Coeur D’Alene, ID 83814 Review Conclusion is a mailing service provider that specializes in providing comprehensive guides for fishing. Allegedly created by a team of fishing enthusiasts, this once reputable mailing service has loss significant operational integrity and has resorted to flat out scamming innocent U.S. consumers. Our advice would to be avoid, along with their other affiliated site

Verdict: Fishing License is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: &

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  1. Denis Saucier

    I 2 have been scammed for $23,99 + $4.99. I plan on calling my fishing & game and tell them rhat there site is not protected . this really sucks.

  2. Heath Sylvester

    I to purchased a license through this site and thought I was renewing my license after putting my information in and pushing continue I noticed I was charged $4.99 for a guide on how to purchase your license. After looking at my credit card statement I noticed another charge of $23.99 which was used to purchase my license .after checking with Illinois DNR they said they had a record of my license being purchased but I was only supposed to be charged $15 for my license and $1.95 for a convenience fee which would total $16.95. Instead I was charged $23.99. I contacted and received a text message saying I would be refunded for both items within 7 to 10 days. We will see in a few days!

  3. Deborah Harris

    I have been scammed by Like others, I thought I was buying an Arkansas fishining license. I’m not even sure what I paid for but it was not a fishing license. This is a very deceiving site and apparently many others have fallen for their web site thinking they were buying a license.

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