Referral Cars is a peculiar earning opportunity whose business models circulates around an online vehicle advertising program. Located at, Referral Cars matches drivers who sign up with their services with commission-based and non-commission based campaigns for the ability to accrue a residual stream of income.

To learn whether or not Referral Cars is a scam we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review. Gather the undisclosed facts pertaining to Referral Cars while pooling investigative community feedback to render a legitimate verdict regarding whether or not Referral Cars is a scam.

What is

Referral Cars is a vehicle advertising program engineered as an online vessel for advertising firms looking to increase their marketplace exposure. According to the site, Referral Cars connects drivers with vehicle advertising programs based upon a commission and non-commission based campaign model.

Allegedly 95% of their drivers are matched with campaigns that yield a passive income stream while the other 5% do not appear to make revenue. While it is a wide-known fact that most vehicle advertising programs are busts, Referral Cars makes a legitimate effort to exclude their operation from that stereotype.

Available only to drivers who reside within the United States, one of Referral Cars statements goes on to claim, “Make money within 90 days of accepting one of our campaigns or claim a $100 gift card*.” While community feedback is mostly positive there are some factors to take under due consideration prior to committing with this service.

How does Referral Cars Work?

Referral Cars funnels U.S. based drivers through their online platform with vendors who are looking to advertise their goods and services via vehicle advertising. U.S. applicants who go on to commit with Referral Cars will be matched with entry level campaigns where drivers typically generate a residual stream of income by advertising their marketing campaigns slogan, logo or saying through see-thru rear window decals.

No damages result from placing see-thru decals being placed on rear windows while it is said that the decals are transparent enough not to hinder the drivers sight. The business principle behind Referral Cars would be that by advertising campaigns you are eligible to receive commission through the campaign you are marketing on your vehicle.

According to community feedback, which marketing vendor that a driver gets connected with is not within the applicants power to control. This means that sometimes drivers will be coupled with vendors who are offering non-commission-based campaigns opposed to paying commission-based programs. However, according to the site, 95% of driving applicants receive a compensating campaign.

Domain Insight was a privately acquired website that was created through the NameCheap, Inc registrar. Due to Referral Car only being available to those who reside within the United States, naturally it comes to no surprise that 98.92% of Referral Car’s visitor traffic is based out of the U.S. Supporting over 552,000 monthly visitors, Referral Cars appears to be a reputable earning opportunity for U.S. based drivers.

Evaluating Community Feedback

There is a substantial volume of community feedback to swift through when it comes to determining the legitimacy of Threads of consumer feedback can be found at Reddit, RipOffReport along with their Better Business Bureau profile.

While RipOffReport paints a more corrosive image of Referral Cars, community feedback outlets like Reddit and SiteJabber are composed of hundreds of online reviews that reflect a positive consumer experience. Below are a few different relevant experiences we found relating to the services rendered by

“PROS: Qualifying online to receive your sticker and the potential to earn money while driving is easy. The shipping is fast and the physical process of placing your decal on your car couldn’t be faster or simpler.

CONS: The phone number to text and the specific code that applies to your account is too long and difficult. It should be shorter so people can be more inclined to use them.

After one solid month of participating in this program driving a daily round trip commute of 45 min. per day for 6 days a week. I’ve turned up ZERO leads or revenue…But what would be better is if we were compensated with a $100 Visa Gift card instead. This truly is a waste of time and could’ve been done better.”

“Just started so havent made any money yet. Theyve been great so far quickly responding to my questions and problems and resolving any issues.”

“Had it for three months (minimum required for the $100 gift) and no hits. Will see how it goes for the gift.”

Is a Scam?

After weighing the research and facts laid out for you above, we do not believe for to be a scam. While it is understood that some negative feedback is to be expected amongst a platform supporting thousands of U.S. consumers, it appears that Referral Cars is prompt and resolves their customer complaints quite swiftly. Review Conclusion

Given the information bestowed to you throughout our review, we believe it is safe to say that Referral Cars appears to be a legitimate earning opportunity for U.S. consumers for the time being. While you aren’t always guaranteed a profitable marketing campaign, it appears that Referral Cars is working for a good quantity of consumers due to how widely-used their platform appears to be across market intelligence sites.

Official Site:

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  1. Doug

    To the author,
    I have important information concerning this article.

    Please contact me.

  2. Bobbi L Hague

    Wondering if and are the same company. I have gotten info from both and found them not to be responsive and you really get nothing for your troubles.
    they make their money of the “postage fee” they charge or the so-called monthly fee that is credited back to you as long as you can prove you have the sticker on the car each month.
    Not worth the hassle.
    BTW: The sticker from Referral came off during a hail storm.

  3. Dr. Fill

    If the author of this article does not think this is a scam, I have a bridge to sell him/her.

  4. Matthew Marquisee

    I recently almost signed up with them. The nature of these kinds of deals, I expect not to make $400/month. The big thing I did notice, they are making money off of me before I can start making money. $12.95 for the decal of a company you’ll advertise. I just got an email offering me a chance to “BUY” into one of the companies Id be advertising. Most of my recent correspondence involves me buying something from them. I cancelled everything and got my money back.

  5. Lillian Gassman

    I love the idea of this company. The difference for me is that I got the gift card, but it is to When I signed up, it was just a $100 gift card. I have never heard of any of the places on resturants,com and I still feel as if I have been scammed. A visa gift card or a gas card would have been a lot better.

    • Mary

      Me too! Same thing just happened to me.

  6. Mr.Mrs. Aaron Foster

    Oh lord I just feel this is about to happen to me for real. I feel so dumb right now for real. I told my wife this was not a scam.

  7. Jay

    I’ve had my sticker on for 90+ days and not one hit. They state that if you order your decal and don’t get any sales then Zoom Benefits pays you $100 in a gift card. Will not return emails!!!

    • Rachell

      Same thing with me. I installed decal in July and got zero income. I emailed yesterday asking for credit and they informed me I MAY qualify for a $100 e-gift card (worth $20). Now I have to provide referral cars a picture of decal on my vehicle along with other information as they are very difficult to deal with:( Very dissatisfied

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