Review – Scam or Legit?

Credit One Bank is a U.S. national bank chartered by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and serves card members with a wide range of financial needs. While Credit One Bank does not offer the same advantages of other banking corporations such as Bank of America or PNC, Credit One Bank does specialize and cater their banking services through the credit card lending industry.

To learn if is a scam we invite you to continue reading our factual review regarding this peculiar credit oriented banking platform.

What is Credit One Bank? has structured their banking services to a virtual platform whose business model solely revolves around credit card utilization. According to their domain, Credit One Bank serves over 7 million card members nationwide and offers more cash back rewards and monthly credit score monitoring services than traditional banking corporations.

Credit One Bank appears to be owned and operated by Credit One Bank, N.A., and appears to be a member of the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). According to the Better Business Bureau, Credit One Bank was founded over 34 years ago and has been a BBB accredited business since June 10th, 2011.

Mr. Robert DeJong is listed as the President of Credit One Bank while according to their Better Business Bureau profile their banking services has rendered then a 97% negative customer rating with over 1,100 complaints within the past 3 years.

The physical corporate address is disclosed as 6801 S. Cimarron Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89113-2273 while their shared telephone number is (877) 825-3242.

How does Credit One Bank Work?

In order to receive services from Credit One Bank potential applicants must visit their online platform at Since Credit One Bank does not work similar to other banking institutions and only provides credit card services, their platform should only be considered by those looking to receive competitive credit card offers.

The application status requires your first name, last name and your social security number to get started. Once you have submitted the information on the site their platform will conduct a soft credit inquiry through undisclosed credit bureaus and will redirect you to a page where your approved credit offers will be available for you to go over.

While applicants are encouraged to apply despite their credit history, it should be noted that those who reflect a better and most consistent credit history are more likely to receive approved offers opposed to those who reflect a poor credit history.

For those of decide to move onward with an approved offer from Credit One Bank you will be able to finishing the application process within a few minutes and go over the terms of your approved credit offer. Make sure to read through all the Terms and Conditions and make an appropriate decision regarding whether their credit offers are right for you.

What Others Are Saying

Consumer feedback regarding Credit One Bank are mostly negative and portray poor customer experiences. According to their Better Business Bureau page, Credit One Bank has received 140 out of 145 negative reviews while compiling 1,186 customer complaints within the past 3 years alone. Below are a couple of the most relevant user experiences we founded at BBB:

“Beware of dealing with Credit One! I had spent a year after reporting a fraudulent activities and a stolen card. The whole balance on the card was $300 to begin with. After the stolen card claim was processed, I continued to receive payment requests. Every month for 12 months after the Credit One acknowledged the fraud, the statements with penalties continued to arrive. Every months I had to call a Customer Service, demand to speak with a Supervisor, to tell the same story over and over, while getting unprofessional responses. Because of unresolved issue, my credit score dropped 20 points. This is the worst Credit Card Company in all of my credit history!”

“Absolute worst customer service. Half the time the website is down or crashes. Very hard to understand the reps with their very thick accents. Made a payment with the stored bank account information, which I have made numerous times before, and the company claimed the bank rejected the payment because my bank account was “closed”. Absolutely not true. Now my card account is closed by Credit One and I am unable to pay online.”

To learn about more negative customer experiences, make sure to visit Credit Karma where their platform only reflects a 2.4 out of 5 rating out of 1,174 reviews for Credit One Bank or through ConsumerAffairs where Credit One Bank earned just over a 1 star rating out of 238 consumer reviews.

Is Credit One Bank a Scam?

While Credit One Bank reflects legitimate corporate information we do not believe their credit card servicing operation to be a dependable solution. The excessive volume of negative consumer complaints accurately sums up what you can expect to receive in regards their services which is why we believe Credit One Bank to be a scam.

Credit One Bank Review Conclusion

Credit One Bank is a web-based credit card servicing company that reflects a desirable banking service but regrettably falls short when it comes to rendering dependable customer services. Available to those who reside within the United States, online credit corporations such as Credit One Bank should only be pursued as a last resort for those looking to obtain legitimate credit offers.

Verdict: Credit One Bank is a SCAM

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. Craig

    not good customer service. takes too long to get my card unblocked.

  2. Leanette T

    I foolishly opened an account with them in 2021. Added another payment source after a few months. Then began receiving REPEAT spam emails about “verifying my new payment”. After logging in, and then checking the Payments section, I see notation in red stating “please verify 2 small deposits” allegedly made to my bank account. No such deposits were posted. And I backtracked through November 2021. .. so I called them, and a foreign agent asks me for the FULL ACCOUNT NUMBER, and then verify my FULL SOCIAL…. um, NO. Legit credit companys NEVER ask you for your full account number, ONLY the last 4 digits. I should have known they were a scam, considering they have a low 1.4 rating, on most review sites, including Consumers.

  3. Elizabeth T

    Back again: The Corporate Address is a drop BOX for Incorporations, as the Las Vegas,NV Police

  4. Blanky M Bradshaw

    This bank is operating in the 1900 hundreds. It looks that they do not understand that the actual world runs electronically. This bank doesn’t allow customers to make more than four (4) payments per month. This is the most outrageous policy I’ve ever heard from a credit card company/bank. Today, I went to their site to make a payment and this is what I got; ” We are unable to process your request. Please contact Customer Service at 1-877-825-3242. You have reached your payment limit. Four payments have been received within a 30-day period”. This is unbelievable and I do not think that this is even legal. No company can deny the right to a customer to make a payment whenever thee customer decides to do so. But they said they are not denying the right to make a payment because the customer can go and buy a money order from money gram and mail it to them. Could you believe this atrocious statement in this electronic era? I asked the lady to cancel the card, she transferred the call to an Indian guy who offered me a discount of $10.00 if I kept the card to which I answered: “I do not want to receive from your company anything for free, just cancel the card now”. He said he had canceled it, however, because I know for a fact that they keep these cards open to keep charging fees, so I will be sure that this card is really canceled as soon as I am able to make the final payment of $28.94. Please be aware and do not get involved with this bank.

    • Elizabeth T

      I hear you! On the 1ountt8th of the month I TRIED to pay off my balance of 650.00 and close my account, They told me they would have to spread that over 8 months, as I was ALLOWED one payment per month.WHAT!!!!! One payment? That was it 650.00 for the payoff. Checked my account this morning, are you ready folks, they added 4 9.00 fee. NO WAY! I called my Lawyer, hes
      calling the BBB of CA on Monday, and he said for me to call and report this to the FCC, and the New York State Attorney Generals Office for fraud.

    • Elizabeth T

      HI… I won my fight against Credit One bank, with the help of the New York State Attorney Generals office, the BBB, and they finally took my payment to close the account, also to reimburse me for the added fees,they placed on my card, The NYSAG settled a case against them on my behalf and I received a HEFTY award. Sorry I can’t tell you all. So the best thing every one can do is file, with the FCC, your states attorney general office,then wait. I waited 3 weeks My account is closed, and my credit score went from 400 to 565, and all in thanks to the BBB, The FCC, and the NYSAG.

  5. Elizabeth T

    I have been with Credit One for 3 VERY LONG Years, There has been fraudulent charges on my account, that were made in California, which I have never visited that state. They ask for my mothers place of Birth, and after all they are suppose to have the correct information! Well they claim, its incorrect,Example:I sent in a 100.00 payment, 50.00 bucks more than I needed to send in, The second day after it was posted(they claim to have gotten my payment-and credited my account) the second day I called up, to find out my balance, and guess what, they had me in arrears, and added a surcharge. I recently applied for a car loan, and the loan officer said”For Gods sake pay them off, they are bringing your credit score down…I have now paid them off, and the NYSAG is looking into the fraud, for items they claim I bought in California. Guess what Credit One The New York State Attorneys Office is investigating you.

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