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Globays, hosted at, is a recently created online marketplace that was created by a network of scam marketers. Affiliated with countless other fictitious online marketplaces, throughout the duration of our unbiased review you will learn the truth behind To gather all the facts behind Globays we invite you to continue reading!

What is Globays?

Globays is one link of a chain in an extensive online marketplace scam taking root within the online shopping industry. Mostly affiliate with online goods such as generators, Globays is just one of the many niches being targeted from this tireless network of con-artists responsible for these scams.

For those who visit, they may be surprised by the minimally invasive template of the site but more so towards their extremely discounted appearing inventory goods. Reflecting just under than a dozen supported generators, Globays reflects price reductions that would appeal to anyone looking to strike a good deal.

Too Good To Be True?

If you take the time to browse the allegedly stocked inventory of you’ll notice how most of the price reductions are reflecting numbers of up to 80% off. At the header of the site would be the statement Final Clearance Up To 80% OFF*Free Shipping. While this may give Globays the illusion that they are legitimate and going out of business, it is nothing more than an elaborate ploy for you to shell out some of your hard-earned money on a product whose price value are just to difficult to pass up.

Who is Behind does not share any ownership on their site. No reference in their About Us, Contact Us, FAQ, Terms or Privacy Policy reveal any identifying information. Due to the lack of ownership information rendered by the creators behind Globays we decided to investigate into their domain history. According to a WHOIS report, was a privately registered domain that was created on July 16th, 2018.

It appears that the creators behind this misleading online marketplace wished to keep their identity hidden since they knew they were breaking the law by scamming innocent consumers based out of the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom. To add to the anonymity, fails to render any convenient and dependable communication channels for potential or existing consumers.

Why is a Scam!

While the failure to disclose ownership and verifiable contact methods generally serve as evidence enough that we are dealing with an untrustworthy service provider, given these two reasons alone we cannot indisputably exploit as a scam.

However, if you combine community feedback and more investigative findings such as the domains affiliated with then it becomes obvious you are dealing with a scam. Consider the image above, it reflects 2 different online marketplaces targeting different niches and were created by the same entities.

Affiliated Sites – Blacklist

  • (Created on September 4th, 2018)

Due to the recent creation of, there is a significant lack of verified consumer feedback. We did, however, encounter a review online that goes on to expose the scam and on to reveal the other affiliated sites disclosed to you in the blacklist above.

It should be noted that does not reflect any affiliation with CashNet500 or Globay Payday Loans, LLC. Scam Site (Added September 5th, 2018)

Yesterday on September 4th, 2018, the creators behind the Globays scam network created another scam website know as JustBuy.

Hosted at, Just Buy reflects the same website characteristics as their other affiliated domains.

JustBuy happens to be a phony online marketplace posing as a power equipment retailer.

Among the alleged inventory supported would be chainsaws, generators, lawn mowers and pole saws & pruners.

Above the header of the site is the banner ONLY ONE DAY FLASH SALE, ENJOY UP TO 70% OFF & FREE SHIPPING.”

Clearly this is meant to further solicit unsuspecting consumers into paying their hard-earned money into the platform to further line the pocket of the scammers behind these fictitious online marketplaces.

How to Contact Globays functions as an anonymous operation that fails to provide any consumer convenient contact channels like telephone, email or live chat. Instead the only way consumer are able to touch base operators behind Globay would be to use their contact submission form located on their Contact Us page.

Even if you do try to connect with Globays through their channels it is unlikely you’ll receive a legitimate response. To add to the evasiveness of Globays, at the bottom right-hand side of their site they reflect social media widgets which imply to viewers that they can visit their social media outlets. However, none of their widgets actually work which only goes on to further discredit

Globays Scam Conclusion

Given the information disclosed to you in our factual review above, we believe it is abundantly clear that is a consumer shopping scam. Meant to mislead unsuspecting consumers into believing that they are purchasing goods at an extremely discounted price while never receiving the product and having their paid funds stolen is what you can expect with this shady online retailer.

Outcome: Globays is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any insight or experience you may have by leaving a comment below.


  1. Jhaley

    same rip off, facebook doesn’t care. Now the company want respond. Class action want help, FBI want help. I’m thinking about a go fund site to track the owners down and have a serious individual collect our money from them.

  2. Orville Wooldridge

    Same as all the others. Bought a mower that never came, and now the website has been taken down!

  3. James Walker

    I got taken for $70 for a lawn mower through back in September 2018. I have corresponded with company via email currently to date, who is constantly telling me to be patient that item is coming via merchant ship, well now it is February 11th, 2019 and still no lawn mower. Definitely believe that Facebook should be held responsible for putting up a scam ad which has taken so many people’s hard earned money for nothing received. Please do not fall for this scam, definitely a reality check for me. I would be glad to retrack my comments if the lawn mower is delivered, but seriously doubt that will happen after all the blogs I have seen.

    • Allen Stine

      I would be glad to be added to a class action suit against FB I am out $120 for a generator

  4. Keith Cable

    I Also donated about $120 to This fake ass website. I don’t understand why our government hasn’t stepped in with them collecting tax from hard-working people much less the actual money spent on the good that they will never receive. I would love for the owners of this website to come down South to my little town. I’d love to show them a hard days work and give them a new respect for the workingman i’d send them home with a little something extra to.

  5. wayne


  6. Dave

    I was charged $116 for a new generator. I found out quickly it was a scam. I contacted my credit card company and immediately disputed the charge. They gave me back my money and said they would only charge me again if they received confirmation from the vendor that a generator was sent. Please contact your credit card company to dispute the charge and you should get your money back. I hope this helps everyone who got ripped off.

  7. Eddie Lee

    i lost $104.00 on a generator,should have known better.ordered on July and still waiting.
    TO GOOD TO BE TRUE,go to Walmart or Amazon.

  8. richard simpson

    they got me to, generator never came. i did get xmas card from china. confused lost 116.00 also. i was stupid ordered more items also

  9. Laura Batshon site ,
    I didn’t buy alot of stuff i tryed to buy a mower to help me out more with the lawn . Well that was a not true i have been waiting for my mower for 2 months now . You get a id # and that is it nothing else, but them taking money from me and others for being fake.


    100% ripoff, took my money and I never received anything other than an email saying they had received my money and we’re preparing package for shipping, LOL

  11. John

    I lost $53 I have to blame Facebook for this Facebook used to be a trusted name but now they let all these scammers on so in my mind Facebook is 100% to blame

  12. myles adamick

    Lost 98.60 us and 2.96us for international trans. 9-11-18 through justbuy. Want my money back.

  13. Bonil Agres

    I have order and i realized that this is scam. But i allready paid 116 usd.. How can i get my money back through credit card please help how to back my money.

  14. Arnold Rydberg Jr


  15. Minelba

    I payed for an invertir 106.00 and still waiting and no answer the gmail i sent them . It was a month ago

  16. Chuck Dodd

    Facebook needs to stop advertising this scam outfit. It still continues to do so. My bank has turned this over to fraud department. Hope this helps others. File complaint to fcc..

  17. Rubén

    Yo mandé a comprar un inverter desde el 30 de julio y todavía no ha llegado yo le envío e-mail y no recibo contestaciones fueron $120

  18. Phil B

    Thank you to everyone that has shared. I was looking on and thought I’d better check and see if there was any negative comments about the site and I’m sure glad I did. All I can say is 45 caliber anal enemas will work wonders on the like’s of these piece’s of s^%&$ that come up with these site’s to rip off hard working people.

  19. Juanita Pedraza

    Still waiting on my Generator, No emails no phone number. I should’ve know better …..guess what I am a Walmart customer and today just purchased a Sportsman Generator Dual generator uses Propane gas or Gasoline for $269.00 free shipping, also bought a 2000 watt Generator ( gasoline ) for $179.00 Walmart never have failed me so if you want good Prices stay with Walmart!

    • Ray Lively

      How much did they get you for?

  20. Robert Barber

    wanting future information

  21. James Coryat

    For me I tried with Visa and it responded with MC only. Then I saw a zero dollar transaction on my card for GOOGLE *SERVICES. Definitely a scam site. Using that to determine if they can charge the card successfully. Common strategy used by card scammers when you card id is hijacked.

  22. Dave

    Orderer a Cub Cadet lawnmower from . Upon telling my son about the great deal he advised me to call my bank and dispute the charges
    Later her forwarded you article including blacklist. If it sounds to good to be true it is.

  23. Charles Dodd Shame on me. Just used master card for super deal. Order Confirm email was suspicious. Called card company. They canceled card (charge was not processed as of call) and will issue new one. Whew, thanks for this article and research. I should have known better.

  24. Dave

    I purchased a generator and tried to get one for my daughter also. She tried to order but couldn’t get through. She sent me an article about being a scam. The generator was $98 and total was $116. I contacted my credit card company and they will dispute the charge as soon as it goes through. FB is advertising scams. Beware.

  25. Randy hanson

    I fell for it… Shame on me!…… I will cancel this with my bank tomorrow morning….hope i can……

  26. Terry Lang


  27. doug latimer

    Everyone just call your CREDIT CARD company lodge a complaint like I did and you will receive a credit at least Mastercard will they did for me so hope you all get your hard earned money back

  28. Michel

    Facebook devrait prendre des précaution vis à vis ces memres

  29. Corey

    Facebook should be on the hook for the whole sum and they should make sure these are legit companies selling on their site. Total BS.

    • doug latimer

      Ok GLOBAYS took my money but I have a credit from card co. Now I see offering same generators same prices but do not see any scam alert YET.

  30. José p. Meléndez

    Cómo se puede recuperar el dinero invertido?

  31. Ruben Moctezuma

    Yo también le compre una general eléctric la orden es #511720 desde el 30 de julio y no me ha llegado le envío un email y nada que podemos hacer para denucialo para nadie más caiga y Facebook no debe aceptar estos pillos

  32. Fred Cruz

    This is a scam. Mine is the same as Yvonne. I ordered a generator but it hasn’t come in yet.
    It has been month and half. No way to contact them except by email which they haven’t replied.
    Do not be one of us who scam by Globays.

  33. Fred Cruz

    Same as Yvonne. I ordered a generator about a month and a half ago and it hasnt come in yet.
    There is no phone number to directly contact them. I sent them email and there is no reply.
    Suggest not to use them if you don’t want to be scam by this company.

  34. Dennis Lively

    My order was supposed to be $98, but when I got my statement it was $112.

  35. Yvonne Johnson

    I ordered a generater too and it cost 92.00 on Aug. 5,2018 and still never received it I contacted them after not receiving a tracking number and they answered me saying no worries they are preparing for shipment and that was 2 weeks ago so I sent another e-mail and no answer but when I go to now it says the website cannot be reached I think I just got scammed too. Wonder if we should cancel our credit card. They have the number.

    • Ray Lively

      I cancelled mine just in case. My total was supposed to be $98, but when I got my credit card statement it was $112

    • Robert Rzepka

      My transaction is the same as Yvonne’s. I too bought the generator for $92.00 back on June 22. My card was billed in August for $112. I contacted Globays and was assured my delivery was set up. I tried again to contact them recently and there was no way of getting through. After reading all the negative reviews, I called the bank and had my account number blocked and changed just in case they had the idea of billing me again in the future.

  36. Dennis Lively

    Does Facebook not verify advertising and sales?

  37. Dennis Lively

    They got me for $98, I just hop that is all they got. I know they have my card number, maybe I should cancel it!

  38. Stanley Ezemba

    They got me on that. After payment the login credentials the gave always won’t work. I wrote them through their help and support mail but no response. Total scam

  39. Joe

    Yup, I should have done my research. They got me this time which is surprising as I typically don’t fall for these. I ordered a generator for $92 on 7/21 and still have not seen it. I guess I will take this loss. Remember if its to good to be true, then it is. I also noticed that the FB sponsored ads are gone too. A big oops. Stay clear from this website. Total scam.

  40. Clement Iria

    I am from Lagos Nigeria. I paid $82 for an inverter generator since July 21. The item should have been delivered by now in line with the two weeks delivery period advertised on the platform. So I sent a complaint email on 5.08.18 since there was no contact number to call. I just checked my Spam mails and saw that it was not even delivered! Then I decided to check them out again and saw this review!!

    I have been scammed!!!

  41. danupa De Silva

    Thank you for the information.i just got a great deal on alienware laptop and thanks to my inner sense i always tend to google out things like this.

  42. Bruce Luckart

    I just got ripped off by Globays for $107.00. Total was supposed to be $92.00 and some change. They are advertising on Facebook now. I have marked their ads as a scam and Facebook keeps telling me that they fall within their advertising ads guidelines.

  43. Juanita pedraza

    I just purchased a generator for my dad, who lives in PR and since is the peak of huracane season believed it was a good idea. Now I see my suspicion was true it is a scam !!
    They do not accept debit cards only MasterCard and after you purchase there is no tracking info and there is when I said I got scammed! Hope this review help someone!

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