VinCheckPro Review – Scam Vehicle Reports?

VinCheckPro ( is an online platform which conducts vehicle history reports through VIN search queries. Privately registered on July 19th, 2010 through the GoDaddy registrar, VinCheckPro reflects a broad collection of consumer complaints which we plan to make readily available for those of you who are looking to learn more regarding the legitimacy of VinCheckPro throughout the course of our unbiased review.

VinCheckPro Overview is a web-based platform that caters their services around running vehicle history reports for those looking to gather more intel. While there are numerous online service providers that render these sort of services, the only real difference emanating from one competing service provider to the next would be the accuracy of the report, the charged prices along with the presentment of information.

The services rendered by VinCheckPro are no different. Utilizing the same databases as other competing domains, consumers can purchase single or up to 5 vehicle history reports through their site. Similar to other such operations, the information accrued in these reports are the same information one could acquire on their own through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information Systems and the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Concept Behind VinCheckPro

The business model behind VinCheckPro would be that consumers are likely willing to purchase vehicle reports out of convenience rather than investigate vehicle histories through online databases. While there is nothing wrong with this operational procedure, it is the main cause for such a plentiful collection of other sites that tailor their services around the same parameters.

Virtually offering the same information just for different prices and through different presentations, VinCheckPro really is no different than the majority of likewise operations. Since most vehicle history report sites reflect an excessive volume of negative feedback (just like VinCheckPro) and are labeled as scams, it comes to no surprise to us that the same community consensus can be found regarding VinCheckPro.

Question Marks and Red Flags

Undisclosed Billing Details

VinCheckPro shares many of the same questionable characteristics that we encounter when reviewing similar type of domains. Only providing evasive billing details is a common maneuver employed by most shady online platforms. For example, community feedback has exposed how VinCheckPro claims that purchasing vehicle history reports are only a one-time fee when in reality it is set up as a reoccurring monthly fee.

To add to the mischief, VinCheckPro also goes on to claim that you are eligible to receive your first history report free of charge even though you still need to enter your credit card information. As community feedback supports, charges are made even for your initial “free” history report.


A strong discrepancy would be how VinCheckPro does not render any ownership information. Failing to provide even a corporate entity, it appears that VinCheckPro is acting as its own entity and fails to accept any firm responsibility for potential misuse of a consumers submitted personal information.

Community Feedback

The real indication of VinCheckPro legitimacy can be measured through a rough summation of consumer feedback. Review sites such as ResellerRatings and RipOffReport reflect a poor overall community consensus. Shared below are a few of the most recent complaints submitted against VinCheckPro:

“After all, it is not too bad. I ordered this report and it gives you info about reported mileage, title condition, and so on. I needed full history about prior ownership yet it didn’t give it to me…Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend”

“Read the fine print! Their reports don’t give you any useful information! Don’t waste your money! Invest a little more and get a real report! Buying a car is too important of a purchase. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!! Should of read the reviews on this website before I purchased their service. Complete scam!!”

Popularity reflects a SimilarWeb global rank of 75,376 with a US rank of 16,709 as of August 6th, 2018. Currently over 75% of the sites traffic originates from US based consumers while their Internet and Telecom category rank of 639.

Is VinCheckPro a Scam?

Given all the subjects that we enclosed to you throughout our review we believe it goes without saying that that VinCheckPro is not a trustworthy domain to conduct vehicle history reports through. If you consider the sizable volume of negative community feedback as the verdict then yes, VinCheckPro would be sentenced as a scam.

VinCheckPro Review – The Ruling is not a dependable search engine for those looking to acquire information regarding a particular vehicles historic information. While their platform appears to be visited by many US consumers, recently surfaced community feedback report about misuse of personal information, shady billing practices and questionable vehicle history reports. Our advise would be to avoid VinCheckPro as a whole.

Outcome: VinCheckPro is NOT trustworthy!

Blacklisted Site:

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