World Global Network Review – Is a Scam?

World Global Network, hosted at, is an interesting MLM formatted corporation that aims to combine technological innovations to everyday consumers. Providing a few different technological retail packages such as the Helo SmartBand, the DNA test kit along with Health & Wellness NutraPak plans, World Global Network also incorporated an affiliate structure into the framework of their site.

As you will learn, the aim of today’s unbiased World Global Network review would be to determine whether or not is a scam. Gather the facts shared with you below and decide for yourself whether your money, time and efforts are better spent elsewhere.

What is World Global Network?

World Global Network (WGN) was originally just a U.S. based corporation that focused on providing technologic solutions to run-of-the-mill consumers. Founded in 2011 by Fabio Galdi, World Global Network has expanded their operations to over 10 offices around the globe while their headquarters are based out of Singapore.

According to, World Global Network is actively rendering their services in over 195 countries and are developing products that follow an innovative concept known as “Life Sensing Technology.”

Who is Behind

World Global Network was founded by their active President, Mr. Fabio Galdi back in 2011 and is actively owned and operated by World Global Network Corporation. According to the Better Business Bureau, World Global Network Corp was founded on March 11th, 2014 and their business category is classified as Information Technology Services.

How to Contact WGN

World Global Network can be best reached by calling their Utah office at (844) 967-5346 or by reaching out to them directly through the Infocenter page found at their site. Other ways to connect with World Global Network would be through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram or visiting some of their major physical office locations such as the 4 locations disclosed below.

World Global Network
N Edgewood Drive, Suite 275, Provo UTAH 84604

World Global Network Corp.
600 Brickwell Avenue, STE 1775, Miami, FL 33131

World Global Network Pte Ltd
6 Battery Road, #27-03, Singapore 049909

WorldGN Europe Ltd
Classon House, Dundrum, Dublin 14, Ireland

Product Specs

Helo SmartBand

  • Mood
  • Distance
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart ECG
  • Daily Steps
  • Breath Rate
  • Sleep Quality
  • Calories Burned

DNA Testing Kit

  • Ancestry Test
  • Skin Ageless Test
  • Drug Sensitivity Test
  • Health and Wellness Test

Health & Wellness NutraPak Plans

  • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids & herbs
  • 100% organic, Gluten Free & Vegan friendly
  • Products meet FDA Guidelines for manufacturing and pharmaceutical practices

Competitors To Consider

If you are looking for similar alternatives but at a much less significant price point we encourage you to browse the alternative solutions which can be found at Amazon.

FitBit 2 – $119.95

  • Fitness and Health oriented
  • 4+ Stars out of 16,871 reviews
  • More accurate calorie burner estimator
  • Heart Rate, O2 levels, text & calendar notifications

23andMe DNA Ancestry Test – $189.95

  • 4+ Stars out of 1,387 reviews
  • Saliva testing stripes available too
  • Results take between 6 to 8 weeks
  • Receive over 90 personalized genetic reports

KOS Organic Protein Powder – $37.89 ($8.00 OFF Coupon)

  • 30 servings per container
  • Raw organic vegan protein blend
  • Nutrient dense proprietary formula
  • Chocolate and vanilla flavored protein

Community Feedback

If you evaluate the community consensus regarding the authenticity of the World Global Network you may be surprised by the small volume of verifiable consumer feedback. Some negative complaints can be found at RipOffReport and TrustPilot. Below are a couple of the most recently submitted reviews we encountered.

“This company was overhyped so the leaders could make their money. Then once the company completely fell apart, the leaders continued to hype this company so they could sustain their income. The first group of thousands were used as Guinea pigs…”

“Can’t say much about the another than false promises. I have seen this on tv but…when I was becoming an affiliate member., I could not promote my own code as you should be able to while doing any affiliate marketing for a company…”

Another source of impactful community feedback to consider would be at their Better Business Bureau profile. Having compiled 37% negative reviews and 73 customer complaints throughout the past few years goes to show there are many factors that must be weighed properly when considering joining with World Global Network.

Domain Insight

According to a WHOIS report, is a URL redirect for their original domain, which was privately registered on May 19th, 2008. According to a market intelligence report, World Global Network is losing reputability and has suffered over a 40% traffic loss between May 2018 to July 2018. Approximately 23.79% of the sites traffic originates from US based visitors while over 20% of their overall traffic derives from referral based sources.

Is World Global Network Trustworthy?

World Global Network appears to be a well-balanced corporation providing information technology services. While it seems all is in order in regards to their legality, the questionable pile of recently submitted consumer and previous member feedback churns up some big questions. Given the excess volume of negative feedback and the overall lack of relevant reputability we do not believe that World Global Network is trustworthy. (World Global Network) Review

There are quite a few factors to weigh and consider when determining the legitimacy of World Global Network. While we feel that their corporation is transparent and provides legal services, the large accruement of negative consumer feedback certainly makes one wonder whether the moral integrity of the company has been jeopardized at one point.

Verdict: World Global Network cannot be trusted!

Site to Evade:

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  1. Dave Beavan

    This company promised a device which measured blood sugar, blood glucose levels…which enacted many of us to buy in at considerable expense…but it never happened!

  2. John

    WGN encourages affiliates to lie about its products. Their “life sensing” technology is not accurate which could be downright dangerous.

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