Review – 2018 Update (Must Read!!)

BirdDogBot, hosted at, is an online real estate tool that scrounges the net for the best real estate deals.

Functioning as virtual software, BirdDogBot does not require any software installation and allegedly monitors an abundance of classified ads such as Craigslist.

BirdDogBot reflects a starting price tag of $47 per month and can range upwards to $197 per month depending upon the number of features you wish to have access to.

With that in mind, the aim of this BirdDogBot 2018 update review would be to help you better determine whether BirdDogBot can bring value to your real estate investing or if you are better off with alternate service providers.

BirdDogBot Review

The ideology behind BirdDogBot would be to reduce an investors research time by rendering them with access to a software that can conduct all the deal-searching for them.

Launched in 2011, BirdDogBot claims to have found nearly 1.3 million investment deals to date with over 14.3 million properties analyzed.

Sifting through a multitude of online real estate platforms along with classified ads, BirdDogBot renders the most relevant searches that fall in accordance with your search criteria.

Who is Behind BirdDogBot?

No reference to a corporate or individual entity is disclosed at

When navigating through the sites Terms and Conditions we noticed that the operators behind BirdDogBot appear to be functioning as their sole entity.

While the lack of ownership information is concerning it isn’t an uncommon occurrence that we run into when researching real estate related services.

How does BirdDogBot Work?

BirdDogBot navigates a variety of real estate platforms along with classified ads such as Craigslist to compile real estate opportunities near you.

Think of BirdDogBot acting more along the lines of a real estate listing search engine, it gathers intel from numerous real estate platforms into their software to generate real estate listings for you.

These real estate listings are then presented under the BirdDogBot dashboard.

Users who are relying upon the software are able to see where a real estate property was originally listed at, the properties address, the type of property, the asking price, the approximated value along with the last time BirdDogBot updated the report.

From there users have the ability to filter their results in accordance to their budget, property type or location.

Once a user has selected a property they will be able to find out more information relating to that particular listing such as the realtors name, the company, contact information along with being able to navigate through the properties disclosed pictures.

Google Maps is also incorporated into the framework of the software where real estate investors are able to acquire a first-person view of the property along with the surrounding neighborhood.

Other bonus features offered, depending upon your selected monthly plan, include real estate calculators to estimate projected expenditures such as repairs, closing costs, holding costs, unexpected costs, miscellaneous costs along with acquisition fees.

BirdDogBot also offers social sharing features for those who wish to share property findings with others along with a nifty export tool.

Pricing & Refunds

BirdDogBot offers 4 account plans that are each based upon a monthly reoccurring fee.

The price for the starter package starts at $47 per month whereas their pro package requires a monthly payment of $197. BirdDogBot use to offer a 60-day money back guarantee but as of 2018 they have adjusted their refund policy to cover an extent of 30 calendar days.

Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was incepted on November 11th, 2011 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, does not appear to be a popular or widely-visited domain. Reflecting a global rank of 1,832,918 with a US rank of 462,755 as of September 30th, 2018 it is evident that BirdDogBot is not that popular of a real estate investment tool.

Community Feedback

As market intelligence reports have suggested, does not reflect a wide user-base. As a result there is a considerable lack of community feedback relating to BirdDogBot.

While we were unable to discovery any relevant consumer feedback, it appears that many review sites are positively endorsing BirdDogBot. As a result, BirdDogBot reflects a positive presence within the online real estate arena.

Is a Scam?

BirdDogBot reflects nearly 7 years of activity and since their inception have amassed minimum negative reviews. While we don’t usually encourage consumers to trust online entities who fail to disclose ownership information, there is no evidence to suggest that BirdDogBot is a scam.

BirdDogBot Review Conclusion

If you are a real estate investor who is crunched for time or simply seeking for a more encompassing approach for finding, comparing and executing on real estate listings then BirdDogBot may be the right software for you.

Acting as a real estate listing search engine, BirdDogBot can be a powerful tool for any serious real estate investor looking to reduce their research time without jeopardizing thoroughness.

Ultimately it comes down to how much you value your time and how serious of a real estate investor you are or plan to be.

We invite you to share any experience, insight or opinions you may have by sharing your feedback below!


  1. Timothy

    Birddogbot refused my refund request. They blocked me out from the website through the nonworking link they provide when you request a refund. They did NOT respond to my request (other than an automated email responder that continually ask you to contact Mr. Kosta Apostolou who is the Support rep. They sent me into this endless loop until AFTER the refund’s 30 day limit has passed. Then sent another email stating that it’s Past the 30 day window.

    I will be turning this Scammer along with all documentation over to my credit card company for a reversal of charges. Again, THEY DO NOT HONOR THEIR 30 DAY REFUND POLICY!!!

  2. John

    I tried to sign up but the website rejected my email address. I tried to reach out to them using thier contact us form but it only allowed a few characters and I was not able to ask my question. There appears to be no other way to get support from them. It looks as if thier system still needs some work.

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