Blackops Underground Marketing Review

Blackops Underground Marketing ( is a bit of a tough nut to crack when it comes to determining exactly what we’re dealing with. It is clear from the get-go that this is some sort of scam, but to really learn the details of its ins and outs, you will have to watch your way through some agonizing 55 minutes of video, during which the head scammer, Darren Little, will try in various ways to arouse financial greed in you.

So What Exactly IS Blackops UnderGround Marketing?

Having painstakingly chewed my way through 55 minutes of the above said Darren Little’s nonsense (interspersed with the “testimonials” of a bunch of other actors), I finally learned that the scheme is nothing more than a repackaging of the old Exitus scam, a cash-gifting Ponzi scheme which has indeed been around the block a few times.

Potential users are given three options to buy into the scheme, ranging from $99 to $1,000. Obviously, the goal is to get them to cough up $1,000. Those who part with the money in the hopes of ending up with much more to withdraw later, will find that they have become involved with a pyramid scheme and that they can kiss their $1,000 goodbye.

The “product” around which the whole scheme revolves (and about which there’s barely any information made available) is the Genesis Educational Library, which one is required to purchase for $1,000 so that he/she is then able to resell it several times for the same price. The products featured in the library look like they cost about $5 each. How will anyone buy that for $1k you may ask? Simple: this is what the reselling incentive is supposed to accomplish.

Can I Trust Blackops Underground Marketing?

Considering the above, you obviously shouldn’t. This is nothing but an illegal cash gifting Ponzi scheme, which will pocket your money and leave you high and dry.

Promises and Features

The whole Blackops Underground Marketing scheme seems focused on obfuscating the actual pyramid mechanism. The presentation video on the site goes into various details regarding the ways clients can use social media to promote their shady deals, thus racking up thousands of dollars in commission that they will never be able to cash out. Indeed, for every $1k “sale” one makes, he/she will receive $1k in commission. It just doesn’t add up, no matter how one turns it around.

The Exitus scam has been pushed by a number of Darren Little-like gurus, some of them characters with proven criminal records in the UK.

Question Marks and Red Flags

Everything about the whole Blackops Underground Marketing setup is one giant red flag. Nothing adds up about the operation, which is why Darren spends nearly an hour essentially beating about the bush, before he takes a few minutes to quickly introduce the actual money-making mechanism. Leaving aside the fact that Exitus is a well-known money-gifting Ponzi scheme, the 100% commission math just doesn’t add up, does it?

Blackops Underground Marketing Complaints

While Blackops itself hasn’t yet drawn many complaints, Exitus is well-known and loathed. There are scores of forum threads out there slamming it and its perpetrators.


On October 11th, 2017 (when this review was last updated), their SimilarWeb global rank was 2,110,235, indicating this was not a very popular site. Still, they receive some traffic, especially from the United States.

They seem to deriving a lot of traffic (almost a third of their visitors) via a social media campaign, specifically on Facebook and YouTube. Another 15% of their visitors arrive through referrals.

Blackops Underground Marketing Review Conclusion

Blackops Underground Marketing fits the mold of a cash gifting Ponzi scheme to a T: there’s no tangible product involved, there’s a large buy-in and scores of gurus doing their best to push it.


  1. A.B.

    The products are courses and training, and sometimes additional DWY or DFY services are included as a bonus to add value. It doesn’t sound like the writer bothered to actually take any of the courses in Exitus Elite, nor did they take seriously Darren Little’s Black Ops training. You are taught how to build a business. Including whatever business you are currently in. You learn skills. If you don’t take the courses/training or attend coaching you can’t learn. So you can’t earn. If you received what they told you you would receive, how is it a scam? And there are actual products, so how is it a ponzi? And something of value (digital products) is actually sold so how is it a cash gifting scheme?

    Make it make sense….

  2. Meryam Asim

    We see things; the way we feel about them!
    This review is absolutely terrible!

    1000 of people are successfully earning money online after completing their trainings with the Blackops and the respected mentor Darren Little.

    Everyone in the online market place is doing business, and people do understand and support eachother in a gentle way.
    I am personally involved with the online business and Blackops. There’s nothing wrong about them and theirs offers.

    You absolutely have confused two different entities; Blackops and Exitus Elite.
    You need to correct your data!

  3. Marlies Whittaker

    I think you need to go back and do some research as you clearly do not understand what a scam or a Ponzi scheme seem to be. It seems you have never actually been inside and purchased so how on earth can you even make a comment or critique on the content. I have got nothing but great value and a clear blueprint for online marketing with both Exitus and Darren Little and a respect for both Paul Stevenson and Darren Little. And to finish off I am no GURU, just a mum at home earning a living online.

  4. BC

    a ponzi ?? hahah this is the worst review ever….exitus is a 100 percent legit. it sells digital education products, you shouldnt review anything… asshat

  5. Kristen

    Be very careful with these con artists. The real scam works like this:


    That’s easy. Nothing illegal.


    That’s easy. Nothing illegal.

    NOW for the next 5 years, THESE TWO con artists will spam your new signup with every other program out there to YOUR new signup.

    THEY ARE POACHERS LIKE NO OTHER! I signed up from someone and finally got in the group. The program I signed up for started talking about another and then another and then another and then another and now it’s bitcoin. I cannot believe this BS.

    They have pitched me 5 different programs just in the last six months & the main guy Darren Little is the new sponsor. That is what you have to watch out for. What a scammer.

    • Marlies Whittaker

      Kristen, I do not know what has happened along the way for you but I have a completely different experience. I have found then to have some incredible and the breakthrough that I have achieved has been incredible. What they teach really works and there has been some incredible value added to the market place. I have never been sold to either, but the attraction marketing strategies that they utilize really do work. Many people in both Exitus and Black Ops, myself included are involved in many different companies. It is called diversifying or building multiple streams of income. Most of the marketing is targeted at people that already understand how the online game works.
      I am really sorry that you have had a bad experience. I wish you well on your journey and hope you find what it is you are looking for.
      I would say that not all online opportunities are for everyone. You just have to find your tribe or opportunity and the one that just sits right with you then link in with them This is not a solo journey but a community one. All the best:)

  6. Scott Warren

    My God! This has to be the worst review ever written! First off Black Ops Training is free to our team in Exitus. Doesn’t cost a dime to member that have joined our team to learn how internet marketing works. Sounds like you’re a sad failure that doesn’t know how to make money online so you slam people that do. Sad…

  7. Timothy Walker

    Oh my! This is blatant lies. Black Ops Underground Marketing is nothing more that teaching and instruction. Plus it’s free if you join Exitus which they use as a training tool. Whoever wrote this obviously is as never in Black Ops. People have made close to $3,000,000 in commissions thanks to Black Ops. Get off your soap box and speak the truth!

  8. Jeremy Williams

    My gosh this review is terrible. Black Ops Underground Marketing is coaching and education. Exitus is simple a training tool they use to teach people how to market. The two founders are actually top marketers themselves and have made millions in the business. They show us exactly what they do. Nothing scam about it.

    • Cavelle Ardiel

      Exitus Elite and Black Ops are different. Darren Little promotes the Exitus product line among other things. Paul Stevenson is the owner of Exitus Elite and has shown nothing but integrity with this company. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him and Chrissy Marraro Cook and Dan Froelke. Darren Little and Black Ops are an entity on their own and while they represent Exitus they should not be lumped together. Please separate them into their own reviews.

  9. Emory Guinn

    It’s not a ponzi scheme. It’s an actual year long course that teaches the ins and outs of ethical online marketing. And they don’t use actors, those are real people. I know some of them. They use Exitus as a training tool. You shouldn’t write reviews when you don’t know what your talking about.

  10. Yael Ellsworth

    It seems like an informational product to me so far. Coaching/mentoring. Isn’t that a sell-able product?

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